Monday, September 7, 2015

Forest fire in Pine barrens spreads smoke to Lakewood

A forest fire has spread to more than 100 acres in New Jersey's Pine Barrens, according to a CBS2 report. As of Monday evening, firefighters were still battling the blaze in Woodland Township, near the Brendan T. Byrne State Forest in Burlington County, the report states. The report states that firefighters have requested an air tanker and an observation helicopter. But the fire is not threatening any homes or structures, the report states. There was no word on Monday evening about the cause of the blaze, the report states. According to a report on, authorities don't expect to close any roads, but if there are road closures, that could cause trouble for people coming back from Long Beach Island.


  1. Thank you for giving us the latest news to the many of us who are blocked from TLS for making a comment that hurt his feelings.

    1. Your not missing much. If you want the news get yourself a police scanner. Or, you can view tls on facebook if you realy have an interest. If you realy feel that you want to see the poop you can use any free proxy site (google it) and you can see the poop there.

    2. No do not use a proxy! you will likely get a virus. But I do agree, your not missing much! Although I have not been blocked from tls, I have heard that it is very common to be blocked.
      Best idea would be is to just change your IP address!
      Me and my siblings (5 families, some with married kids) only shop and do business with the competitors of tls advertisers

    3. What did the advertisers do wrong? did you notify them first of your intentions.

    4. What did they do wrong? They were stupid and invested money with someone who has stepped on 3 quarters of Lakewood's toes.
      Never invest with someone who only has enemies...

  2. My IP was also blocked. I made a comment about why do we need news about a police graduation Salem county.
    maybe Hefkervelt can just cut and paste the news from TLS! but minus all the worthless nonsense