Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Urgent Message from Lakewood Chaveirim


  1. Chavairim rocks the house !!!! Amazing how they get no mention from the fake news !

  2. poop and slopper propaganda mention anything about Chaveirim. Says something about the News Media in Fakewood all Fake news yet they pretend to be tzadikim by posting fake stories of mi kamcha yisrael to cover up for themselves they are anything but the heartbeat of the community. The real heartbeat are the selfless volunteers who do chesed without fanfare unassumingly. the money hungry news business is exactly that in it for the money and power.

  3. cheveirim is the best!
    has come thru for me so many times!
    and gentlemen cuz they never make you feel dumb for getting into
    a situation...

  4. why wont the poop or shopper mention anything about Chaveirim