Thursday, August 10, 2017

Part 7: Why is Lakewood spending $32M to send Special Ed kids to private school?

Why do taxpayers pay private school bills? 
How much does special ed tuition cost? 
Why is the number of children classified as special ed growing in Lakewood?
Why has Lakewood ended up in court over questions about special education practices? 
Day 7 NJ.Com: School board records show private school tuition can top $90,000 a year for the most severely disabled students in Lakewood. The school district also picks up the cost of nurses and aides, which can add another $28,000 or more a year for some students.  
Last year, Lakewood spent $31.8 million on tuition for special ed students, among the highest in the state, according to state school spending data. Attorney Michael Inzelbuch walked into court in Atlantic City a few weeks ago with the family of his latest client.

"She was a little girl from an Orthodox Jewish family preparing to begin pre-K in Lakewood's public school system. Her evaluation said she had a long list of challenges – Down syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and physical problems, including a limp. 
Lakewood's experts said the school district could educate her in the district's Early Childhood Center, located in a series of trailers. But Inzelbuch argued the public school couldn't accommodate the girl's disabilities. In the end, the judge agreed. Lakewood taxpayers will foot a higher bill to pay for the girl's private school tuition at one of the specialized schools in town run by members of the Orthodox Jewish community. 
"I got them what they deserved. Nothing more. Nothing less," said Inzelbuch, who has sued the Lakewood district more than 100 times on behalf of special ed students. "They deserve an appropriate education." read more HERE


  1. The line about special ed availability attracting people to Lakewood is correct.
    Some services are better in New York so some people move there from other countries.
    The fact that certain communities do better for special cases is wonderful, but financially it's a disaster as it attracts others that are in need.

    "No good deed goes unpunished."

  2. bankrupted the Lakewood BOE through funneling millions to SCHI.

    never did anything in writing or email, give you 2 guesses why.

    insisted that the BOE retain the administrator if they want him back as board Attorney.
    He's consistent.

  3. Idea:
    Let the Yeshivas enroll all their students into the public school system. The Public school system should then farm out the actual instruction back to the Yeshivas. This would increase the official number of students in the system, therefore getting the funds from the State that Lakewood should get while allowing the students to stay in Yeshiva.

  4. Instruction has to be with boys and girls and only by teachers selected by the public schools ,not frum teachers.

  5. Let the entire community send every child to public school
    Then listen to those complaining whiners beg to bring the spending back to 32m
    The community as a whole costs very little in public money to educate
    Quite whining