Friday, September 23, 2016

Zmanim for Lakewood area may be different for Jackson, other areas

At this time of year mosdos send out magnets with zmanim for hadlokas neiros and Shkia, sof zman Krias shema etc. As the community grows and residents moved to neighboring towns the zmanim may not be accurate depending on your location.
Jackson is more west than Lakewood, shkias hachama or the sunset in Jackson is 35 seconds later than the sunset in Lakewood. According to My Zmanim shkia in Lakewood this week as at 6:51:23 and in Jackson its 6:52:00. Toms River is on par with Lakewood even though it is a drop more East. 
 However its hard to tell how far inside Jackson the line is drawn. Those living closer to the Lakewood border are more East and therefore are in the same area.  If you live deeper inside Jackson thats where it can make a difference. Perhaps closer to six flags is where the late shkia is. Overall its good to be machmir anyways a minute earlier on erev shabbos or 2 minutes later on Motzei shabbos like this you avoid all issues. 
This is just for debate for all Halachic issues contact you local Posek.


  1. Is there a video of the Planning board meeting this past week???

  2. At you can get exact zmanim for any address.