Thursday, August 3, 2017

Lakewood Stores update August 2017

-Hershy's Bakery renovation sale 30% off  entire store this Friday Erev Shabbos  Nachamu. Store will  be closed from Aug 6 and reopen August 17th with a  brand  new store front
-4 Corners new location at Chestnut and rt 9
-Grand opening Clover clothing Boutique 115 Clifton Avenue on August 2
-Garden state Cafe at Todd Plaza closed
-Grand opening The Bistro at Yapchik open 5 pm to 11 pm
-Aisle 9 summer special 12 oz Slurpee for .99 cents  
-Blue Ribbon Fruits  at 681 River ave Lakewood now carries a full variety of The  Knishshop homemade dips of Baltimore.
-Toys For Thought 30% off Playmobil toys sale ends Sunday
-Heimish bake shop temporarily closed


  1. Is the cafe closed for good or just for the rest of the summer?

  2. What's with Heimish bake shop? They were closed last week. Are they open again?

  3. heimish was closed together with the whole 2nd street due to power outage on the block. they should be open again by now

  4. Please note aisle 9 charges additional 25 cents (without telling you) if ur credit card purchase is under $10, so the slurpee is actually $1.25 (before tax...)

    1. Not sure who is more petty, the store for doing it, or the customer who complains about it.