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Jews You should Know: A Conversation with Lakewood Yeshiva President (Audio)

Although he bears the name of his illustrious and saintly grandfather, the current-day Rabbi Aaron Kotler took a circuitous route back to the institution his family created. Spending years teaching in Jerusalem and studying in the Catskills, he eventually returned to as President of what is now the largest yeshiva (institute of Torah study) in the United States - and possibly the world.

In this conversation, Rabbi Kotler shares his passion for the study of Torah by all Jews and for the importance of Judaism as a moral voice to the world. He shares charming vignettes of encounters with esteemed politicians and change-makers in broader society, and discusses the values and challenges associated with building great institutions. Source 

Oif Simchas Lakewood January 31, 2018

-Chasuna: Neiman- Schneider  Neemas Hachaim hall
-Chasuna: Handelsman- Hochberg Ateres -Chana hall Bais faiga
-Chasuna: Shurkin- Zahner Ateres Reva hall, Lakewood, NJ
-Chasuna: Nussbaun- Einhorn Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder

Lakewood Launches 'Chabad Hat' - Lakewood reaches out to Lubavitch. A popular hat store based in Lakewood, NJ, is introducing what they called "the first-ever foldable Chabad hat," promising to help chassidim and bochurim in their many travels.
See Video Below
 As Lubavitchers of all ages are strict about taking their black fedora along during both personal and business trips, storing the delicate felt hat has always been an issue. Whether traveling by car, train or plane, the hats tend to get crushed by a heavy suitcase or other items. On flights, where airlines limit the amount of carry-on luggage a traveler can bring, the hat box becomes a burden that many would love to do without. Now, Simchy Zuckerman, a young entrepreneur and proprietor of the ThatHat store, says he had come up with a solution. His company designed a hat that he says is an "extremely light-weight, rabbit-felt hat that can be folded and placed in a suitcase or even your pocket, and will not leave a single crease." In describing how he came up with the idea, Zuckerman explained that while the concept of a foldable hat is not his original idea, "There was no foldable hat available for the Yeshiva or Chabad crowd." "I incorporated the idea and manufactured something that is comfortable, stylish, and most of most of all, looks no different than the average black hat," he says. He says the new hat, which is produced exclusively for ThatHat at a plant in Italy, is perfect for travelers and Bar Mitzvah-aged children because of its smaller brim size, it can last for many years.

Shidduchim: “Balabatish,” “Heimish,” and “Yeshivish.” explained by Lakewood Shadchanim

A Report on the Zichron Mattel Keren Chasanim event in Lakewood 
from the 5 Towns Jewish Times by Mr. Larry Gordon

PD Roth and Yoeli Steinberg
5tjt - The event took place in the epicenter of what can conceivably be referred to as the shidduch headquarters, if there is such a thing. It was last week in Lakewood, New Jersey, at Beis Medrash Govoha, and the annual event billed as Keren HaChasanim was under way. It is a wonderful experience. I traveled to Lakewood after work last Tuesday night with Yoeli Steinberg, the CEO of the Gourmet Glatt stores.

Over the previous Shabbos, he suggested that I accompany him to Lakewood, and though the Lakewood culture, so to speak, is really not part of my purview or usual domain, I agreed because it would be a new experience and possibly—as you can see—something I could expound upon that would end up in our newspaper and on our website, as well as posted on our other digital outlets.

Lakewood is more than just a city deep in the state of New Jersey. Lakewood is one of the leading yeshiva centers in the world, a bastion of scholarship and a beacon of the light of Torah to the world. But Lakewood is also a city made up of diverse people within both the similar but simultaneously different parts of the Jewish community. That dichotomy is more pronounced when it comes to the matter of making matches between the young men and women. While shidduchim thankfully occur every day, there is a still a crisis of sorts that looms large.

So let me first tell you about the wonderful event we attended last week that is somewhat unique and also inspiring before I get bogged down in the discussion of other issues.

The dinner, which was sponsored by Gourmet Glatt of Lakewood, featured the participation of hundreds of young men who were there to ostensibly pledge their support for one another by committing to donate $300 from the gifts accrued at their own weddings, once they take place. Building this type of internal charitable mechanism results in young men who require assistance in preparing for their own weddings receiving a stipend of $3,000 each.

So I am introduced to the “Lakewood shadchanim,” the men who make it happen in that community. They are headed up by the personable Meir Levy. When I asked Meir straightforwardly how many shidduchim he has engineered, he quickly responded “328.” But that was last week so the number might have increased.

Planning Board Looking to Consolidate meetings to Once a Month

In an Interview with the Yated Neeman, Lakewood Planning board member relates the planning board is working on altering their schedule to consolidate public meetings to once a month, thus accommodating the members busy lives. Currently the board meets bi monthly. Planning member Mr. Israel  Grunberger said "Many people dont realize how much time and effort go into being a planning board member  we all volunteer our time and are trying to balance our busy personal schedules around the board meetings. Planning member Mr. Israel  Grunberger said he was contemplating  stepping down for this reason but will remain on board for the time being.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Oif Simchas Lakewood Tu B'shvat 5778

-Chasuna: Spielman- Lederer Nemas Hachaim hall
-CHasuna: Berkowitz- Mandel Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
-Chasuna:  Genedlman Kestenbaum  Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga
-Tu B'shvat Mesiba at B'M ערך ש'י   at 114 Madison Avenue 10:30 pm

FREEZING temps tonight in Lakewood as freezer opens

No, not that freezing, not the snow or cold weather but the door to the Lakewood freezer will open as Tu Bshvat is the unofficial day when new Bochurim start the parsha of shidduchim. The official deadline for the takana is Rosh chodesh Adar, but the dating starts a bit early. Hatzlacha to all the bochurim in the parsha may they find their zivug and build a bayis Neeman Byisrael.
 Read more about the Freezer From Wikipedia

BOE & Attorney Threatening to Resign if State won't Kick in Funding

APP reports Lakewood schools need state to fix funding formula and help the cash strapped district.
Board Attorney Inzelbuch, an alumnus of the high school, is emerging as a vocal figure in the burgeoning effort to lobby the state, threatening he and the entire Board of Education would resign if the state doesn't step in. With six times as many children in private and Jewish schools, called yeshivas, than public schools, but a state funding formula that counts public school enrollment, the district is left strapped for cash to cover basic costs, such as transportation. Lakewood's also faced soaring special education costs, another obligation of the public school budget.

BOE To Reduce the Cost of Legal Services after Audit

The BOE will hold a public meeting Tomorrow Wed January 31, 2018.
An Audit on the BOE Budget of 2016-2017 made several recommendations

-Legal Services: it said the district exceeds 130% of the statewide average for legal costs and  recommends to implement specific internal controls for the reduction of costs or to provide evidence that such procedures would not result in a reduction of costs. The Board will vote on a resolution acknowledging it 
See resolution below below

-Food service 
Finding - The audit indicated the fund exceeded three months average expenditures  by $1,458,626 
Recommendation-  to reduce the net cash resources of the food service fund.

-Application for State School Aid revealed the following (CAFR Finding 2017-005): On-Roll • Student counts on the ASSA were not in agreement with supporting work papers provided for audit. • Certain students were not able to be verified to class registers provided for audit. 

 Resolution to recognize cost of legal services exceeded statewide average:
The Board recognizes that the cost of Legal Services for the 2016-2017 school year exceeded the statewide average per pupil amount as determined by the annual audit and as reported in the Taxpayer’s Guide to Education Spending. Furthermore, the Board is committed to reducing those costs to no more than 130% of the statewide average per pupil amount and to accomplish this will continue to monitor those expenditures in accordance with the requirements of N.J.A.C. 6A:23A-5.2(a)(3).

TU Bshvat Fruit Guide by Hisachdus

Monday, January 29, 2018

Oif Simchas Lakewood January 29, 2018

BMG Freezer set to open ahead of Tu Bshvat tomorrow evening
-Vort: Hachosson Dovid Weitman to hakallah Wilhelm (Boston) at 55 Monterey circle Lakewood, NJ 7:00 pm
-Chasuna:  Klein- Pressman Ateres Reva hall
-Chasuna:  Parnes- Zimmerman Fountain Ballroom Lakewood CHeder
-Chasuna:  Lichter- Gottleib Ne'emas Hachaim hall
-Chasuna:  Pearl- kaluszyner Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga

 Hachosson Shua  Waknin (Lkwd) to Hakallah Adina Elmaleh (Toronto)
 Hachosson Chazkel Yenofsky (lkwd) to Hakallah Sarala Sochet (lkwd)

-Parlor meeting: Yeshiva  Yeshiva Sharei Ezra Rav Avraham Massry, at  610 6th street Lakewood N.J 8:00 pm Guest speaker Rav Menachem Mintz shlita

Preparations for the Misameach midwinter event in Lakewood

Super Ads run again in Lakewood Media

Once again some of the Lakewood newspapers have published advertisements of special deals for Superbowl parties this coming Sunday. Its not the first time, as these ads were already running previous years but the ads have gotten much more brazen. While in previous years there was an attempt to hide and hint to it, that is no longer the case. The ads now scream Super Sunday specials listing finger food, buffalo wings for the big game. One store only called it "super specials" cleverly camouflaging their ad that went into all the papers. The issue is not about following sports but its about making it Kosher like its a Jewish event.
 A sign of the changing demographics of Lakewood. Years ago you couldn't get a Hashgacha if there was a seating area it was take out only, now you can advertise for the superbowl and be proud of it.

Mid winter events Monday Jan 29 Lakewood

-Sahara sams Monday Jan 29 2-4 pm $18.95 pp under 2 free exclusive event for females
-Chuck E. Cheese's all day Monday until 9:00 pm Chai lifeline specials
-Incredible Elephant show $10 admission for Monday January 29th Ladies and girls Doors open 11:30 am Show begins 12:00 pm at 601 Prospect street
-The Beadery Midwinter pop up shop at Stolin Simcha hall Monday & Tuesday from 11:00 am- 5:00 pm  153 e 7th street Lakewood. No reservations needed

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Oif Simchas Lakewood January 28, 2018

-Vort: Hachosson  Moshe Feinstein to Hakallah Fendel Bas R' Zalman Hilell at Ohr Tuvia 969 East End Avenue, Lakewood 7:00 -10:30 pm

-Vort:  HaChosson Elazar Gornish to Hakallah Suri Engelson bas R' Daniel at the Villas Clubhouse  901 E Kennedy Blvd Lakewood, NJ from 6:30-9:30 pm

-Chasuna: Yagid-Kops Ateres CHana Hall Bais Faiga
-Chasuna: Marchuk- Klein Neemas Hachaim hall
-Chasuna: Klang- Ziskind Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder

Lakewood Mayor Defends Committeeman in Lawsuit over Masterplan

Members of the Eagle Ridge development filed a lawsuit HERE against the Lakewood township committee to invalidate the master plan with claims that a certain committee member benefits from Lakewood growth. article in

"The suit alleges ... "has many clients with Lakewood properties affected by the ordinances. Among his clients are the three principles of GDMS Holdings, owners of the Eagle Ridge Golf Course." Reached at his business, Lichenstein said he was told by town attorney Steven Secare "not to comment." "I would like to, but I've been advised not to because of the litigation," he said. Coles defended Lichenstein, calling him "meticulous" in making sure his business interests were not in conflict with his town duties. "He checked with the town attorney before the vote to see if there was a conflict and he was assured there wasn't," Coles said. "And on the final approval, he was out of town and did not vote."

"This is the straw that breaks the camel's back," said Harold Herskowitz, owner of Toys for Thought in downtown Lakewood, and a vocal opponent of the townhouse and multi-family development. "They (town officials) say we need the housing because our community is growing, but what they're really doing is bringing people in from Brooklyn. And the developers advertise that everything is in walking distance because the Brooklyn people don't drive. So now you have people trying to cross highways with a bunch of kids. It's a disaster waiting to happen."

In Lakewood, the argument over development can be boiled down to a few words. Enough is enough, is the position of residents who want to halt what they think is unabated development. Enough is never enough, is the position of developers and, according to a recent lawsuit, they're getting all kinds of help from the township government. The lawsuit, filed earlier this month in Ocean County Superior Court by the Fairways at Lake Ridge Homeowners Association, demands that several town development ordinances -- including the town's master plan adopted in December -- be invalidated. 

Shiva info

-Shiva mishpachas Kastel at 6 Montana Jackson
shacharis vasikin 6:40 am Mincha/Maariv 4:55 pm
Getting up Thursday morning

-Levaya of Rebbetzin Sora Ita katz a"h of Cleveland aishes Rav Chaim Tzvi Zatzal Mother of R' Moshe, R' Bezalel, R' ElYa Nota, R' Shmuel yeshaya R' Avrohom, R' Motty, Mrs. Breslauer, (S Fallsburg) Mrs. Kaplan (Bensonhurst) will be today in Boro Park at Shomrei Hadaas 3803 14th ave. Brooklyn ny. 11:00 a.m. Levaya and Kevurah tomorrow in Cleveland at Telz Yeshiva. Shiva in Bensonhurst by Daughter Kaplan.

Midwinter Events in Lakewood

Incredible Elephant show at 601 Prospect street Lakewood,NJ
 Sunday Jan, 28- Ladies and girls Sunday doors open 1:30 show 2:00 PM  
Men and Boys doors open 5:00pm Show begins 5:30 pm $10 admission for info call 848 210 1479

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Melava Malka Motzei Shabbos Parshas Beshalach Lakewood, 5778

 Earlier today road crews repaved Rt 9 in Lakewood between Central Ave and Oak Street.

-Melava Malka with Harav Yosef Chevroni shlita at 660  9th street Lakewood 9:00 pm

 -Yeshiva of Staten Island Lakewood Alumni Melava Malka at Tashbar Hall 82 Oak street Reception 8:15 Program 9:00 pm 
-Tomchei Shabbos of Lakewood Satmar community Melava Malka at Bais Medrash of Rockwell
-Zichron Chana Leah of Westgate Parlor Meeting at 31 Kelm woods Avenue 8:15 pm
-Midwinter Event: Incredible Elephant show at Prospect corner Summer Avenue Lakewood for Men only doors open 8:00 pm show show 8:45

Friday, January 26, 2018

Zmanim Lakewood ערב שבת פרשת בשלח שבת שירה

Friday, January 26, 2018 / י׳ שבט תשע״ח לייקווד

-Candle lighting 4:50 pm
-Shkiah 5:08 pm

-Weather hi of 56° /47°F  Sun mixing with cloud

-Ohr yechezkel The Rov invites all bochurim to shalosh seudos in his house this shabbos
-Rav Yosef Chevroni R"Y Chevron will spend shabbos in Lakewood  New central  area
- Rav Yaakov  Yitzchok Glantz sin in law of Satmar Rebbe will spend shabbos in Rockwell. 

Parsha Project Beshalach

By Seasons Kosher

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Oif Simchas Lakewood January 25, 2018

-Chasuna: Uhr- Rosenblum Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
-Chasuna: Blochsberg- Moniker Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga
-Chasuna: Briller- Parnes Neeimas Hachaim hall

-Parlor meeting  benefiting Mifal org at 87 Rena Ln 8:00pm -11:00 pm hot buffet. Kumzitz with Shaya Roth


Petirah of Rav Chaim Mordechai Kastel Z"L of Jackson, NJ. Earlier today he collapsed in his home, Hatzolah members administered CPR, he was niftar shortly after at the hospital He was originally from Monsey were he taught at yeshiva Tiferes Bachurim. He was a mispalel at Bais Shabsi in Lakewood and also arranged a daily Vasikin minyan. He was approximately 60 years old.
Levaya 9:30 PM At the Lakewood chapel on 7th Street. TNZBH

 MatzavIt is with great sadness that reports the passing of Rav Chaim Mordechai Kastel zt”l. He was 61 years old. Rav Kastel was an outstanding talmid chochom, who spent his life devoted to limud haTorah and harbotzas Hatorah. From the early morning hours, after davening vosikin, until the late hours of the night, Rav Kastel would sit in the bais medrash or his home and learn. For years, he served as a rebbi, including at Machon Tiferes Bachurim, the yeshiva of Rav Shamai Blobstein in Monsey, NY. Rav Kastel was a special person, with unique middos and an exalted level of avodas Hashem. 
Last year, Rav Kastel relocated from Monsey to Montana Drive in the Brookwood neighborhood of Jackson, NJ. 

A Midwinter Event for Lakewood

Change of Location for the Elephant Show. New Location at 601 Prospect street corner Summer Avenue Lakewood.

Petition Restarts Debate to Raise Speed Limit on GSP TO 75 mph

Local Media  are reporting on the debate to once again raise the speed limit on the GSP. Mr. Mendel Rosenfeld of Lakewood  started a online petition on  to raise the speed on the Garden State Parkway in NJ to 75 Mph.  There have been previous attempts to raise the speed limit. Read the report from CBS New York

A New Jersey man has started a petition to raise the speed limit on the Garden State Parkway.

Twenty years ago, the state bumped up the speed limit on parts of the Parkway from 55 mph to 65 mph.
Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon, R-Monmouth, tried unsuccessfully in the past to raise the speed limit to 75, citing traffic studies that claimed there would be fewer lane changes and therefore fewer accidents. But the movement never really picked up enough speed. Now, Lakewood resident Mendel Rosenfeld is revisiting the idea, starting a petition on to bump up the speed limit by 10 mph.

Masa Umatan List January 25

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

כינוס מחאה וזעקה רבתי בראשות גדולי התורה הספרדיים

Leading Roshei Yeshiva and Rabbonim of the Sefardim in Eretz Yisrael with a powerful call to action on the changes affecting Giyus Banos. A Large Kinnus atzeres machaah will take place tonight in Yerushalayim. The Sefardi Girls and Boys are from the most vulnerable to get caught in the IDF trap.

Oif Simchas/ Events Lakewood January 24, 2018

Chasuna: Silber- Notis Ateres Chana Hall bais Faiga
Chasuna: Harris- Busel Fountain Ballroom Lakewood cheder

-Yeshiva Mesoras Hatorah (R' Nisson Schwartz) Parlor meeting  at 25 Clayton court
 Reception 7:45 Divrei Bracha Harav shmuel Kamenetzky Shlita
-Parlor meeting Zichron shmuel Yechezkel Chasuna fund 7:00 pm at  4 Fillmore Avenue, Lakewood,   NJ (Presidential estates)
-Bais Rivka Rochel Inaugural Dinner at  Ateres Reva hall Lakewood
-Date Like a Pro event 1805 Swarthmore Avenue Lakewood, NJ 7:30 pm

Tonight: BOE Public Meeting

PUBLIC MEETING – 6:30 P.M. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24, 2018  855 Somerset Avenue Lakewood,  NJ
See Agenda HERE

 Items on the agenda:
Approve the purchase of a SmartBoard for Clifton Avenue School from CDW, at a cost of $5,201.76, to be paid through budget account 20.231.400.731.06.0999.

Updated Letter From American Roshei Yeshiva on גזירת גיוס בנות

Enough With the made up Tznius obsession

There is a phenomenon of publicizing made up letters to the editor addressing so called "tznius" concerns in certain media outlets. Editors love these letters as it increases readership and creates buzz. These made up letters usually dont harp on a certain Halacha of tznius that is lax but they focus on a made up chumrah or some extreme made up scenario. Not only do these letters insult the intelligence of the Lakewood community but it gives fodder to those who mock our way of life. In the age of social media they get picked up fast and go viral, it gives people their daily dose of  "a crazy thing out of Lakewood". These posts and letters are nothing more than click-bate  disguised by using tznius related content. Non of these made up chumras have rabbonim who signed off on them, and are a creation of someones obsession. There is no bigger lack of tznius than using our modest way of life by publicizing  made up tznius awareness for personal satisfaction. 
A lot has been said about those who are obsessed with concern for these issues. If there are serious issues about a lack in tznius, there are other time tested approaches in dealing with it.

Jackson Resident files Lawsuit for Shabbos "stake out"

 APP reports       
Jackson township held Sabbath 'stake out' of Orthodox Jews, lawsuit states- A religious gathering of Orthodox Jews was the subject of a "stake out" urged by a township council member.
In the lawsuit, Pitney Lane resident Isaac Tawil alleges that Council Vice President Rob Nixon prompted township code enforcement officers to observe Sabbath prayer services at his home on Friday nights, an activity he described as harassment.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Special Guest Will Grace the "Dinner HaHodaah" at Tomchei Shabbos of Lakewood

Matzav Report: R Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin will attend the Tomchei Shabbos Dinner Feb 3, Novominsker Rebbe will be Guest Speaker. Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin will be returning soon to Lakewood, NJ, just a few weeks after visiting Rav Yeruchem Olshin and Rav Malkiel Kotler following his miraculous release from prison. Reb Sholom Mordechai will be visiting the city as the guest of Tomchei Shabbos of Lakewood, at whose annual dinner he will participate in a special panel along with several other guests. The event will serve as an opportunity for the community to join en masse in celebrating the simcha of his release. The “Dinner Hahodaah” of Tomchei Shabbos of Lakewood will take place on Motzoei Shabbos Parshas Yisro, February 3, at N’eemas Hachaim Hall.

Details of the event have been kept under wraps, but Matzav can report that the guest speaker is slated to be Rav Yaakov Perlow, the Novominsker Rebbe.

New Faces at the Planning Board

At The Lakewood Planning Board earlier this evening 3 new faces joined. TBL reports ,John Jackson was reappointed the board attorney, the Stenographer resigned and Committeeman Akerman came to the meeting tonight he was designated as a Class III Appointment (one year term) by the Mayor. 

Oif Simchas Lakewood January 23, 2018

-Vort: Hachosson Yona Tzvi bilus to hakallah Nechama Cyperstein bas R' Eli at Bais Nosson Tzvi 1445 14th street corner Willow court, 8:00 pm

-Chasuna: Gorelick- Hess Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
-Chasuna: Selengut- Pruzansky Ateres Chana hall Bais faiga
-Chasuna: Levi- Zafrani Neemas Hachaim hall Bais Tova
-Chasuna: Neuman- Halpern Lake Terrace hall
-Chasuna: Reingold- Nitzin  Ateres Reva hall Toras Aaron

- Kollel Zichron Boruch of RainTree Annual Parlor Meeting at 1546 Laguna Lane 7:30-11:00 pm

Tonight: Planning Board Meeting

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 6:00 P.M. Lakewood Municipal building Planning board meeting.
See Agenda HERE watch Live stream HERE
1. SP 2257 Yeshiva Even Yisroel
 50 Niemann Road Block 251.03, Lot 29
Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan for a school

Schools Relax Midwinter Vacation Rules

 In previous years  Lakewood schools, particularly the high schools were strict about mid winter vacation. Girls were not allowed to go to Florida or fly to other exotic places, the vacation was spent more local. This year one school relaxed the rules and allowed the girls to go to Miami, Orlando etc.. so long that they do so with a parent or supervised adult. Some schools with elementary and high school coordinated the dates so families can go on vacation.

Planning Board Member: "We have NO Input Appointing New Members"

Lakewood Shopper reports on the Turmoil at the Lakewood planning board.
A Planning Board member told the Lakewood Shopper "the board was not consulted regarding the appointment of new members and the decision was made completely by the Mayor and township committee without any input from the board members." The Planning board will have a public meeting tonight with its new members.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Going to Orlando for Mid Winter break check out This Website
This site was created so that any Jew, from any walk of life, could know all the resources available to them. We’ve hired someone to be your personal concierge – free. I fell in love with Orlando’s frum community a few years ago, and I wanted to create a resource for additional people who want to come visit it.

– Ira Zlotowitz

לעילוי נשמת הר”ר מאיר יעקב זלוטוביץ ז”ל
בן הגאון הרב אהרן זצ”ל

Oif Simchas Lakewood January 22, 2018

Chasuna: Suchy- Gordon Ateres Chana hall
-Chasuna: Enock-  Prusky at Ne'emas Hachaim hall Lakewood, NJ

חסידישע ישוב takes off in Linden, NJ

A new kehilla is moving into Linden, NJ. Yesterday was the Kvias Mezuzah at the Bais Medrash located at 130 Harvard street. The Kosson Rebbe from Boro Park Rav Yosef meir Rottenberg plans to relocate with his followers.

When is Tuition counted as income

Lakewood Hosing Authority (LHA) explaining that tuition for higher education is not counted as income per HUD guidelines. Pleasd note it May not be the same with other social programs. 
From the minutes of a previous LHA meeting.

 "Parental support for higher education is not counted as household income and the LHA never counts it as income. The LHA does not count parental support, scholarships, Kollel checks or qualified higher education tuition as income. However parental support for private schooling of minors is not higher education and that support is counted as income."

Statement from Passaic- Clifton Kashrus Regarding Jin Restaurant

January 19, 2018. See letter below.
Effective January 8, 2018 PCK suspended its supervision of  Jin restaurant located at 227 Main Avenue in Passaic, NJ pending investigations of whether the amount of poultry purchased by the restaurant corresponded to the amount that it sold PCK has now concluded its investigation, which was conducted in consultaion with outside kashrus and food industry experts.......No Non Kosher food was found at the restaurant nor can PCK otherwise conclude that any non- kosher food ever entered the establishment. Rumors to the contrary are entirely unfounded. PCK has also consulted with the זקן הפוסקים  in  America Harav Dovid Feinstein shlita who has confirmed that there is no need for consumers to kasher any Kailim.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Oif Simchas Lakewood Sunday January 21, 2018

-Vort: Hachosson to Hakallah Faigy Leiman bas R' Nechemia at Shemen L'mincha 2 Milano Drive, Lakewood 7:30 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Yehuda Zev Gutman to Hakallah Bas R' Yisroel Chaim Blumenthal at 26 Hillside Blve (westgate) Lakewood, NJ 7:30 pm 
-Vort Hachosson Tzvi Moishe Jakubovics to Hakallah Chavy Lewinstein at Khal Chasidim 1401 Cedar Row , Lakewood 6:00 pm- 9:00 pm
-Chasuna: Kulefsky- Drebin Lake Terrace hall
-Chasuna: Wachsman- Brooks Ateres Reva hall

Parlor Meeting Yeshiva Ohr Olam Rav Tzvi Berkowitz Rosh Yeshiva, at 112 Albion Street(Off Hearth Court W by James st) Lakewood, NJ  8:00 pm
Guest Speaker: Harav Shlomo Feivel Schustal Shlita

Tehillim for Gezeiras Giyus Banos in BMG

 Tehillim will be recited today in all botei Medrashim of Bais Medrash Govoha in Lakewood due to proposed changes in the deferments for girls pertaining to the Draft law. There is serious concern the new pending legislation will cause revoking the Ptur from Jewish girls in certain cases. 

Daily Tehillim for Giyus in Lakewood

Yated: Former Lakewood Planning Member: Everything I did was solely for the sake of the Residents of Lakewood

Yated Ne'eman: Sources within the township say Mr. Louie Follman was not reappointed  because of his assertive stance on the Master Plan. Mr. Follman told the Yated:

"I was very involved in making sure that the public's best interest were incorporated into the (master) plan, my passion for the matter was evident for all to see, and everything I did was solely for the sake of  the residents of Lakewood. I drove a hard line trying to sort through all the  inconsistencies in the Master Plan and doing my best to call out any potential malpractice. I am more than Happy not to sit on a board if I am not able to implement what I believe is best for the public"

The planning board is considering to replace the attorney Mr. Jackson who represented the board for the last 13 years.

Jersey’s new gov charts familiar course to Disaster

NYP- New Jersey’s new Democratic governor, Phil Murphy, wants to move his state back to the future — or, more accurately, to the past. The dismal past, that is, of such predecessors as Jim Florio, Jim McGreevey and Jon Corzine — who unleashed the fiscal woes that have left the Garden State’s economy in tatters and its taxes sky-high.

That’s the takeaway from Murphy’s inaugural address last week, with his vow to produce “the state that leads the nation in progressive policies” and a laundry list of hard-left priorities that surely thrilled the hearts of every Democratic activist and public-union leader in the house.

He promised pot legalization, a $15 minimum wage, “equal pay for equal work” laws, automatic and same-day voter registration, a new state Office of Immigrant Defensive Protection, action to make the rich “pay their fair share in taxes” and, of course, resolution to “stand our ground” resisting President Trump.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Motzei Shabbos Parshas Bo 5778 Lakewood

-Lakewood Cheder/BF Chinese auction for ladies in Fountain Ballroom tonight
-Melava Malka -Mesivta Ohr Chaim Meir annual  Dinner at Bnos Devorah hall, 360 Oak Street  8:30 pm
- Yeshiva Birchas Chaim Melava Malka/ Parlor meeting at 52 Rosell Court,  Lakewood, NJ  8:15 pm
-B'M Zichron Eliezer Santov Melava Malka 9:00pm at 16 Irene Court

Friday, January 19, 2018

Lakewood Zmanim ערב שבת פרשת בא

Friday, January 19, 2018 / ג׳ שבט תשע״ח לייקווד

-Candle lighting: 4:42 pm
-Shkiah 5:00 pm
-Weather for shabbos day mostly Sunny high of 50

מעדני הפרשה ערש"ק פר' בא תשע"ח

בס"ד, ערש"ק פר' בא תשע"ח

ידידיי ומכובדיי קוראי ומתענגי הגליון 'מעדני הפרשה' הע"י.
ידידי בעל 'בדחי רבנן' פתר לי קצת מהלחץ, כי דברי תורה שאני כותב זה בבחינת 'זה מה יש', כי אינני מלקט רק כותב מה שנתחדש לי, ועל כן אין ברירה רק לקרא מה שיש (למי שקורא), וגם אם זה משוחזר, אז בדברי תורה לא מזיק אם חוזרים פעם שניה, אך הבדיחות, הקהל לא מוותר ורוצה טרי טרי תנור ראשון, וזה מהווה בעיה. אז תיתי לו לבעל ה'בדחי' שמיקל מעלי את העול, ואני מקווה שמבין שנינו יצא משהו שיעלה חיוך על השפתיים כי זאת המטרה. אבל ודאי שירשה לי קצת להוסיף נופך על שלו. כתב ב'בדחי' ששאלו לחילוני אחד, אם יודע את 'עשרת המכות', ענה 'מעולם לא ראיתי את 'הסרט המכות',

When 3 Shevat Falls Out on a Friday = Cold Winter

 Whenever Rosh Chodesh Shevat falls on a Wednesday,  then the winter will be very cold and lots of snow. 
The פרי  מגדים quotes from
 the אליה רבא in the name of אייזק דרשן.  

הן דבריו בסימן תרפ"ה אות ד': "מצאתי כתוב, לעולם כשחל ראש חודש שבט ביום ד' [רביעי], אז 
הוא קור ושלג גדול באותו חורף. והסימן הוא ויג"ש, ראשי תיבות, י'ום ו' = ג' ש'בט [אם יום שישי יחול בתאריך ג' שבט, שאז ראש חודש שבט חל ביום רביעי, וכנ"ל, אז אנו דורשים את הראשי תיבות של המילה "ויגש" בסדר הפוך ש'לג ג'דול י'רד ו'קור], כי הוא כך בדוק ומנוסה, והיירא את דבר ה' הניס וכו' [כלומר, מי שמאמין לדברי חז"ל שנאמרו מפי ה', יכין עצמו בחורף זה לשלג ולקור]". עד כאן לשונו.
 דבריו הובאו גם בספר "מגן אברהם" בחלק "אשל אברהם", סוף סימן תרפ"ה.

מת מצוה חסד של אמת

Chesed shel Emes.
If anyone is available & wants to make a kiddush Hashem- funeral  is 10:30 am @ Belkoff Goldstein chapel 313 Second St Lakewood, NJ 08701 for a Jewish lady who was supposed to be cremated & family finally agreed to a Jewish burial. Can use a minyan there. Burial is in Freehold

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Circus Continues at the Lakewood planning Board

 Last night at the township committee meeting Mayor Coles announced that a Planning board member resigned after he was only on for 1 week. Mr. Aaron Shain who was appointed on January 7th submitted his resignation. 

The Mayor than  added 2 new members (watch Video HERE minute 11:00)
one of them appears to be a Jackson resident according to the Lakewood List. Mr. Levy Isaacson was added to the 4 year term and Mr. Jacob Meyer for a 1 year term. The next Scheduled Planning board meeting is this coming Tuesday the 23rd of January.

In another slap in the face to Lakewood residents the township committee voted on a resolution taking away a  turning center lane by Somerset and county line

Pedestrian struck and killed After Serious Head Injury

Updated: A Pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle after being hit earlier near rt 88 and Clover street in Lakewood. It happened at about 9:45 pm. The patient was taken to Kimball Hospital and was pronounced dead. This is the second time in week where a pedestrian was stuck and killed while crossing Lakewood streets at night in the dark. A investigation is underway at the scene, road is closed.

Oif Simchas Lakewood January 18, 2018

-Vort: Hachosson: Eli Jacobovitch  to Hakallah Yitty Zellinger at Ohr Tuvia 969 East End Lakewood, NJ 7:30 pm
-Chasuna: Lampert- Chapler ateres Chana hall bais Faiga
-Chasuna: Stern- Cohen Fountain ballroom Lakewood Cheder
-Chasuna: Anisfeld- Friedman Lake Terrace hall
-Rabbi Uri Zohar will speak tonight at 953 E.  County Line Rd 9:15 pm.
-Tomchei Shabbos Parlor Meeting 9 Harvest ct, Jackson


Petirah of Mrs. Sheva Shurkin (47)  Aishes Rav Yaakov Moshe Shlita Levaya 8:30PM 7th Street Chapel Lakewood. She was a Art teacher to many Children in Lakewood. TNZBH

Lakewood Township Committee Meeting tonight

Lakewood Township Committee meeting tonight January 18, 2018 Municipal Building 7:30th
Watch Live HERE
-Street Vacations at Oak and Vine
-Tax Abatements for facilities at Kikar Shabbos and Cedarbridge properties
- Requesting the county remove the center lane by Somerset and County line Rd.
-Rescind previous resolution 2017-438
-Appointing board members

1. Resolution Of The Township Of Lakewood, County Of Ocean, State Of New
Jersey, Appointing Members To The Lakewood Township ADA Compliance
Committee And Disabilities Commission
2. Resolution Of The Township Of

Eagle Ridge Residents File Lawsuit Against Master Plan and Township

APP reports, A group of residents at Eagle Ridge Development in Lakewood has filed a civil lawsuit alleging township leaders mishandled the planning process that has threatened to turn Eagle Ridge Golf Club into a 1,000-home complex. The lawsuit names the Lakewood planning board, township committee and GDMS Holdings as defendants.

A lawyer for the Fairways Homeowners Association, said the township's planning board and committee violated state law when adopting a master plan last year. Instead, the board members played to developers' interests, lawyer Michele R. Donato said Wednesday.

-The planning board did not follow state Municipal Land Use Law, particularly when it comes to considering environmental impact and requiring or preserving open space.

-There are inconsistencies between ordinances passed by the township committee and the directives of the planning board, particularly related to road improvements that must come before rezoning.

-Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein had a conflict of interest, and the mayor's designee on the planning board should have been disqualified because she does not live in Lakewood.

Lakewood News Network

A social media website with all of Lakewood News. Follow for the latest News, Updates, and Events in Lakewood, New Jersey. 
Website:coming soon.
Twitter: @lakewoodnewsnet
Instagram: @lakewoodnewsnetwork 
1. Follow @lakewoodnewsnetwork 
2. Tag 4 friends that would like to win.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Video: CERT Training Course

Community Emergency Response Team Training course in Lakewood.
 Videos Courtesy of Rafi King.

Oif Simchas Lakewood January 17, 2018

-Chasuna: Schiff- Shenker Fountain ballroom Lakewood Cheder
-Chasuna: Horowitz- Gordon Lake Terrace hall
-Chasuna: Teitz- winkler Neemas Hachaim hall

Security Guard Program for 108 Yeshivos in Lakewood

Armed Security guards in yeshivos to help with unruly children. 

The Boe accepted bids for the non public schools for the Nonpublic School Security Program. The bids will be opened today January 17, 2018.
See Full proposal HERE
-Armed and unarmed security officers, at Yeshivos and schools
- The post security officer will assist the principal of the school, in all cases of missing children, emergency situations including any medical emergencies and any unruly or disruptive child.

The Lakewood Board of Education seeks from New Jersey licensed security companies, competitive proposals and pricing to provide to the nonpublic schools located in Lakewood, NJ, armed and unarmed security officers, services to be funded by the Nonpublic Security State Aid.
The Lakewood Community receiving the Non-Public School Security Program Funds consists of one hundred eight (108) private schools which are religious institutions. The religious aspect of the schools are an important factor when providing services for them as 98% of the schools are separated by gender creating a unique target audience for each school. In addition, due to the
religious nature, a strict dress code is adhered to for any service provider who is to provide services in the non-public schools.

 Missing Child; Illness of Child; Unruly Behavior of Child The post security officer will assist the principal of the school, in all cases of missing children, emergency situations including any medical emergencies and any unruly or disruptive child. It is preferred that the security officer have defibrillator training.

A Gutten Chodesh

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

TVOL: Former Planning Member Attributes removal from Board to Vote against Masterplan

Former Lakewood Planning board member Mr. follman who forced positive changes to the masterplan before it was implemented and voted on. Reports surfaced that Mayor Coles was pressured to remove him by not reappointing him to the board for which he served on for many years. In an interview with The Voice Of Lakewood, Mr Follman  attributed his removal from the board to his dissenting vote on the Master plan.  TVOL reached out to Mayor Coles who declined to comment on the matter but he said the non reappointment had no connection to how he voted on the Planning board.

Oif Simchas/Events Lakewood ראש חודש שבט תשעייח

-Chasuna: Melman- Karman  Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
-Chasuna: Mandel - Moldaver at Ateres Reva hall
-Zichron Mattel Bochurim Parlor Meeting event at Bais Yitzchok 7:15 pm
-Bonei Olam Ladies event at Lake Terrace hall Lakewood

Keren Chassanim Parlor Meeting

Tonight: Lakewood BOE Annual Organization Meeting Preliminary Budget Presentation

LAKEWOOD BOARD OF EDUCATION  PUBLIC MEETING – 7:00 P.M. Monday, Janurary 16, 2018 annual Board Organization Meeting 855 Somerset Avenue Lakewood, NJ
see full Agenda HERE

Kevin Campbell, Interim Board Secretary, will administer the Oath of Office to the newly elected members:
Ada Gonzalez 3 year term – 2018 – 2020
Thea Jackson-Byer 3 year term – 2018 – 2020
Bentzion Treisser 3 year term – 2018 – 2020
Moshe Bender 1 year term – 2018
Chanina Nakdimen 1 year term – 2018

Faith Based and non-profit leaders Visit Lakewood Yeshiva

Faith based and non-profit leaders had a private tour of Beth Medrash Govoha last week. 

Watch Live: Phil Murphy Inauguration

Snow Accumulations possible Late Tonight

Updated: Ocean county expect to get less than New inch.
The NWS is forecasting some snow to hit the NJ coast.  A coating to 2 inches is expected allthough 2-4 is the reasonable worst-case scenario for Monmouth and Ocean counties.
The steady snow starts late tonight and lasts through tomorrow am NW of NYC. N&W expect a general 2-5 inches but once you get to NW NJ/ near I84 expect 3-6+. 
So the further you away from the coast the better chance of seeing snow accumulation. 

Yom Kippur Kotton Minyanim Erev Rosh Chodesh Shevat 5778 ער"ח שבט תשע"ח

Minyanim for Mincha and Yom Kippur Katan in Lakewood

Kol Shimshon
Somerset Walk 1:20 pm
Hearthstone Tiferes Shmuel 1:15 (941 Princewood Ave)
- Chateau Park 1:10
-Lev Avos 14th street  1:20 pm
-B"M Westgate 1:15 pm
-Alumni 1:45pm
-B"M Kelmwoods Westgate 2:45pm
-Satmar BM every bottom of the hour

Shiva Info

Mishpachas Notis  is sitting Shiva for their Father Rav Dovid Ozer Zt"l at 331 Autumn Rd. Lakewood, NJ.
Shacharis:  8:00 am
Minchah:  2:00 pm
Maariv:  8:00 pm
Getting up from Shiva on  Wednesday morning, January 17.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Oif Simchas/Events Lakewood, NJ January 15, 2018

-Chasuna: Bakst Nierenberg Neemas hachaim hall
-Chasunah Glustein- Roberg Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder

-Bnos Yaakov elementary school annual Dinner at Lake Terrace hall 7:30 pm Guest Speaker Rav Moshe Mordechai Lowy shlita, Toronto
-Arachim Lecture for Women  Ateres Yeshaya hall 8:00 pm free admission
-Shalva , BMG Shiurim for women at Bnos Devorah 360 Oak street admission charge

Phil Murphy Innaguration this Tuesday

Governor-elect Phil Murphy will hold his inaugural ball at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, This Tuesday night Jan, 16 from 7:00 pm- 11:00 pm. The actual swearing in Ceremony will take pace Tuesday afternoon at the Trenton war memorial from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
 . to attend the inaugural you must buy a ticket here following is the schedule for this week:

American Roshei Yeshiva Sign Letter ahead of Changes to Giyus Banos law

A letter signed by American Roshei Yeshiva warns of the new threat to the status quo as it pertains to the IDF deferment of frum girls. New legislation will make it easier for a religious girl to lose her "ptur" status. The Roshei Yeshiva call on anyone who has power to act now and promise to stand firm and fight side by side from the US shores just as previous gedolim in America did. Letter was signed by Rav Ahron Feldman, Rav Malkiel Kotler,  Rav Ahron Shechter, Rav Avrohom Chaim Levin, Rav Shmuel Miller, Rav Yosef Harari Raful, Rav Chaim Bressler,  Rav Asher Kalmanowitz, Rav Eli Kanarek.

Lakewood News Briefs January 15, 2018

-Lakewood public schools closed today  - Martin Luther King Day

-Pedestrian struck and killed last night crossing RT 70 near Vermont Street in Lakewood. Police said 29 year old William Fernando Campo was crossing outside of a crosswalk when he was struck by a car driven by a Manchester woman. 

-Lakewood Police Headquarters shines in blue

-Lakewood Website receives threatening Letter

El Al Plane Finally Lands in EY after Making Emergency Landing in Goose Bay, Canada

Hamodia reports on the EL AL Plane that landed in Canada. The flight Landed this morning in Israel.
By Yosef Caldwell,
An El Al flight en route from New York to Tel Aviv made an emergency landing early Sunday morning in Goose Bay, Canada. Over 15 hours later, the passengers finally disembarked and transferred to a new plane, and were on their way to Israel.

The flight, which had been scheduled to depart JFK Airport at 11:50 p.m. Motzoei Shabbos, took off an hour late, according to Fradel Leser, a passenger who spoke with Hamodia from the plane. Two hours into the flight, they announced that that there would be an emergency landing due to “technical difficulties”; some passengers told Hamodia that they had heard “irregular mechanical noises.”

Sunday, January 14, 2018

All About Lakewood in Williamsburg

Tonight will be a Special Informative Seminar All About Lakewood & the House Buying Process, Arranged by the Developers of the Satmar Lakewood Yishev at  the VYoel_Moshe Hall in Williamsburg.

Oif Simchas/Events Lakewood January 14, 2018

-Vort: Hachosson Reuvein Rosenfeld to Hakallah Gtty Tesser Bas R' Ezra at khal Anshei Sefard R' Blech's shu 1250 Madison Avenue Lakewood 6:00 pm

-Vort: Hachosson Moshe Penfil to Hakallah Gruenbaum Bas R' Nosson at B"M Zichon Yoel 1014 Lawrence Avenue  Lakewood 2:00 pm- 5:00 pm

-Vort: Hachosson Aharon Hauptman to Hakallah Meira Simons Bas R' Yaakov at 23 Pressburg Lane, Lakewood 4:00 pm- 7:00 pm

-Yartzheit Gathering For Harav Shmuel Barenbaum Zatzal at B"M Chevra Lomdei Torah 617 5th street 10:00 pm Divrei Zikaron Harav Yisroel Ginsburg shlita

-Parlor Meeting Yeshiva Ohr Avrohom Chaim at 1499 Towers street (Between Albert & New Hampshire) 7:00 pm Divrei Brach Harav Shlomo Feivel Schustal Shlita

-Annual Lakewood Hatzolah members appreciation Dinner. (Boro Park Units covering Lakewood)

Shloshim event In Lakewood for Harav Shteinman ZT"L

Photos January 14, 2017

Parlor Meeting for Beer Hagolah, Rav Kotler, Rav Svei at the home of R' Yosef Tabak
Rubashkin in Lakewood at the Home of Rav Malkiel Kotler

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Melava Malka Motzei Shabbos Parshs va'eira 5778 Lakewood

-B'M Zichron Yoel Annual Melava Malka 1014 Lawrence Avenue Lakewood 8:30 pm Guest Speaker Harav Yeruchem Olshin Shlita
-Hachtara of Rav Simcha Bunim Londinski as Rav of B'M  Ohr Gedalyahu 1201 Manor Drive at 8:15 
-B"M Khal Chasidei East 5th street Lakewood Melava Malka at 43 Holly Street 8:30 pm
-Khal D'Brookwood Melava Malka  at the public school 7:45 Drasha by Rav Uren Reich Shlit
-Chesterfield Commons Melava Malka 8:00 pm
-Siyum Hashas Arlington Shul 8:45 pm

Friday, January 12, 2018

Lakewood Zmanim ערב שבת פרשת וארא שבת מברכים חודש שבט

Erev Shabbos Kodesh/Shabbos Mevorchim Parshas Va'eira Friday 25 Teves 5778/January 12, 2018

-Candle lighting: 4:34 pm
-Shkiah: 4:52 pm
 Rosh Chodesh is on Wednesday January 17
Molad  will be Wednesday night 2:25 am and 2 chalakim
Weather: Shabbos Day showers end in the morning hi of 52 mostly cloudy and Breezy

Coventry Shabbos

Thursday, January 11, 2018

CHEMED South Lakewod/Toms River

CHEMED Representatives met with the Belzer Dayan of Lakewood along with other representatives of the chasidishe kehillos of South Lakewood/Toms River to discuss the opening of a health center for the area. The township already allocated a property to chemed at rt 9 south.

Oif Simchas Lakewood January 11, 2018

-Chasuna: Rosenthal- Brody at Lake Terrace hall
-Chasuna:  Sacks- Sussman at Neemas Hachaim hall
-Chasuna: Shulman- Mintz Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder

-Hisvadus Reb Laima Wilhelm 814 E. County line Rd 10:00 pm
Tiferes Shtreimals now on sale in harmony Park tonight 8-11 pm

Photos: Rubashkin visits Lakewood

LNN Video: Rubashkin Visits Reb Yeruchom Olshin

Rubashkin coming to Lakewood for Private Meeting With the Roshei Yeshiva

Reb Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin will be in Lakewood to personally meet the Roshei Yeshiva and thank them. The Lakewood community was there for him from the get go to right the injustice that was done to him. The Rosh Yeshiva Harav Yeruchom Olshin paid a visit to Otisville during the Summer.  Reb Shalom Mordechai has a tremendous Hakoras hatov to the shtut. Reb Pinchos Lipscutz editor of the Yated Neeman is expected to accompany Shalom Mordechai at the meeting. He will go to the homes of Rav Olshin and Reb Malkiel solitaire at 3:45pm.

CDC: E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Romaine Lettuce Appears to be Over

Letter by Lakewood Pediatrician's