Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Mad Rush at Lakewood Stores Ahead of Storm

It looks like Erev Yom Tov as shoppers are packing the grocery stores stocking up on food for Shabbos before the storm hits.

-Gourmet Glatt is no longer taking delivery orders for today.
-NWS upped snow estimate 6-8 inches for Ocean county.

-Lakewood weatherman predicts 8-14 inches in the town.

-LFD: keep Fire Hydrants clear of snow
Due to the impending snow storm, the Lakewood Board of Fire Commissioners in
conjunction with Fire Chief Mike D’Elia Jr. and the members of the Lakewood
Fire Department, remind residents to refrain from shoveling or plowing snow on
top of or in close proximity to fire hydrants.
Residents are urged to keep the fire hydrants in their neighborhood clear of snow and debris. Winter storms can often hide fire hydrants under a mountain of snow making them impossible to find quickly.


  1. Will they be cancelling schools tomorrow?

  2. NPGS Jackson just got a vanload of rye, around 8:30.