Saturday, September 26, 2015

Management agency quick to send out eviction notices

A Management agency for one of Lakewood's largest developments has started to send out eviction notices as early as after a week of non payment for the rent. No warnings, no rachmanus, no grace period, no courtesy, even for tenants who have a clean record and always pay on time. These practices are not new, but its obnoxious that fun unzere would hire outside agencies who treat the tzibbur with no respect.


  1. I have worked in property mamagemt and can tell you this is standard procedure for a competent management company.

    The legal eviction proccess takes a long time, and even when filed right away can take 4 months time to get a tenent out. That's 4 months of lost rent.

    In a large complex, multiply that by 50 and that is serious money. An individual unit or small owner, may have time to review payment history and relationships with the tenant, but in a large complex you can't do that.

    The fact is, if you are paid up before the court date, you can not be evicted. The mamagement company doesn't want to evict you, they want you to pay, as long as you do so before the court date, there is nothing to worry about.

  2. You can't have a double standard. You know very well if you were a landlord you would send out notices to goyim as well as yiddin because you as a landlord also have a mortgage to pay.

  3. Btw notices of such are meaningless without a the precence of s court system.