Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Urgent call to the Bnei Yeshivos in America

Letter written by Harav Shmuel Deutsch Shlita from EY to his son in Lakewood regarding the dangerous Giyus law that is up for adoption in the knesset. The  letter calls on the American Bnei Torah to take responsibility  by taking action and publicly oppose the pending threat. The same was  done in previous situations, when the Yidden in America scream and protest it can have a positive effect in Eretz Yisrael. There is no greater threat to the ruchniyus of Klal Yisrael and its a matter of  לא תעמוד על דם רעך. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Lakewood schools sending kids home for not vaccinating

Hamodia reports: Several chadarim and girls’ schools changed their policy and agreed to eliminate all un-immunized students after several dozen teachers refused to return to work unless that step was taken. “Based on Dr. [Reuven] Shanik’s advice and the demand from most of the tzibbur, a lot of schools are sending home kids who didn’t get the vaccine,” said a spokesman for Igud haMosdos. “A lot of schools have kids with medical conditions and they have to do what they have to, to protect them.  read more at Hamodia

Oif Simchas Lakewood November 13, 2018

Chasuna: Katz - Segall  at Ateres Chana hall Bais faiga
Chasuna: Weintraub - Rothchild Ateres Reva hall
Chasuna: Landman - Shechter Fountain ballroom Lakewood Cheder
Chasuna: Dembitzer - Grunspann Lake Terrace hall
Chasuna: Rotberg - Gottlieb at Ne'emas Hachaim hall

Measles Update: 11 Confirmed Cases, 7 under Investigation


The following is a summary with new and ongoing information with respect to the measles outbreak
from the Ocean County Health Department.
 -There are now 11 confirmed measles cases.
 -There are also seven potential cases under investigation.
 -Vaccination is encouraged and those children involved with exposure to a confirmed case may
be subject to an order of exclusion, if unvaccinated.
-The Ocean County Health Department continues to support and highly encourage the exclusion
of non-vaccinated children from schools, preschools and daycares in the outbreak area. These
entities have the authority to make that decision when an outbreak has been declared by the
New Jersey Department of Health

KosherFest 2018 Gets underway at the Meadowlands

Secaucus NJ- Kosherfest 2018 opens today (November 13th) at the Meadowlands Convention Center as the kosher food industry continues to gain strength with its ongoing  estimated growth of 10% – 12% per annum since 2013. More than 6000 people from some 21 countries will attend the two-day event which this year will celebrate its 30th anniversary since its humble beginning at Giants Stadium in 1989. Kosher foods are now widely available throughout the US with as many as 18,000 retail stores selling kosher products. This year’s Kosherfest will honor exhibitors who have been part of Kosherfest throughout its 30-year history. Produced jointly by Diversified Business Communications of Portland ME and Lubicom Marketing of Brooklyn NY, the show will include some 340 exhibitors and well over 400 booths.

Lakewood Planning Board Meeting

Lakewood Planning Board meeting Tuesday November 13, 2018 Municipal hall 6:00 pm
watch live HERE
see full Agenda HERE

1. SD 2118A Yehoshua Frenkel
 River Avenue & Blueberry Court Block 534, Lots 7.02 & 7.03

Nor'easter with snow in the Forecast for NJ

A winter storm is expected to come this  Thursday and Friday, when a coastal storm resembling a nor'easter may bring heavy precipitation and gusty winds to the area, according to the National Weather Service. In that storm, all of New Jersey could get sleet and North and Central Jersey could get a wintry mix after 5 p.m. on Thursday, according to the National Weather Service. Meteorologist see  models that have a plowable event for NYC region and N&W.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Oif Simchas Lakewood November 12, 2018

Over 400 rockets fired from Gaza into Eretz Yisrael R"L
אחינו כל בית ישראל הנתונים בצרה ובשביה העומדים בין בים ובין ביבשה המקום ירחם עליהם ויוציאם מצרה לרוחה  ומאפלה לאורה ומשעבוד לגאלה השתא בעגלא ובזמן קריב ונאמר אמן

Chasuna: Brog - Garfinkel Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga
Chasuna: Seidenfeld - Schindler Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
Chasuna: Silber - Steiner at  Ne'emas Hachaim hall Bais Tova
Chasuna: Herzka - Neuhouse at  Lake Terrace hall

Vort: Hachosson Bentzy Hayum to Hakallah Grossman at Ateres Yeshaya  hall 908 East County Line Road, Lakewood

Weather: Chance of rain 100%. Rainfall near a half an inch.

Highwire show: Discussing Measles in Lakewood

See full episode here

Tehillim for Rav Dovid Trenk shlita

מנחם יחיאל דוד בן בת-שבע לרפואה שלמה
The tzibbur is asked to be mispalel for noted Mechanech, Rosh Yeshiva  Harav Dovid Trenk shlita who is in need in Rachmei shomayim. He is currently hospitalized following complications from a brief illness. Name for Tehillim is   Menachem Yechiel Dovid ben Bassheva, B'soch Shaar Cholei Yisroel
 There will be a Atzeres Tefillah with Divrei Hisorerus tonight in Lakewood  at Rav Blech’s Shul  1250 Madison Ave 8:30-9:00pm
sign up here for Tehillim

 See more here

Videos: Lakewood Gas Explosion

CBS New York

Gas Explosion causes Fire in Lakewood

NBC- Multiple buildings were evacuated in an Ocean County, New Jersey, community Monday as crews investigated a report of a fire and gas explosion, officials say.

A call about a two-alarm fire near Second Street and Forest Avenue in Lakewood Township came in around 8 a.m. Monday.

It's not clear where the blaze originated, but Chopper 4 over the scene showed raging flames leaping from what appeared to be someone's backyard. That backyard was sandwiched between large trees and other homes.

Fire officials say cops are looking into whether a contractor may have hit a gas line. The flames ebbed once a valve was shut off. NO injuries reported

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Headlines Audio: Vaccinations Does Halacha obligate a Parent to Vaccinate

Headlines Podcast
Does Halacha obligate a parent to vaccinate? Are you a rodef if you don't? An expose with the worlds greatest experts... Download Marei Mekomos HERE

with Rabbi Sruli Fried, MSW - Regional Director, Chai Lifeline NJ and PA
with Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz - International Lecturer and Author of note
with Brian S. Hooker, PhD, PE - Epidemiologist, Associate Professor of Biology at Simpson University
with Dr. Nochum Indich M.D. - Pediatrician, Lakewood, NJ
with Rabbi Yitzchok Gottesman - BMG, Lakewood
with Mr. Joey Aaron Esq. - Attoney at Law Specializing in Religious Discrimination

Oif Simchas Lakewood, November 11, 2018

Chasuna: Fishman - Hirsch at Ne'emas Hachaim hall Lakewood Cheder

-Vort: Hachosson Don Medizadah to Hakallah Gadzi @ Ateres Yeshaya hal 908 E. County Line 7:30 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Yisroel Cymet to Hakallah Rochie Kagan (Denver) at 10 West Virginia, Jackson, NJ 1:00 pm.
Vort: Hachosson Yaakov Roth to Hakallah Weinberg at Ateres malka hall 140 Lehigh, Lakewood, NJ 7:00 pm
Vort Hachosson Ashie Tesser to Hakallah Robbins at 49 Sunset Rd, Lakewood  6:00 pm -9:00 pm

Video: Lakewood Post Election Analysis

Lakewood votes along party lines as evident with those who vote straight republican. Candidate Bruce Stern was on the republican line did not campaign at and was not endorsed by the vaad  received 6,483 votes. Miller got 11,747 Candidate Hirsch ran as  an independent  received 2,305 that's a significant amount of people who want change will they be ignored again?

Video: At the Veretzky Melava Malka

Courtesy of Rafi King

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Motzei Shabbos parshas Toldos Lakewood 5779

-  Yartzheit Hespedim in BMG for Harav Aharon Kotler zatzal and Harav Nosson Wachtfogel zatzal divrei zikaron by Harav Yitzchok Sorotzkin shlita.
-Ocean county Health Department "highly Encourages and strongly supports" the exclusion of Non vaccinated children from schools and daycares during this time.
-Veretzky Rebbe Melava Malka at Shemen Lmincha 2 Milano dr Lakewood 9:45
-kumzits for Rosh chodesh kislev at Chalonei Rokea 34 carannetta 8:30 pm
-Out to Lunch open for Melava Malka
-Four corner Bagles open Motzei shabbos

Friday, November 9, 2018

Urgent Message from 32 Lakewood Community Physicians about Measles

we collectively advise Anyone not vaccinated should not go to playgroup or school until further notice
A group of doctors in Lakewood signed a letter regarding the Measles outbreak in the community. They urge everyone to be up to date with the MMR vaccine. Unvaacinated people can create a serious health risk to people that are immunosuppressed or not vaccinated.  Additionally if you are not vaccinated they urge you and advise not to go to school or playgroup. They give guidelines for children and infants when to get their first and second dose of the mmr vaccine. The letter is dated November 9, 2018. see download version below.

Lakewood Zmanim ערב שבת פרשת תולדות ראש חודש כסלו

Lakewood, NJ Friday, November 9, 2018 / א׳ כסלו תשע״ט ערב שבת פרשת תולדות

-Candle lighting 4:28 pm 
-shkia/Sunset 4:45 pm
-Weather shabbos day:  Wind increasing High 43F Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph.

וַאֲהֵבְךָ וּבֵרַכְךָ וְהִרְבֶּךָ. וּבֵרַךְ פְּרִי בִטְנְךָ וּפְרִי אַדְמָתֶךָ. דְּגָנְךָ וְתִירשְׁךָ וְיִצְהָרֶךָ. שְׁגַר אֲלָפֶיךָ וְעַשְׁתְּרֹת צֹאנֶךָ. עַל הָאֲדָמָה אֲשֶׁר נִשְׁבַּע לַאֲבֹתֶיךָ לָתֶת לָךְ: בָּרוּךְ תִּהְיֶה מִכָּל הָעַמִּים. לֹא יִהְיֶה בְךָ עָקָר וַעֲקָרָה וּבִבְהֶמְתֶּךָ: וְהֵסִיר הֹ' מִמְּךָ כָּל חֹלִי. וְכָל מַדְוֵי מִצְרַיִם הָרָעִים אֲשֶׁר יָדַעְתָּ לֹא יְשִׂימָם בָּךְ. וּנְתָנָם בְּכָל שֹׁנְאֶיךָ

Why we Add ולכפרת פשע on Rosh Chodesh of a leap year until Chodesh Nissan

On Rosh Chodesh  of a leap year we added in the Shemona Esreh of Mussaf  the words  ולכפרת פשע
In a Leap Year, in addition to praying for good and for blessing, for joy and for gladness, for salvation and comfort, for sustenance and maintenance, for life and peace, for pardon of sin and forgiveness of iniquity”, we add a 13th request in respect of the additional month: “ולכפרת פשע-and for atonement of transgression”.

A possible reason suggested is that in case the Leap Year was mistakenly designated, and in consequence Chametz was eaten on Pesach, we pray for forgiveness. (טעמי המנהגים)
The 13 pleas are corresponding to the 12 expressions of praise “הללוי’ה-הללו-הללוהו”, and the last sentence “כל הנשמה” is said twice, in respect of the Leap Year. (תהלים קנ – תניא רבתי)

A Message from Lakewood Chaveirim

Harav Tarshish to speak in Lakewood

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Oif Simchas Lakewood Rosh Chodesh Kislev 5779 November 8, 2018

- Chasuna:  Schoenberg - Yofee at Ateres Reva hall
-Chasuna: Weberman - Gertz at Ne'emas Hachaim hall Bais Tova
- Vort: Hachosson Yeshaya Retek to Hakallah Malky Brodt Bas R' Moshe at Ateres Malka hall 140 Leigh Avenue Lakewood, NJ 7:30 pm
- Vort: Hachosson Avrohom Ziskind to Hakallah bas R'  Dovid Rothenberg at Ateres Yeshaya  hall 908 E. County Line road Lakewood

Kinus Asifa tonight in Lakewood For Giyus

An emergency Kinus will take place tonight in Lakewood at Ateres Ester (Beis Yitzchak) at 10:30.
The Kinus will discuss the dire situation as the new draft law advances in the Knesset.
Hagaon Rav Yehoshua Krupenia, Rosh Kollel Yeshivas Beis Medrash Govoha (BMG) will speak.

Hamodia: Schools differ on sending home unvaccinated children

A spokesman for the Igud Hamosdos who requested anonymity told Hamodia that some 15 schools had sent any unvaccinated children home in accordance with guidance from Lakewood’s renowned pediatrician Dr. Reuven Shanik,
"Other schools have taken a “wait and see” approach. Rabbi Yisroel Schenkolewski, director of Bais Kaila and long-time askan, told Hamodia that upon consultation with Rabbanim, they had decided not to send any students home for the time being.

Hamodia: Lakewood- Two weeks after the recent measles outbreak spread to Lakewood, news of additional cases have sent hundreds scrambling to receive vaccinations and school administrators working to ensure that those in their charge will not be compromised by the highly contagious virus. The scourge, which originated with visitors from Israel, has spread throughout Orthodox communities in the New York area over the past month, with more than 30 reported cases.

Construction for Medical Arts Building Begins in Lakewood

PR- Why drive to North Jersey, New York, or Philadelphia for medical appointments and other medical needs? Soon people in Lakewood, Toms River, Brick, Howell, and the surrounding communities will be able to visit medical professionals and specialists close to their communities.

Long-time Lakewood resident Moshe Shvarzblat, Cedar Bridge Properties LLC, is building two medical arts and professional buildings on Cedar Bridge Avenue, across from Airport Road, Lakewood, right off Exit 89 and the entrance ramp to the Garden State Parkway, to bring more doctors and medical specialists to Lakewood, and to save people time traveling great distances.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Oif Simchas Lakewood Rosh Chodesh Kislev 5779 November 7, 2018

Chasuna: Levovitz - Frankel Ne'emas Hachaim
Chasuna: Brain - Greenberg Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga
Chasuna: Fischer - Rosenbloom at Lake Terrace hall

-Vort: Hachosson Dovid Golding to hakallah Leah Kohn  Bas R' Yechezkel at the Bais Horaah 401 Madison Avenue, Lakewood 7:30 pm
-Vort: Hachoson Moshe Eichenstein  to Hakallah Schreiber at  Ateres Yeshaya hall 908 E County line
-Vort: Hachosson  Dovid Lipshutz to Hakallah Chaya Pollack at Bnos Brocha hall 1665 Corporate Rd West,  Lakewood, NJ  7:30 pm

Measles outbreak in Lakewood jumps to 6 confirmed cases, 7 more suspected

The Health Department said people in Lakewood contracted the disease after they were exposed to someone who acquired measles when traveling internationally.

On Wednesday, health officials said people could have been exposed if they visited:
the office of Dr. Eli Eilenberg, 150 James St., Lakewood, on Oct. 31 between 11:15 a.m. and 2:45 p.m.
Four Corners Bagel & Cafe, 150 James St., Lakewood, on Oct. 31 between 12:30 p.m. and 3 p.m.
Previously health officials said others could have been exposed if they visited the following locations between Oct. 13 and Oct. 31: Schul Satmar, 405 Forest Ave.; Eat a Pita, 116 Clifton Ave.; CHEMED Health Center, 1771 Madison Ave.; NPGS grocers, 231 Main St.; and Pizza Plus, 241 4th St. Lakewood. Officials have confirmed two additional cases of measles in Ocean County to bring the total of confirmed cases in the outbreak to six with another seven people suspected of contracting the virus. As of Wednesday afternoon, test results are pending on the seven suspected cases as hundreds of people have scrambled to get vaccinations, according to Brian Rumpf, the director of administration at the Ocean County Health Department.

Turx asks Trump about Hashem's roll in his Presidency

Lakewood Resident and White house reporter for Ami Magazine, Jake Turx, asks a question to President Donald Trump

OHI: Free Measles Vaccine in Lakewood Tomorrow

Ocean Health Initiatives, Inc., (OHI) will be providing FREE Measles Vaccines at the Lakewood Health Center. The OHI Mobile Medical Unit will be at the facility to administer, no appointment required. Unit will be there from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
 OHI will also be providing the Flu Shot.

Due to the recent outbreak of Measles in Lakewood, OHI is taking a grass roots effort to help the local community and their patient population with these essential vaccines. OHI Health Centers currently carry the MMR and Flu Vaccine.  OHI is located at 101 2nd St, Lakewood, NJ 08701

Yom Kippur Koton Minyanim Erev Rosh Chodesh Kislev 5779 Lakewood

-Kol Shimshon
-Lev Avos 14th street  1:20 pm
-Hearthstone shul 1:15 pm In upstairs beis medrash.
-Somerset Walk 1:25 pm
-Alumni 1:45 pm
-B"M Kelmwoods Westgate 2:45 pm
-Bais Horaah upstairs 4:05 pm
-Satmar B"M  on Forest  every bottom of the hour

Atzeres Tefillah with Shofar blowing to take place in Lakewood for Girls still NOT in school

Update: the minyan for yom kippur koton will take place today at the chabura rooms of the Bais Aaron B"M in BMG at 1:00pm. Divrei Hisoirerus will be delivered by a Lakewood Rav.

In response to over 10 Lakewood girls that are still home without a school for this year, a  Atzeres tefillah and Kinus will take place tomorrow erev Rosh Chodesh Kislev.  The time and place to be announced. The sign says they will daven Mincha with Yom Kippur Koton with tekias shofar to beseech rachmei shomayim on their behalf. 
Its 3 months into the school year and these girls are sitting home with no one answering their heartfelt cries. Ironically schools have already accepted girls for next year 2020 while these girls are siting home.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Election 2018 Results

9,841 votes for Hugin 6,803 for Menendez

-Menendez defeats Hugin in NJ senate race
-Incumbents keep their seats in Lakewood
-Hugin wins in Ocean county

-Jackson Mayor keeps seat

Watch live election results
For NJ Senate HERE
For Ocean county NJ  HERE 
For Lakewood Municipal HERE
For Jackson Mayor HERE

Lakewood 43/43 districts

Menashe P. MILLER                            10,783               33.12%
Bruce STERN                                       5,831              17.91%
Meir LICHTENSTEIN                         9,325              28.64%
Jimmy ESPOSITO                                4,297             13.20%
Aaron HIRSCH                                     2,135             6.56%
WRITE-IN                                            183                0.56%

Oif Simchas Lakewood, November 6, 2018

Chasuna: Brander - Blumenkrantz at Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
Chasuna:   Kreiswirth - Fishman at Ne'emas hachaim hall

-Vort Chosson to Hakallah Bas R' Boruch Green at Ateres Malka 140 Lehigh ave 8:00 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Eli Loeb to Hakallah Avigail Savitz at Khal Bnei Torah 304 Monmouth Avenue Lakewood, NJ 7:30 pm.
-Vort: Hachosson Moshe Rosenberg  to Hakallah Friedman (Baltimore) at R' Forscheimer's shul 418 5th street Lakewood
-Vort: Hachosson Yitzchok Gutfreund to Hakallah Bas R' Mordechai Rosenbaum at Yeshiva Ktana   hall 120 2nd street Lakewood, NJ 7:30 pm

Lakewood Pediatricians Restock on MMR Vaccines

In the wake of the measles outbreak in Lakewood people are flocking to get vaccinated, schools sent home notes informing parents that their children must be up to date with the MMR vaccine. Earlier in the  week there was  a shortage and lines formed at doctors offices with patients waiting to have their children immunized. Some local pediatricians and doctors received a new shipment today. While local health clinics had the vaccines in stock,  people rather wait and go to their primary doctor.

Election Day Tuesday Nov 6, 2018 Lakewood

-Polls close at 8 pm
-Trump Tweeted at 1:08 pm "Bob Hugin, successful all of his life, would be a Great Senator from New Jersey. He has my complete and total Endorsement! Get out and Vote for Bob."
-Lakewood Township Municipal Offices closed today November 6, 2018 for Election Day
-Not sure where to vote go Voting place look up HERE
-Some New Jersey voters say they're views about President Donald Trump are influencing their ballot choices in the midterm elections
-N.J. voters report problems, big lines at the polls

Jewish Press Endorsement for Lakewood Township committee

Lakewood township committee Election: Vote for Aaron Hirsch. He pledged"As to the LGBT books: when elected I will do all I canto stop the Lakewood Library from exposing our children to such indecent propaganda. this is poisoning our children" He has also said"The establishment have told us over the years to hold our nose and vote as a bloc for immoral people instead of voting for persons with values and beliefs which are in sync with our community. all for the greater good "This has been filing and has gotten worse over time. A most recent example is with our new governor. He promised to create a board of education formula that treats Lakewood fairly and dosent deprive our children of state funding, instead he has cut more of our state funding and reducing state aid going forward putting Lakewood into deeper debt.. Not only are our interests ignored but our basic societal beliefs are being trampled. It is difficult enough raising kids in a right environment.

Yated Ne'eman Interviews Bob Hugin

The Yated Ne'eman Newspaper had an exclusive interview with NJ Republican candidate for Senate Bob Hugin who is challenging incumbent Bob Menendez. The Yated spoke with Mr. Hugin this week to find out where he stands on issues important to our community. He shared his view of President Trump, told of his relationship with Israel, and offered his thoughts on the Pittsburgh massacre.
See full interview at the Yated read a few questions below

YN: What can be done to alleviate the financial burden on tuition-paying parents who send their kids to private schools?

BH: I certainly believe that having choice in education for all students is an important thing, whether that is a religious choice or any other choice. Though I do believe in the separation of church and state, the government should still play a role in ensuring the transportation needs, the security needs, and the fundamental support of basic services. All kids, no matter where they are brought up, should be able to reach their full potential, and many different schools provide that opportunity.

Editorial: Vote NO on Ballot Question

NJ Star Ledger: The only question on the ballot on Nov. 6 asks voters whether to approve the $500 million in new debt for school security, county colleges, vocational schools and water infrastructure. The constitution requires that new debts obtain voter approval. (this will not go to private schools)

Many desperate and worthy causes are left to fester in New Jersey, like NJ Transit or the ramshackle rail tunnels we depend on to get into Manhattan, or the raging opioid crisis. That's how it is when you're broke. Our state is drowning in debt, yet our lawmakers continue to pile on more, while sidestepping the tough part - finding a way to pay for the things we want, whether it's with a tax or a fee.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Video: Pre Election Morality Roundup Levin @11


Lakewood's Interest Before self Interest

Oif Simchas Lakewood November 5, 2018

Chasuna: Sasson - Betesh at Ateres Reva hall
Chasuna: Gut - Blumenthal at Ne'emas Hachaim hall
Chasuna: David - Schuck at Lake Terrace hall
Chasuna: Lindenbaum - Eisenberger  at Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga

Hespedim for Stolin Rosh Yeshiva Harav Chaim Baruch Wolpin ZT"L

Hespedim will take place in Lakewood tonight Monday November 5, commemorating the end of shiva for the Stolin Rosh hayeshiva Harav Chaim Baruch Wolpin zt'l. The kinus will take place at Stolin Bais Medrash 153 East 7th street Lakewood, NJ. Maspidim Harav Shlomo Feivel Schustal shlita and the son in law Harav Yitzchok Mordechai Rabinowitz shlita,Rav Shimon Shapira shlita, a Talmid.

Incumbents keep Low profile ahead of Elections with zero campaigning

The usual local elections for the township committee is quiet and calm. the incumbents running for 2 seats did not campaign at all.  They both skipped the last township committee meeting, probably for not wanting to face the public. There are serious  issues that are  affecting Lakewood residents, Yet they dont have the guts to face the people who they want to get their vote. One committeeman missed almost half of the township meetings this year. the incumbent politicians  appear mostly in photo ops and controlled videos with a friendly media.

Property taxes are going up again and people will see in increase over $1000, yet the committeemen remain mum. They shift blame to the BOE something that they have been doing for 15 years. Traffic has gone from bad to worse despite some improvements in certain areas, people waste precious time daily on Lakewood's roads. Children sit on the bus to and from school for over an hour each way.

The Vaad Mocks the residents with the same propaganda that keeps them in power for the last 30 years. Ignoring the real issues and inventing new ones to deflect from any responsibility. Insulting our intelligence with lies spins and unkept promises year after year only to see the opposite happen with taxes rising and homes un-affordable for Lakewood kollel youngeleit and young couples. An infrastructure that cant keep up with he growth, people cant get a simple doctors appointment  or their kids into a school.
 The incumbents promised no more density and  pretended  they were against it only to set up a master plan committee with their buddies to push it against the will of the tax payers. They high-lite their accomplishments with the hundreds of shuls and mosdos HaTorah that exist and flourish in Lakewood, that does not give them a free license to continue staying in power and only serve the masters who control them while the tax payers needs are ignored yet they keep on footing the bill.

APP: Here's what you need to know about the Lakewood committee candidates

APP - Profiles the candidates running for Lakewood township committee, and for the BOE  read full article by Stacey Barchenger at

Five men are vying for two three-year terms on the committee: incumbents Meir Lichtenstein, a Democrat, and Menashe Miller, a Republican; and newcomers Jimmy Esposito, a Democrat; Aaron Hirsch, an independent; and Bruce Stern, a Republican.

"Tuesday's election could renew Lakewood's longtime leadership or bring in a fresh slate of committeemen to consider key issues of development and growth — and school aid — for the next three years. Also in the forefront of the committee agenda for the coming years is following through with elements of the master plan, a document that charts growth and zoning and that was approved last year but that still has not been fully rolled out."

Election Update: Garden State parents for Moral values

Hakoras Hatov for Trump

Don't vote against Trump by voting Menendez. Lakewood voted 90% for Trump

Trump moved the Embassy to Jerusalem and got lots of slack for it. This removed Palestinians prerequisite for peace of recognizing Jerusalem as Palestinians. Trump Frees Rubashkin, something others didn't consider. Trump and Republicans put into law the Taylor Force Act, that blocks US money to Palestinians that funds terror. How much Jewish blood saved from that act alone? Many countries in the middle east that have never had any relationship with Israel that now do. A great alliance against Iran has been formed under Trump in the middle east. Hillary and Obama, lit the middle east on fire and destroyed that part of the world. We need to show support for Trump so he can continue the good, and to show hakaros hatov for the amazing things he has done for us. Don't vote against Trump, by voting Menandez. Lakewood will really decide whether Menendez will win and get reelected to the Senate from NJ.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Oif Simchas Lakewood November 4, 2018

-Chasuna: Rubin - Sandler at Ne'emas Hachaim hall
-Chasuna: Konovitch - Shwartz at  Lake Terrace hall
-Chasuna: Roseman- Bursztyn  at Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga
-Chasuna: Zimberg -  Klipper at Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder

-Vort: Hachosson Nachum Greenspan to Hakallah Sara Gottlieb Bas R' Nechemia at 24  13th street Lakewood 7:00 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Shlomo Kleiner to Hakallah Chani Jacobovitch  at 1382 lanes Mills Road Lakewood  6:00 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Yehuda Leib Miller to Hakallah Yehudis Zeesel Rosenberg Bas R' Shimshon at Khal Bnei Torah 304 Monmouth Avenue  Lakewood 7:30 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Yitzchok Hertzberg to Hakallah Devora Waldman Bas Rav Avrohom Z"L at R' Forcheimer's shul 418 5th street Lakewood 8:30 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Shloimy Trager to Hakallah Chayala Kass Bas R’ Naftali  at Kahal Chasidim 1401 14th street Lakewood, NJ 7:30 pm

Mincha/Maariv together Minyanim in Lakewood 5779

With the clock change and cold weather coming here is a list of shuls that daven Mincha followed by Maariv. Mincha usually starts 10- 15 minutes before shkiah followed by Maariv.
Please list new or update info.

-The Old shul  4th and Park  Mincha 9 minutes before shkia followed by Maariv
-Bais Shabsi 27 Pawnee
-Anshei Sfard 13th and Madison has Maariv after mincha all year round in the Ezras Noshim
-Chestnut shul 105 Chestnut Street Corner of Tiffany Lane & Chestnut Street
-Lutzk B"M 520 New Egypt rd. Outside Westgate.
-Hampshire heights 7 Hunter drive Behind Quick Check
-Cong. Sons of Israel  590 Madison Avenue  corner 6th and Madison.
-Beis medrash of new central 1845 new central
-Eastern union 481 oak Glen Howell, NJ  mincha 15 min before shekiah followed by maariv
-Khal Lev Avraham 124 Gudz road
-Khal Yaakov Akiva- Raintree 1371 Alvarado Avenue  (only on Sundays)
-Khal Zichron Yaakov (R' Gissinger) 175 Sunset Rd.  mincha 15 minutes before shkiah.
-Lubavitch of Lakewood 1309 Central Avenue

Lakewood News Sunday, November 4, 2018

-Huge lines and long wait times for appointments, doctors offices as people look to get vaccinated because of the measles outbreak.
-Hachnosas Sefer Torah Kesivas Haoisiyos 12:00 pm at 118 Columbus Avenue South Lakewood, NJ
Procession leaving from the corner Clifton Avenue and Courtny at 2:00 pm to B"M Chelek Levi Sarnash at 1621 Clifton followed by Sseudah in Bais Onya buiding 1210 Clifton avenue.
-Extreme runner family fun event with Minyan Shelanu at Laurita Winery 85 Archertown Rd.
New Egypt, NJ all day.
-RCCS bus Tour at Gourmet Glatt 3:30 - 5:30 pm Baloons , Magic, Uncle Moishy, Music.
-Picnic: Deal of the day, Bread $1.99

Abuse of The Bloc Vote

A Bloc vote is essential and important for a community and  through the power of the Lakewood tzibbur voting block, the community can expect politicians to cater to its needs. There is nothing worse for a constituency or to a kehilla when they are told to vote as a block but the politicians are beholden to a select few and the rewards and services get used and abused by those yechidim for personal gain.

Its election time and local  Lakewood papers, have articles about the civic duty to vote but more so,it stressed the importance of having a unified bloc vote for the unique needs of the community which is beneficial to all. They tell us to vote under the cloak of "Achdus" and koach hatzibbur, but that is only if the needs of the community are taken care of by true representatives that were appointed by the kehilla to advocate for them and speak on their behalf.  More so, the personal decisions made by the vaad on who to endorse can have severe  ramifications.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Motzei Shabbos Parshas Chayei Sarah Lakewood 5779

-Fresh bagels at Picnic supermarket Squankum rd open till 1am
-Pirchei of Lakewood Melava Malka at Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga 8:50 pm
-Arachim lecture event at  Lakewood courtyard 9:30 pm
-Parlor meeting Ohel Pessel Shidduch organization R' Gissinger shul 175 Sunset 9:30 pm
-Tonight Change clock back 1 hour
-Verazzano bridge closed  both ways Tomorrow from 7am- 3pm for NYC Marathon

Friday, November 2, 2018

Lakewood zmanim ערב שבת פרשת חיי שרה שבת מברכים חודש כסלו

                                          אִם אֵין בָּנוּ מַעֲשִׂים זָכְרָה יְשֵׁנֵי חֶבְרון. וְהֵם יַעֲלוּ לְזִכָּרון

Friday, November 2, 2018 / כ״ד חשון תשע״ט Lakewood, NJ
-Candle lighting 5:35 pm
-Shkiah/Sunset 5:53 pm

-Rosh Chodesh Kislev is Thursday and Friday
-Molad for Kislev is  Thursday morning, 45 minutes and 12 chalakim after 9:00 am.

-Weather shabbos day: Decreasing cloudiness and becoming windy. High 58F. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph. chance of rain 20%
                                                                          מֵ-ה’ יָצָא הַדָּבָר

Lakewood News briefs Friday Nov 2, 2018

Lakewood Rav: Don't comer to shul if your not Vaccinated
-With a few cases of measles in Lakewood A Rav  is taking action instructing his members that anyone who is not vaccinated should not come to shul. The health dept has referred to the measles cases in Lakewood  as a outbreak.

Another two cases of measles confirmed.
 Ocean County Health Department confirm 2 more cases of measles in Lakewood  bringing the total  to five. The four latest cases all stem from exposure to a 27-year-old man who had traveled to Israel and who was confirmed to have the measles late last week.

Fall back This Motzei Shabbos
-November 4, 2018, at 2 a.m. marks the ending of Daylight Saving Time (DST), which means it's time to switch the clocks an hour back.

NYC Marathon Verrazano bridge closures 
-The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge will be closed to all vehicular traffic on Sunday, Nov. 6 between 7 a.m. and approximately 3 p.m. for the New York City Marathon. Motorists traveling to Brooklyn or Staten Island via the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge must use alternate routes. In addition, on Saturday, Nov. 5, the upper level of the bridge will be closed to traffic in both directions beginning at 11 p.m.

Pittsburgh Victim Wore Tefillin every day

Mr. Melvin Wax, was one of 11 victims  killed in the Pittsburgh shooting last shabbos. He has relatives in Lakewood who are saying Kaddish for him. Melvin was 88 years old and he never missed a day of putting on Tefillin. It would be a zechus if anyone can learn Mishnayos for his neshama Moshe Ben Yosef a'h.

Another New NJ Tax Hike Starts Now – And It's A Big One

Patch- And now you're going to have to dig even deeper into your pocket on Thursday if you live in New Jersey. A sales tax imposed on online retail purchases went into effect on Nov. 1. The new law (A-4496) will require certain remote sellers and online marketplace businesses to collect and remit sales tax. New Jersey has a 6.625 percent state sales tax. That means you're going to have to pay more for those eBay purchases that were always a little cheaper than what you would have spent at the mall.
Under the law, a seller must collect taxes if it does not have a physical presence in New Jersey but has revenue from sales in the state during the calendar year, or prior year, in excess of $100,000, according to lawmakers.

Pirchei Meava Malka This Motzei Shabbos charging $15 Per kid!!

Pirchei Agudas Yisroel of Lakewood Melava Malka 4th - 8th grade boys at Ateres Chana hall Bis Faiga doors open 8:30 admission $15 per person. Members $13

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Photo: Lakewood Elections 2018

 Bob Hugin Republican Senate Candidate with Lakewood  Township committee Candidate Aaron Hirsch

Oif Simchas Lakewood November 1, 2018

Chasuna: Rosenberg- at Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga
Chasuna: Weinberg - May  at Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
Chasuna: Beityaakov - Godsi  at Ne'emas Hachaim Hall

-Vort: Hachosson Rephoel Gruman to Hakallah bas R'  Mordechai Shmuel Gorelick at Ateres Yeshaya hall 908 E. County Line Rd 7:30 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Yosef Weinstock to Hakallah Sarala Ralbag at Bais Nosson Tzvi 1445 14th street Lakewood  7:30 pm

Off Shabbos Welcome home yeshiva Bochurim

Tonight: Lakewood Township Committee Meeting

Lakewood township committee meeting November 1, 2018 town hall 7:30 pm
Watch Live stream HERE
 Agenda HERE

Block 175 Lot 45 (Vacant Land No Assigned Address In The Area Of East Kennedy Blvd.)

OCHD: More Measles Cases in Lakewood, situation now a "Outbreak"

Anyone who visited the following locations may have been exposed to measles:
NPGS, 231 Main St, Lakewood, NJ 08701
October 25 between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m.
October 29 between 2:15 p.m. and 4:45 p.m.
Pizza Plus, 241 4th St, Lakewood, NJ 08701 on October 28 between 12:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Measles Exposures Associated with 2 Additional Cases in Ocean County
The New Jersey Department of Health is warning residents about two additional confirmed cases of measles — a highly contagious disease — who could have exposed others to the infection while in Ocean County between October 25 and 30. These individuals developed symptoms after being exposed to an individual who acquired measles while traveling internationally. The Department of Health is considering this an outbreak of measles in the community.

Young Israel Refutes post-Pittsburgh Trump criticism

The National Council of Young Israel (NCYI), representing 25,000 member families in 135 branch synagogues throughout the United States, Canada, and Israel, today addressed criticism directed at President Trump in the wake of the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

We are saddened that some, even within our Jewish community, have attacked the president and his policies instead of using this period as one of healing. This is not a time for political attacks. The mass murderer who targeted in Jews in the Pittsburgh attack opposed President Trump and penned vicious things about him. President Trump is clearly not responsible for the deadly shooting, and his response to the attack and his strong words against anti-Semitism are greatly needed and appreciated. Those who have taken to criticizing the president were doing so prior to this horrific mass murder occurred, and it is unseemly that they would use this massacre to denounce the president at this time.

President Trump has been the best friend Israel has ever had in the White House. President Trump has stood up and defended Israel more strongly than any president before him. He visited Israel on his first foreign trip and became the first president to visit and pray at the Western Wall while in office. He appointed the most pro-Israel Ambassador to Israel ever appointed, Ambassador David Friedman, a Young Israel member 
 Read full statement below

Cafotteria at The Avenue Shoppes

                                           New Hampshire off Cedarbridge Lakewood, NJ

OCHD: If you may have Measles Do NOT show up at a health care provider without prior arrangements

 It is urged that any person who suspects that he or she is infected with measles NOT show up at a health care provider without having made prior arrangements with that provider.  This will protect the public who may be visiting with that health care provider that day.  Measles has an airborne contagion rate of up to 90% and may linger for up to 2 hours beyond the time in which the infected person is in the area.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Oif Simchas Lakewood October,31 2018

Chasuna: Cohen - Gelfand  at Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga 
Chasuna: Levychaim - Eider  at Ateres Reva hall
Chasuna: Meissner - Greenberger at  Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
Chasuna: Kaminetsky - Oretz at Ne'emas Hachaim Hall

-Vort: Hachosson Chaim Shickman to Hakallah Chana Lenchitz Bas Rav Dovid Z"L at Ateres Yeshaya hall 908 E. County Line Rd Lakewood, NJ 7:30 pm

Bob Hugin Coming to Lakewood for Meet and Greet

Republican Candidate Bob Hugin will visit Lakewood Thursday November 1, 2018 for a meet and greet event at 1880 West County Line Rd Lakewood, NJ 5:30 pm

Lakewood Vaad Endorses Menendez, over Hugin, says Both Equally Abysmal Positions on social Issues

The Lakewood Vaad is endorsing Bob Menendez in the NJ senate race over Bob Hugin. The endorsement comes in part to his unwavering support for klal Yisroel and that he voted against the Obama Iran deal.  Many in Lakewood voted for Trump and are wary of Menendez policies, social agenda and the possibility of his support to impeach the president as well as his vote against Justice Kavanaugh. The Vaad, in an effort to explain their choice wrote the following statement:

 Note Regrettably, Menendez and Hugin have equally abysmal positions on social issues, publicly supporting Toeiva and women’s choice. Mr. Menendez’s legal encounters also give us pause. Yet at the end of the day it is clear that Mr. Menendez has earned our gratitude and vote.

Lakewood Election Notice

Lakewood Vaad election endorsements-

When Real Estate went Up in Lakewood

A old Yiddish Newspaper in the early 1900's offering readers the opportunity to own a parcel of land in Lakewood for the cheap price of $47.50 with purchase of a subscription. It warns, that real estate prices are going up. The newspaper was called the Yiddish Tagblatt.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Oif Simchas Lakewood October 30, 2018

Chasuna: Shapiro - Hamburger  at Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga
Chasuna; Gabioff - Arnstein at  Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
Chasuna: Shechet - Saltz  at Ateres Reva hall
Chasuna: Glatzer - Wolf  at Lake Terrace Hall

-Vort:  Hachosson Ari Weinberg to Hakallah Bas Rav Refoel Moshe Gettinger  at Bnos Devorah hall 360 Oak street Lakewood NJ 8:00 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Yehuda Berkowitz to Hakallah bas R' Yitzy Weitman at Ateres Yeshaya hall 7:30-10:30pm

Video: Trump Arrives in Pittsburgh with Jewish Delegation

(Reuters)U.S. President Donald Trump arrived in Pittsburgh on Tuesday to show support as thousands of mourners attended the first funerals for victims of a mass shooting at the city’s Tree of Life congregation on the Jewish Sabbath. The Republican president said he would visit hospitalized police officers and other people wounded in the attack.

Trick or Treating in Toms River

Tonight: Hespedim for Rav Yitzchok Paler zt'l at Chesterfield Commons

There will be Hespedim tonight for Harav Yitzchok Paler ZT"L Rosh Yeshiva Mekor Chaim, at the Chestefield commons shul in Lakewood. Maariv is at 8:30 pm followed by Hespedim at 8:45 pm Maspidim, His Brother Rav Simcha bunim and Rav Zecharia shlita sons in law Rav Yisrael Meir Krupenia and Rav Avrohom Nussbaum. The Ezras nashim will be open.

Where is the outcry? 15 Neshamos without a School

The clock is changing this week, its winter, this shabbos is mevorchim chodesh Kislev but 15 girls in Lakewood are still out of school sitting home. This week the world cried for 11 neshamos in Pittsburgh, in Lakewood askanim and The Vaad called on the Lakewood community for tefillos to be recited in the wake of the tragedy.

Why are we silent for these 15 neshamos at home in Lakewood who are sitting home crying 2 months into the school year waiting to sit at a desk in a classroom. at least a call for tefillah? Does anyone care? Do we even shed a tear?

Monday, October 29, 2018

Store front shot up at Lakewood- Howell Border -  Gun shots on Oct. 27th shattered the store front of Elisheva, the largest women’s wig store catering to orthodox Jewish women, cancer patients, and people of all religions who need a wig. Located in Howell, Elisheva also serves the entire Jewish community from Lakewood, New Jersey to Jewish people that travel from New York.

“The more hatred you show, the stronger we grow,” Herb Celler of Lakewood, New Jersey said after his business store front had gun shots blasted through the glass.

“People come from all over including New York to experience getting their sheitel, also known as head covering for Jewish women,” Attorney Daryl Kipnis, owner of Kipnis Law Offices said. “This antisemitic act targeted our Jewish community and one of the most prominent, well known businesses that serves Jewish women as well as cancer patients and people who need a wig. They’re the best in the business.”

Oif Simchas Lakewood October 29, 2018

Chasuna: Bodek - Daum at Ne'emas Hachaim hall
Chasuna: King - Nadoff at Ateres Chana hall Bais faiga
Chasuna: Liebiker - Adler at Lake Terrace Hall

-Vort: Hachosson Yisrael Meir Friedman to Hakallah Bracha Mozes bas R' Menachem at Khal Bnei Torah 304 Monmouth Avenue lakewood, NJ 6:30 pm

-Vort: Hachosson Ashie Fuchs to Hakallah Numi Lubet bas R' Mordechai
 at  Bais Nosson Tzvi 1445 14th street Lakewood, NJ 

Don't be Distracted there are Municipal Elections coming up

 Next week is local municipal elections in Lakewood, the incumbents are asking to keep their seats for another 3 year term.
 The usual election campaigns that Lakewood was used to, is pretty quiet. The media and politicians are busy with  guns anti semitisim  and security.  They don't want you to focus on the issues that are going on and affecting Lakewood citizens that happened under their watch.

 Property taxes in Lakewood are going up over $1000 in some places. They don't want you to talk about the traffic, the wasted hours people spend on Lakewood roads every day. They don't want you to focus on why neighboring towns are all scared of Lakewood style development.  They don't want you to focus on kids not in school. they don't want you to focus on zoning and planning that was pushed against the will of the majority of Lakewood. They don't want you to focus that Lakewood is not affordable anymore to buy a home.
When you have no record to run on its easier to spin and deflect and talk about guns in shul and schools hoping people will be afraid and think..

Authorities Investigate Doll in Lakewood with Knife Through it

Authorities investigating a doll with a knife though its head into a tree in  Lakewood NJ. The Doll was wearing clothing similar to school uniform worn by local children. NJ1015 reports,The wooded area off on Swarthmore Avenue where the rag doll was found is near the Toras Menachem elementary boys school. Lakewood police chief Greg Myer spoke to school administrators after it was removed. No children saw the doll, according to the chief.
"Although the act is certainly disturbing in nature, there isn’t any evidence on scene to suggest that this was intended to terrorize or send a message of hate to any particular person or group," Staffordsmith said, adding that the case remained under investigation.
Photo credit @Breaking 911

Pittsburgh Jewish Community copes with Tragedy

Hamodia- NEW YORK -
A day after a horrific shooting murdered 11 Jews at the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh, the city’s Jewish community was still reeling from the gravity of the tragedy, thought to be America’s largest attack against Jews. Rabbi Sam Weinberg, principal and educational director of the Hillel Academy of Pittsburgh told Hamodia that the close-knit nature of the city’s Jewish community has made the events even more painful.

“I don’t think that I’ve adequately processed it yet,” he said. “We’re a small community where everyone knows everyone, so we are all affected…but we Jews are a resilient people and we will be bigger than this.” As the attack occurred Shabbos morning, many learned during davening that a shooting was in progress in the area. Congregation Poale Tzedek, a shul near the scene, was temporarily placed under a police lockdown while police neutralized the shooter at Tree of Life Congregation.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Oif Simchas Lakewood October 28, 2018

Chasuna: Falik - Birnbaum at Lake Terrace hall
Chasuna: Orbach -Teitelbaum  at Ateres Reva
Chasuna: Zafrani - Choueka at Ne'emas Hachaim hall

-Vort: Hachosson Mutty Ebstein to Hakallah Frumy Feldberger at B"M willow court 1445 Willow Court, Lakewood  7:30 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Eli Aryeh to Hakallah Tzippy Dunst  at 978 River Avenue, Lakewood at 5:30 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Shai Heller to Hakallah Saralee Engel  at 40 Steven Lane, Lakewood 5:00pm 8:00pm
-Vort: Hachosson Reuven Goldberg to Hakallah  Elisheva Grossman at 97  east 9th st, Lakewood, NJ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Nesanel Elefant to Hakallah Chana Trainer (LA) at 7 Flannery drive Lakewood 8:30 pm

Rantree Kumzitz to bennefit Yeshiva of Cartarett ,  Sunday Oct 28th, at 1532 Laguna Lane.Lakewood 8:00 pm

APP: Letter from Rabbi Kotler- Pittsburgh mass shooting threatens America itself

Letter from Lakewood Rabbi Kotler CEO of BMG printed in the Asbury Park Press

App- This Sabbath, America, that flickering beacon of freedom for a troubled world, witnessed a new twist in an ancient prejudice. Murder in a house of prayer, committed in any country, speaks of bottomless depravity.  In the United States it is far more chilling. When churches in Charleston are turned to charnel, it’s time for a profound reexamination. After the horrific killing three years ago of nine peaceful African-American worshippers, on a quiet summer evening, sandwiched of all things between Flag day and Father’s day, no such national reflection took place.

Charleston was followed two years later by the mayhem of Charlottesville. Then too no such self reflection began.

Now, white and blue prayer shawls in Pittsburgh are stained red with blood, - forming, most ironically, the colors of the American flag. Eleven innocent Americans of the Jewish faith, praying in peace in Pittsburgh’s idyllic Squirrel Hill neighborhood are dead, victims of an Americanized new version of the most ancient hatred — anti-Semitism.

Will we let America’s beacon, now nearly 250 years old, be extinguished?  For surely we realize, it’s


”מרחשוון”  “מר” – כמשמעו הוא רע ומר, שהרי לא זכה חודש מרחשוון לחגים משלו, והוא שומם ומשמים באין שמחה
גם רבו בו הצרות והפורענויות שבאו לעולם

Mabul started on 17 Cheshvan
Kristalnacht was 16 Cheshvan 1939
Massacre at Chabad house in Mumbai was 28 Cheshvan  5769/ 2008
Massacre at shul in Har Nof was on 25 Cheshvan  5775/ 2014
Massacre at Pittsburgh Synagogue was on 18 Cheshvan 5779/ 2018
הבית השלישי ייבנה דווקא בחודש מרחשוון, כשם שנחנך בו הבית הראשון, ואז תיעלמנה האותיות “מר” משמו, והוא ייקרא בישראל “חשוון”.


Saturday, October 27, 2018

CDC: Measles confirmed in Ocean County

LAKEWOOD — A case of measles has been confirmed in Ocean County.
A man who went to the Center for Health, Education, Medicine and Dentistry (CHEMED) medical facility in Lakewood with a rash on his back was confirmed by a CDC lab test on Friday to have had measles, state health officials said Friday. The man had returned from a trip to Israel where cases have increased.
The DOH warned that anyone who was at the following locations may have been exposed and should contact a doctor or health provider.

Schul Satmar, 405 Forest Avenue, Lakewood — Saturday, Oct. 13 - Monday, Oct. 21.

Eat a Pita, 116 Clifton Ave., Lakewood — Monday, Oct. 15

CHEMED Health Center, 1771 Madison Ave., Lakewood — Wednesday, Oct. 17 (3 p.m. - 6 p.m.) and Oct. 18 (10:45 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.)
Health officials said people who were exposed could develop symptoms as late as Nov. 11.

Police in Lakewood, Toms River step up patrols following Horrific shooting at Pittsburgh synogogue

Police in Lakewood and Toms River have increased patrols near synagogues public places  following a shooting that took place at a Pittsburgh temple that left at least 11 dead.
Names of the Kedoshim  HY"D
Joyce Feinberg, 75
Rich Gotfried, 65
Rose Malinger, 97
Jerry Rabinowitz, 66
Cecil Rosenthal, 59
David Rosenthal, 54 (brothers)
Bernice Simon, 84
Sylvan Simon, 86 (a married couple)
Daniel Stein, 71
Melvin Wax, 88
Irving Youngner, 69

APP reports Lakewood police Capt. Gregory Staffordsmith said that patrol officers assigned to areas in which synagogues are located have been instructed to "conduct extra checks in response to today's shooting in Pennsylvania. "In addition, officers assigned to our special response team have been deployed and will be visible and available if needed," Staffordsmith wrote in an email.

The shooting happened shabbos morning at the conservative Etz Hachaim synagogue in Pittsburgh. 11 People were killed R"L. The shooter said all Jews must die as he entered the shul and began shooting. President Trump  described the shooting in Pittsburgh as “pure evil” and an “anti-Semitic act.” “That is something you wouldn’t believe could still be going on.”

Friday, October 26, 2018

Democrats and Republicans accuse each other of Having Ties to Lakewood

No one wants to be associated with Lakewood  its a sad reality of what the perception about it, is.
elections in nearby towns to Lakewood are running  with anti Lakewood development campaigns blaming opponents for their ties to Lakewood style development. In  Jackson has both democrats and republicans accusing each other of having connections to powerful Lakewood power brokers and developers. Same story in Howell with democrats blaming republicans for approved Lakewood style development.

Sadly, Lakewood has now become synonymous as a town with overbuilding traffic and congestion and is used by political parties to tarnish one another. Politicians are trying to distance themselves or be associated with Lakewood. It is now used to scare off voters living in nearby towns for fear that the same  will  be coming their way. In Jackson, republicans accuse the democrats to be under the control of powerful Lakewood Democrat operatives, and ties to the Vaad.  While Democrats accuse republicans of ties to powerful Lakewood developers.  Election mailers and flyers, instead of focusing on local issues, are turning attention with negative messages about Lakewood. 

Lakewood Zmanim ערב שבת פרשת וירא

Friday, October 26, 2018 / י״ז חשון תשע״ט Lakewood, NJ

Candle lighting: 5:43 pm
shkia/sunset:  6:01 pm

Prepare a Blech in case of power outage 

Weather:.HIGH WIND WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 3 am Friday night to 11 AM Shabbos morning Rain and a few thunderstorms. Windy, especially in the morning. High 59F.  Rainfall possibly over one inch. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph.

מנהגו בקודש של רביה"ק ר' ישעי'לע מקרעסטוער זיע"א לטבול פרוסת המוציא בדבש בש"ק פרשת וירא שקוראים קריאת התורה של ימי ראש השנה.

14 Yidden in IDF Jail This Shabbos

A town of Hachnosas Orchim

Repost: Parshas Vayera- The Capitol hotel was the place were many meshulachim and guests would stay while spending time in Lakewood, it has now gone. There are many private homes who offer guests to stay in for extended periods of time free of charge. B'H we have large homes with basements and attics to accommodate guests who stay in town. Its not only sleeping arrangements, but for food and meals, the Tomchei Tzedaka arranges nightly suppers and vouchers at local eateries. With both the Capitol and the former Solomon's suites closed, guest space is a bit harder to come by. However, local tzadikim and

Lakewood Elections: Independent Candidate

Harav Chaim Boruch Wolpin, Zt”l, Stoliner Rosh Yeshivah

The levayah will take place at 11 o’clock Friday morning at Yeshivah Karlin Stolin, 5401-18th Ave. The aron will be flown to Eretz Yisrael on Motzoei Shabbos for kevurah. by Yochonon Donn (BROOKLYN) - The hand trembles and the heart weeps as I write about the beloved Rosh Yeshivah, a vibrant and powerful presence in the lives of those who knew him, in the past tense.
Harav Chaim Boruch Wolpin, zt”l, who was niftar Thursday afternoon at the age of 88, after a lifetime of Torah and avodas Hashem, was a paradigm of hasmadah and warmth for hundreds of talmidim during his four decades at the helm of Yeshivah Karlin Stolin in Boro Park. Within five seconds of the last amen ending Minchah, his hat was off and his eyes were already scanning his well-worn Gemara.

“My father was a role model of growing up in America, growing up in Seattle, growing up in a situation where everybody in his generation chose different paths,” a son told Hamodia. “People told my grandparents, ‘you’re destroying him, he should go to college, have a career.’ Learning in kollel was considered a very horrible thing to do, not to have a career. He was from the first.”

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Oif Simchas Lakewood October 25, 2018

Chasuna: Berger - Bak at Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
Chasuna: Wolfson - Adler at Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga
Chasuna: Kwadrat at Ne'emas Hachaim hall

-Vort:  Hachosson Avrohom Pfeifer to Hakallah Bas R' Mordechai  Wolper at Orchos Chaim hall 410 Oberlin  7:30  pm
-Vort: Hachosson Aryeh Redisch to Hakallah Bas R' Yaakov Nekritz at Bais Nosson Tzvi 1445 14th St  Lakewood  8:00 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Shimmy Zaks to Hakallah  Leahle Bergman Bas R'  Boruch at Ateres Yeshaya hall 908 E. County Line Lakewood, NJ 7:30 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Tulli Samuels to Hakallah Daskal at Khal Bnei Torah Hall 304 Monmouth Ave.-Lakewood

Carlebach 24th  Yartzeit  Kumzitz:
-At 15 Cranberry Court Jackson 10:00 pm guitars welcome.
-Berditchev Kloiz Lakewood

Shiva Info

Shiva for Harav Yitzchok Paler z"l is at 20 Charming Way  Lakewood (Near Chesterfield)
Shachris 7:40 Mincha 1:35 Maariv 7:15
family getting up Sunday morning Rav Simcha Bunim and Rav Shmuel will get up Tuesday morning.

-Shiva for Mrs. Kitty Pollack z'l at 122 6th St between Monmouth Ave & Lexington Ave in Lakewood  Shachris 7:30 am Maariv 7:30 pm getting up tomorrow afternoon Erev Shabbos Vayera.

Update on Suspected Measles Case

CHEMED has identified a case of suspected measles in Ocean County New Jersey. An individual who had recently traveled outside the US was seen at CHEMED for symptoms consistent with upper respiratory syndrome associated with a rash. Preliminary testing identified an acute measles infection. However, these results are currently being confirmed by the CDC. The patient is no longer contagious and CHEMED is working closely with the Ocean County Department of Health to identify any possible exposures from this patient and to advise them whether they need to follow up with their primary care providers if they are not adequately vaccinated. Measles also known as rubeola is a viral infectious disease which usually starts with fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes and sore throat.

Noreaster storm Likely over Shabbos with 60 MPH Winds Power Outages expected

Patch- This could be the roughest weekend New Jersey has had in a while now that a noreaster is expected to bring 40- to 60-mph winds to the state – and even a little bit of snow. Power outages, downed wires, flooding and treacherous roads are the potential impacts caused by the storm.

The National Weather Service has issued a hazardous weather outlook for New Jersey, saying a coastal storm will affect the region Friday night through Saturday. There is the potential for strong, gusty winds, and the rain could be heavy enough to result in localized flooding. Officials from Jersey Central Power & Light say they are preparing for possible wind gusts as high as 50 mph this weekend in their service area.

Official General Election Ballot for Lakewood this November 6th

Local elections for the township committee,  school board, congress, freeholder and US senate.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Oif Simchas Lakewood October 24, 2018

 Chasuna: Solny - Rotbart at  Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
 Chasuna: Fenster - Bursztyn  at Ateres Reva hall 
 Chasuna: Klahr - Gartenhouse at Ne'emas Hachaim hall
 Chasuna: Herzog - Brachfeld at Lake Terrace 

- Vort: Hachoson Aaron Melamed to Hakallah Freundluch at Ohr Gedaliya on Manor drive corner chestnut at 8:00 pm
- Vort: Hachosson Aaron David Seigel to Hakallah Meth at  Ohr Meir simcha hall   30 5th street  (Monmouth & Princeton)  Lakewood  at 7:30 pm

Watch Live stream BOE meeting HERE

Verizon Responds to Lakewood Petition: Not upgrading will turn phones into walkie-talkies

A Verizon spokesperson said in response to a  petition by a Lakewood resident asking verizon to keep the 3G towers in Lakewood to accommodate those who  abstain from using smartphones  and still use the 3G services on their flip phones.

"We are actively working with our customers to help ensure any transition needs are addressed as early as possible. The best experience for customers is on a 4G device".Verizon said in a statement.  NJ101.5 reports:

Verizon spokesman David Weissman said the networks that a phone can operate on is dependent on the cellular radios that are put in the phone when it is manufactured. If a phone is described as 3G, it likely doesn't also include a 4G radio. 4G is 10 times faster than 3G and that allows smartphones to run faster with more streaming capacity. When 4G was introduced to consumers, it maintained backward compatibility to 3G. But a 5G network won't have that same compatibility.

Weissman said that not upgrading the network would essentially turn their phones into walkie-talkies that couldn't be used outside of Lakewood as 3G networks are phased out.

See petition below

Two Day sale at Prime Ninety Five

Two days Steak special! Today and tomorrow only (Wed 10/24- Thu 10/25) 12 oz boneless rib Steak for $25 only ( dine-in only) Call now for reservations: 732-276-7202

Officials Investigating Possible Measles case in Lakewood

Lakewood pediatrician DR. Shanik said a case of measles was reported today in Lakewood and that people should make sure their children are up to date with their vaccines.

Reports of a patient who broke out with a rash on his body after returning from a trip overseas. Ocean county health officials are currently investigating for a possible case of measles.

Posted on their website: “CHEMED would like to make the community aware of a suspected case of measles in Ocean County and confirmed cases of pertussis and varicella. Symptoms of measles include fever, coughing and a rash that usually starts on the face. There is a very real danger for those who are not immunized such as infants and those who are immuno-compromised who may come in contact with an infected person. A non-immunized pregnant women could result in exposure to the fetus.

Photo: Harav Baruch Mordechai Ezrachi in Lakewood

BOE meeting Today Lakewood School District

 Watch Live 7:30 pm HERE
Lakewood Board Of Education public meeting tonight Wednesday October 24, 2018 at 6:30 pm  855 Somerset Avenue Lakewood, NJ  See full Agenda HERE
items on the agenda:

- New Jersey State Health Benefit Plan for August, 2018 in the amount of $1,616,773.97
- Site survey for Bus maintenance facility at Lakewood middle school

- All Bus Drivers will be paid for six  hours per day subject to final review at the end of August.
- Bus Aides will not receive overtime or additional time without the written consent

Lakewood School District spends $30,441 per student

In a list of the top 50 NJ school districts that spend the most per student, Lakewood is at number 20 paying  $30,441 per student. The school district has close to 6000 students enrolled. Nearby Asbury Park is at number 3 paying  $36,957 per pupil. The list was compiled by NJ advanced media.

The average New Jersey school district spent $20,849 per student during the 2016-17 school year, about a $500 increase from the year before, according to new data released by the state.
Statewide, per-pupil spending ranged from about $10,000 at one charter school to about $60,000 at a tiny district along the Jersey Shore.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Oif Simchas Lakewood October 23, 2018

Chasuna: Fuereisen - Sternman  at Ateres Reva
Chasuna: Pollack - Pinter at Neemas Hachaim
Chasuna:  Epstein- Levi  at Ateres Chana hall Bais faiga
Chasuna:  Fisher - Halberstadt  at Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder

Reb Elchonon .Y. Hertzman zt"l said: Every single person dies, yet nobody thinks it will ever happen to him. Only one person wins the lottery, yet everybody thinks it will happen to him.

Lakewood Road Closures

-Sunset Road closed between Central & James 10am-10pm daily for 1 - 2 months starting today Open to residential traffic only. the closure is on sunset between Powderhorn and Liberty.

-Route 88 in both directions between Rte. 9 and Clifton Avenue (Lakewood) All lanes closed and detoured due to vehicle crash and damage to roadway. Use alternate routes, use caution. Expect delays.

Why The media reports on Lakewood

 Judy Franco  from NJ101.5 responds to the media and radio station coverage of stories pertaining to Lakewood. Why the media loves to jump on stories about Lakewood, specifically in response to the amnesty program.

From her opinion piece -I received these letters (along with many similar ones from Jewish listeners in and out of the Lakewood community) after our station’s news and opinion shows covered the story.

“The press rarely reports about our low crime rate, our strong families, our beautiful communities, our Chesed, [kindness] our tzedaka [charity] how we pay hundreds of millions in taxes and get near zero back, nor will it portray us as decent people. Instead we are typecast as evil: Case in point: the APP ran the story of Medicaid fraud well over 100 times. A much bigger Medicaid fraud story with fifty two non-Jewish families in Pennsylvania ran exactly two times in any media. A school in Eatontown that was convicted of stealing millions from veterans merited two stories -while the [special needs school] SCHI story ran over 50 times. The APP comments pages are routinely filled with calls to gas the Jews, kill us all, drive us out and deny us our rights.”
And this:

“Why does your station feel the need to highlight these stories on its talk shows when they know it’s only going to invite nasty comments about Jews from your callers saying things they would never say about blacks, Hispanics or Muslims?”
And it IS true. These stories get more press and attention than similar stories involving non-Jews. A simple Google search will verify it.

I’ll be honest: I considered talking about the Medicare fraud amnesty story on the air because I KNOW it’s something people want to talk about. But taking into account the anti-Semitic calls and commentary these stories inevitably elicit, I decided not to. I opted instead to examine why this fascination with Jews doing bad things exists — and an interesting parable came to mind.

Gov. Phil Murphy Visits the Kosel

Credit: @GovMurphy/Twitter

PR: Lakewood Neighbors Hires Experts to "Build a positive shared Blueprint for Lakewood's future"

How will this lower Taxes, alleviate Traffic, make homes affordable and improve quality of life? The master-plan was already approved.
 Lakewood neighbors the organization created by a local PR firm is hiring experts in dispute mediation and community planning, design and construction, from the national Charrette Institute (NCI) of Michigan state University for "working through today's growing pains and building a positive shared blueprint for Lakewood's future." The Press release calls for a formal Charrette process which is a meeting in which all stakeholders in a project attempt to resolve conflicts and map solutions.

 Lakewood neighbors has hired experts in dispute mediation and community planning, design and construction, from the national Charrette Institute (NCI) of Michigan state University and the Consensus Building Institute (CBI) affiliated with Harvard and MIT. In a statement released recently, the organization said the move would assist to define,design, and facilitate a collaborative process for working through today's growing pains and building a positive shared blueprint for Lakewood's future. Over the next six months, community stakeholder interviews will be conducted, leading to a public report in preparation for a formal Charrette process". NCI focuses on Planning, design and construction. It is dedicated to transforming the way people work together by increasing collaboration. It has assisted in many large-scale complex community planning projects. CBI is an internationally recognized not for profit organization providing assessment, facilitation, and mediation services for local, state and federal agencies.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Lakewood Immediate Care Welcomes Amerigroup for NJ Family Care Insurance Plan

Lakewood Immediate Care in Gourmet Glatt
plaza welcomes Amerigroup Insurance as its preferred NJ Family Care health insurance plan. 

Amerigroup representatives were at Lakewood Immediate care 1700 Madison Ave yesterday to assist and provide any information regarding NJ Family Care and Amerigroup’s benefits. For more information call 732-987-6151

Oif Simchas Lakewood October 22, 2018

Chasuna: Zeferen - Silverstein Ne'emas Hachaim hall Bais Tova
Chasuna: Friedman - Goldstein at Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga
Chasuna: Frommer- Sonnenblick at Lake Terrace hall
Chasuna: Meisner - Cohen at Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
Chasuna: Polter - Spira at Ateres Reva hall

-Vort: Hachosson Naftali Gottesman to Hakallah  Abramson at Stolin Simcha hall 152 E 7th street Lakewood, NJ 7:30 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Dovid Folger to Hakallah Bashie Weinberger bas R' Shabsi at Nadvona Simcha hall 415 Monmouth avenue Lakewood, NJ
-Vort: Hachosson  Shloime Franken to Hakallah Sklarz  at Ateres Malka hall 140 Lehigh street Lakewood

-Kabolas Panim Admor M'Nadvorna Yerushalayim at 10 Hilltop court Lakewood 7:30 - 10:00 pm

Harav Shlomo Korach, Zt”l, Chief Rabbi of Bnei Brak

Hagaon Harav Shlomo Korach, zt”l. The oldest Teimani Rav in Eretz Yisrael he learned in Lakewood yeshiva  was a Talmid Muvhak of Hagaon Harav Aharon Kotler, zt”l.
Hamodia- The Teimani community in Eretz Yisrael mourns the petirah of the eldest Teimani Rav, Hagaon Harav Shlomo Korach, zt”l, Chief Rabbi of Bnei Brak.
Harav Korach was 84 at his petirah. He was unwell in recent months and was hospitalized in Yerushalayim’s Shaarei Zedek hospital, where he passed away early Monday.
He was born in Sanaa, Yemen. As a child he learned under the tutelage of Harav Chaim Salah, as well as his grandfather Harav Amram Korach, the last Rav of Yemenite Jewry.