Tuesday, September 27, 2016

There's no debating, Night seder comes first

The highly anticipated presidential debate took place last night. The many yeshiva bochurim who are following the presidential race do not have access to radio or the web and rely on the frum news info lines for the latest updates and current events. FNW phone line based in Lakewood (Frum News Wire) is were many turn to for all the latest political news and audio soundbites. Initially FNW was going to air the debate live, but than they notified the audience that there was a change in schedule and it did not air live. The result, hours and hours of Torah was learned during seder in preparation for the yom hadin.
 There no question who was the real winner last night It was neither Donald Trump Nor Hillary Clinton.


  1. Keep the oilam ignorant. Don't let them know what's going on. This way they won't be able to think for themselves, and will instead follow the Va'ad endorsement. So the winner last night was the Va'ad.

    1. The olam is very well informed of whats going on. The Vaad is irrelevant and got to go

  2. Boring debate nobody missed anything

  3. The winners last night were those that ignored the unimportant and distracting debate, and instead continued to dedicate their time to learning Toirah.

    And for your information, the Vaad never endorses presidential candidates.

  4. His sinah for the Vaad makes him,not care about night seder