Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tonight: shmooze from Rav Shlomo Eisenberger in Pine River shul

call in# 218-548-1882 PIN 28400 


  1. Litveshe bochurim look like Feminine Girly babies to their Chasideshe CounterpartsSeptember 10, 2015 at 2:04 PM

    Telz was from the Last Yeshivos which were all rounded American Litvishe Yeshivos where the Bochurim had Pride and Self esteem and did not have to dress like like Yeshivishe Shlumps to appease their Chasidic masters Telz gave its Bochurim a full Derech Hachaim in Hashkofa , practicality , Mesora, Derech Halimud,Telz had a full facilty with a Mesora of 125 years , not a little house with 1 35 year old Rosh Yeshiva which the Bochurim need to worship and talk Girly Drei Kup Cute Yeshivishe Baby talk the current Generic Litvishe Yeshivos which get their Mehalchim from New York with a mix of Eretz YisroeL mehalech are based on New York Frumkeit Hashkafa based on Chitzonious which is why Litvishe bochurim have an inferiority comlplex and dress and look like garbage cans and have dorm rooms that look like garbage cans because they feel like moderna Shabbos Goyim around the Caasidim around them who operate as a Group mentality and where long black bekeshes and up hats Shrtreimlich and beards and long Payos

    1. Thats it? I was expecting this rant to go on and on I guess it cured your ills and your feeling better B'H.

    2. You forgot to take your pills today?