Monday, September 26, 2016

Lakewood R"Y meets members of Viznitz kehilla of EY ahead of the Rebbe's visit


  1. reb malkiel looks totally excited about this whole meeting

  2. Three choices (choose one):
    1) They want to make sure that the fruits that are on the Rebbe's table are fresh.
    2) They want to make sure that everybody's ribbons are on the right side of their hats.
    3) All of the above

    1. 4)They want to build Kiryat Vizhnitz off of rte.9

  3. it's interesting that the litvish and chasidish communities are moving further and further apart - the younger litvish generation cannot speak yiddish at all and the chasidim are speaking less and less english so they can barely even communicate - but the leaders are getting closer and closer. (see pics of r' malkiel dancing with r' zl teitelbaum at his son's sheva brachos as one example, and this show of him caring that a rebbe is coming to lakewood from bnei brak as another, as is the kowtowing to belz.)
    perhaps this shows the disconnect between the leaders and the people. also perhaps it shows how the role of rosh yeshiva has changed.

  4. visnitz rav mendel hager is moving with belz into locust grove