Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Potential storm This Weekend

A serious storm is lurking along the East coast  and forecasters are being very cautious about it. Lakewood may get up to 6 inches. 
What do you do if you loose power on shabbos and its near or below zero?

There is the potential for not only a foot or more of snow to fall but also the risk of hurricane-force winds and frigid air at the same time. Tremendous blowing and drifting snow is likely and some communities could be isolated for several days in the wake of the storm, should this worst-case scenario unfold, according to the release by the NWS.

A significant snowstorm that could produce "near-whiteout" conditions could impact New Jersey this week Some predictions of snow in the double digits. Also high winds may cause power outages  In addition behind the storm will be icy cold. With high temps 10-15 with lows near or below 0.  any little shift west means more snow (could be much more) and any shift east means less snow 

The National Weather Service, saying the potential for a plowable snowfall has increased, has issued a hazardous weather outlook since the storm could produce "very gusty northwest winds.

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  1. CHOFETZ CHAIM DAILY 14 TEVESJanuary 2, 2018 at 11:02 AM

    Chofetz Chaim Daily 14 Teves 7:5 Asur to believe rechilus regardless of who is telling it to you, even one’s spouse. The Chofetz Chaim gives some advice; showing your willingness to listen will bring many more such stories, and with them, much heartache