Thursday, September 3, 2015

Friday schedule, a non school day

Friday will basically be a non school day for the girls with school beginning at 9:15 at the earliest, and dismissal at 11:30 am. The bussing deal dictates the school start and dismissal times. The boys get out early on Friday the girls are dismissed a full hour before them. There is absolutely no reason school can not end an hour later on Friday. This schedule will inconvenience all working parents who will get to work late and than must leave work early to be home for the kids. How did the schools and askanim capitulate on this and not stand up for the parents and children? 


  1. welcome to חעלם

  2. Great now the girls can help out at home preparing for Shabbos like girls did for 5000 years instead of treating them like Mesivta boys in yeshiva.

    Since when do girls need to know every Ramban in Tenach with 500 hours of homework all to support a network of Mechanchim so they can have Parnassa and shtellers.

    A girls traditional place is at home what better so than Erev Shabbos we don't need to turn all our girls into Vilna Goans and Shagas Aryes Masmidim and Gaonim and Lamdonim

    Let her help out with the cooking, cleaning, shopping , watching the younger siblings etc. etc, leave the Masmidim programs for the Bais Medrash Bochurim