Thursday, August 10, 2017

More on the Proposed Property on Rt 9 South

Part two from NJ News and Views (see downloaded  files here)
On November 10, 2016, members of the Lakewood Township Committee acted to expedite a request for public property at minimal cost. Instead of complying with state code that requires municipalities to adopt an ordinance on second reading for the lease of public property to a non-profit organization for a public purpose, members of the Lakewood Township Committee adopted a resolution to approve it. A tree removal service hired by Chemed reportedly cut down most of the trees on Block 1064, Lot 3 without a township-required permit, insurance or soil samples taken of the contaminated property undergoing state-authorized remediation under the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), 
according to the e-mails a reporter for NJ News & Views received under OPRA.
Dr. Dovid Friedman, Chief Executive Officer, signed the agreement for Chemed, with Brezak witnessing. Lakewood Municipal Manager Thomas L. Henshaw signed for the township, with Lakewood Township Clerk Katherine Hutchinson witnessing.

The e-mails also reported that several hours later that same day, Lakewood Township Attorney Steven Secare, in consultation with Chemed Project Manager Shaya Brezak, prepared a license agreement for Chemed officials to sign so that the township lessee would not be held accountable for its' violations of local ordinance. Eight months later, township tenant Chemed (Center for Health Education Medicine & Dentistry), a non-profit corporation providing much-needed low-cost healthcare services to the public, accelerated development of taxpayer-owned property by deforesting it on the morning of July 25, 2017.

No elected representative of the local governing body signed the document because no public action was taken to approve it at a publicly-noticed read more HERE


  1. Dear Township Committee,
    I am the owner of Toys For Thought. We have been providing a full array of therapy toys to specialists in all fields that work with special needs children for over 16 years. We can provide letters of praise from parents, therapists and charity organizations.
    Of course we charge for these toys but we provide them at a discount and very often donate toys to organizations that deal with children in need. We have been looking for a location to provide our services on the south side of town. We think this location would be perfect for our new location. Unfortunately it is not economically feasible to open a second location if we would need to pay a large amount of money for a property. But we are capable of paying double the amount of the organization that you made a backdoor deal with. We can pay TWO dollars all in cash immediately for the property and we are willing to keep our company as a for profit and pay property taxes in the future. We are not just a toy store . We are a healthcare provider as well and we don't charge as much to bring smiles to children and parents.
    Please consider our request.

  2. Lol Best writing ever Herschel!
    Chemed has a positive cash flow of upwards of 10 million dollars per year. Where does it all go? Follow the money trail and see those who benefit and how the system is manipulated.

    Yes, you have a point in all your protests. Yes, it's true that people in power have (surprise) something motivating them called self interest and are not altruistic. Just like you and me. Except that they also try to also go out there and do something which can be positive and have an impact. And yes, we need people like you to stand on the side and carry on and keep them in check. But this is a bit much. Seriously!?! Do you know how much good CHEMED does for people !? Of all the organizations to have in your sights - CHEMED is not someone you should go after.

    1. Chemed was started by Yitzchok Halberstam as a service to help the Lakewood community. His goal was to do something good for Lakewood and make a living. In order to attain his goal he needed help from Aaron Kotler with his many connections. Aaron Kotler insisted that a board of directors be created. Halberstam went along with the suggestion. The board met and it's first action taken was to kick Halberstam out of Chemed. In other words the organization was stolen from him. Any good that may have been done after that is worthless in my book.
      Should I tell you about my friend whose child had cavities filled every time he went to the dentist and then found out they were unnecessary?
      What I wrote was not meant to be an attack on Chemed. It was an attack on corrupt committemen that do what they are told for specific people and hurt the well being of our town. Chemed does not automatically deserve that land for free. That is something that needs to be discussed openly. It is our land. It is not Menashe Miller's to give away. The original Chemed bought their building. It wasn't given to them for free.
      Dr. Shanik does a lot more good and he pays taxes and never got a free piece of land for any offices. So please calm down. Chemed is a for profit organization . If it wasn't, the CEO would never have stolen it from Halberstam.

    2. A lot of organizations do a lot of good and they dont receive free things from the town. Only if you own the shopper or the lakeeood scoop or are connected to the VAAD will you get free things. Donyou see a pattern emerging? Keep me in office so I can get free stuff and I will give you Free stuff.
      This has to stop . And it has tomstop NOW!!
      SO PLEASE.
      There are many people and businesses that are hurting because of these shenanigans.
      And it is only getting worse.
      And yes. I am getting angry.

    3. As I wrote earlier - people like you do serve a purpose of keeping our elected officials honest. But I wonder how effective you are when you carry on like this. Do you think people fail to recognize that our "corrupt" politicians do have a legitimate narrative to their "cronyism" - one which most people who are not bitter, hurt or disgusted believe? My point was that your carrying on about CHEMED puts you further on the fringe by all those (I dare say normal) people.

      You surely understand how power works in a democracy - it flows from the people, and they are the arbiters of what is "corruption" vs what is just legitimate "pandering to the special interest groups" that voted for them. There's nothing wrong with a politician taking care of his base.

      So speaking for myself as a voter - I'm pleased that CHEMED is being helped by my town.
      Oh right, you'd rather it go to charity groups unaffiliated with our community, since there the hated CEO is not involved.

      (At least regarding CHEMED. Regarding traffic and overdevelopment, feel free to scream your head off.)

    4. as speaking on behalf of many people who use this website & many others. as a supporter for Honesty, i would say that many people in this community-of all types from young t0 seniors to workers etc...-would vote for Harold Herskowitz on election day on the ballots for all he does standing up for the people of the towns rights & letting everyone be aware of all the corruption going on in this town & the chillul Hashem the VAAD & committeemen make R"L.

      So i think your wrong in telling HH to be quiet.
      i.e. even in a community gain of CHEMED if it is done through dishonesty & corruption then it is not permitted by Hashem & the torah & there is no success ahead for dishonest org.s or people

      can i report as poor so i can get the cheaper wedding price of the caterer & hall or is that absolutely dishonest, corrupt & pure stealing? to you from what you wrote you seem to say it permitted R"L i pray that hashem save your neshama from gehinnom forever. start doing teshuva ASAP by returning to being a %100 honest person

    5. I usually do not scream my head off. I am the person that has to listen to everyone else screaming . But just to make myself clear. Its not about Chemed. Although I know way too many stories to consider it a true chesed organization, i would never speak up about its legitimacy. The issue is that Menashe Miller secretly gave a piece of land to an organization that pays him for a job that he has publicly stated he doesn't even know what his job is. The other issue is that this property was requested by a local landlord for his building in order to add parking for a struggling market. These types of stories happen daily. And people are being hurt. This happens with properties for Meir lichtensteins employers as well. Our committee and VAAD have turned our town into a joke. They are quickly destroying our homes and businesses. If you find me a nice place to move to, i will gladly be out of you hair .

    6. There are many nice places. Especially now that that you say that Lakewood is being destroyed ,why would you even think,its staying here. Go to Passaic,Monsey,Boro Park ,Flatbush ,Far Rockaway ,Highland Park etc etc.

    7. Wow. You have given me so many nice choices. I need some time to do my research. But you left out miami and los angeles

    8. I wasn't sure if you wanted to fly. If you do there is Miami ,LA ,Chicago .Milwaukee ,Denver ,and many others. Please let us know do we can make a good bye party for you.

    9. Party? I want a parade. And i want a float with aaron, the vaad ,bob, and m and m with a big banner that says good riddance! I had no idea when i started bringing awareness to what was going on that it would take this long. I can tell you i told you so, about everything and nothing changed. So get the float ready. I have one foot out.

  4. "לפיכך נברא אדם יחידי בעולם, ללמד שכל המאבד נפש אחת, מעלים עליו כאילו איבד עולם מלא" סנהדרין פרק ד"

    Is that not enough?

    1. Yup lets not bring that up when the bocher called for an appointment and was told there was no availability..

  5. Lately the Vaad does PR in all websites - including this one - two months ago the Vaad did not comment. No they started talking back