Wednesday, September 28, 2016

update: Baal Tefilah, Chazonim crash course for Yomim Noraim tonight in Lakewood

Update: Course is pushed off to tomorrow evening Thursday same time.
In preparation for the Yom hadin Noted Chazzan R' Yechezkel Klang will deliver a a 3 hour crash course taking place this evening in Lakewood at Yeshiva ktana hall Wednesday Sep 28. from 8-11 pm. The event is for balei tefillah, Rebbeim, public speakers, Chazonim, balei kriah etc.. Learn how to use your voice properly, saying the right nussach in davening, breathing techniques, prevent hoarseness and other helpful information. Cost is $90 pre registration is required. for more info call 732-668-8336. 

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  1. The course was pushed off to tomorrow, Thursday 8 to 11