Friday, February 19, 2016

Bais Medrash of Lutzk expansion campaign

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Bais Medrash Lutzk services hundreds of mispallelim on a weekly basis. We currently have Multiple Minyanim and Shiurim daily, a Night Kollel and various children's programs. Our Shul has had a tremendous impact on our community. Over the past few years we have had significant growth and are long overdue for an addition. We wish to ensure that all of our fellow misspallelim will have a comfortable place to daven. With the proposed plans we will be adding an additional 120 Seats!!


  1. A warm and accepting place for all who daven there. Also a tremendous service for Westgate residents who have no place to daven because of a lack of shuls and seats.

  2. Surprised there was no hisnagdus from.........

  3. What about the other shul in westgate that wants to build any updates?