Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Biggest Issues in Lakewood

What is the biggest issue in Lakewood? in its coverage of Lakewood township NJ Advanced Media asked this question to the movers and shakers in Lakewood not to The average taxpayer .
  The Vaad, The Township, BOE and others all responded with the same answer: School Funding is the top issue facing Lakewood. They cleverly dodged the real issues locally and went to the blame the state game. Yes its a big issue but that's up to the state and not something we can control. Mayor Coles said regarding over-development " the development should be celebrated as a sign of a new and improved Lakewood"
Other issues mentioned were:
-Affordable housing
-School equality and respect
-Yes, Traffic
-State education funding
-Private schools and rapid development

From the article
Here are the biggest issues.
Top issue: School funding
"For Rabbi Kotler, the most pressing issue facing Lakewood is what he and many other local leaders see as woefully inadequate amount of state funding for the township school district. This places an unfair burden on Lakewood and fuels big budget deficits for the district, he said."

Schools Superintendent Laura Winters: State funding for Lakewood schools.

Mayor Coles: State education funding.  As for the town's rapid development, Coles doesn't see this as an issue. To him, the development should be celebrated as a sign of a new and improved Lakewood.


Meyer said traffic-- heavy traffic-- is the biggest issue the Lakewood police department faces. He said the once-rural town is “playing catch-up” on keeping pace with the extra road congestion resulting from the housing boom, and the additional cars and residents have led to more traffic accidents and pedestrian accidents.


  1. There are many issues but I'll give you the top 3: traffic, traffic, traffic.

    Caused by: overdevelopment, overdevelopment, overdevelopment.

  2. "Morales said Lakewood's Hispanic population lacks the leverage to improve their standing in town, because the threat of deportation constantly looms over those who are not documented."

    So let me get this straight, they're here illegally (cut the PC crap with "undocumented", let's be real, "illegal") and they should have leverage?!

  3. Welcome to Chelm, where pretzel logic prevails.Our leaders are BLINDSIGHTED by their Gung HO ,Pave over all of Lakewood and compleely NUMB to the ever growing frustrations of the dutiful taxpayer.A yeshiva should be a Yeshiva, not a REAL ESTATE EMPIRE. We are not your Serfs, and your Agenda puts us in the Headlines of FAKE news everyday ( Jewish Hatred sells well)