Sunday, February 14, 2016

The numbers don't add up

Flashback this was posted 6 weeks ago! Surprising only now politicians acknowledge numbers were skewed.
The 6.2 million referendum on courtesy busing is in 3 weeks so far not a word from the Vaad, Igud or any of the politicians who asked for OUR vote. They dangled the busing threat in front of our eyes scaring the tzibbur into voting for their candidates. Now when it's actually happening we do not hear a word. Getting back to the numbers one wonders why it's 6.2 million. The r referendum is only for the last 5 months of the year. The boe pays up to $900 a year per student for busing. Cut that in half it's $450 per student on the referendum. According to the district calculations the referendum is for 8000 kids who will lose courtesy busing. Do the math at most it's 3.6 million. It may even be cheaper since children who get courtesy busing live in closer proximity to each other and the school which should be a cheaper bus route. Why is there such a high deficit?  Is it the raise given to teachers after the budget was passed?
You can't give a raise if there's no way to pay for it. Perhaps the almost 3 million dollar contract for cleaning and custodial services at Piner elementary on top of the half a million dollars rent. It doesn't add up.


  1. Could we expect the vaad or igud or anyone involved to say anything? Of course not! They aren't going to stand up and say they screwed up!

  2. No.they will only do we what is best for them. They use our voting power and we foolishly fall for it every time

  3. Some people can only bashmutz others . Who exactly is responsible for getting MI to file suit and dig up the truth . Vehamevin Yovin

    1. Inzelbuch said he represents at least 20 local children and four private bus companies affected by the pending service cut.

  4. I dont trust the igud like I dont trust the vaad. The Igud are just people who went into "the business" of owning a school for power, money, and fame. The Vaad is no different.
    Sadly allot of the sheep in lakewood are finally realizing this