Thursday, December 14, 2017

Lakewod Public Schools Get Failing grade in State report

Lakewood's public school district got a failing grade in most areas on its own report card, according to a recent report.  APP reports The district failed in areas of instruction and program, fiscal management and governance. In two others – operations and personnel – the district excelled.  The Bard held a meeting this week but there was no discussion abut the report. The one hour meeting "mostly included fanfare over a student art contest." writes the APP.
Michael Inzelbuch, the board attorney, said a lack of discussion did not mean apathy on the part of the board. “Discussion is great but action speaks louder than words," he said.

Lakewood's district is unique. According to state statistics, more than 90 percent of its students are minorities, and nearly 60 percent speak Spanish at home.
Funding is allotted per student, which does not account for more than 30,000 private school and yeshiva students for whom the district must provide some services.

The district's finances are overseen by state monitors Mike Azzara and David Shafter, who have broad veto power over the district's financial decisions.
When it comes to fiscal management, the district improved eight percentage points in three years. David Sciarra, director of the Education Law Center, which advocates for public school students, said that was not marked improvement."This raises a serious question about whether these monitors are doing their job," he said.  Read more at

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  1. Of course the monitors aren't doing their jobs, because if they would be, they would be out of jobs because then the district would no longer need them! Catch 22!