Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lakewood: State stops 1,800 home plan at Eagle Ridge Golf Club

APP reports "State environmental regulators have ruled against issuing permits for an 1,800-home development eyed for Lakewood's Eagle Ridge Golf Club, effectively blocking the project from going forward. The Department of Environmental Protection, in a letter obtained by the Asbury Park Press on Tuesday, told developer GDMS Holdings that the company had failed to adequately demonstrate compliance with state rules primarily concerning stormwater management and threats to endangered wildlife and plant species habitats."
It's not known yet if the developers will file an appeal.

The report also said  “would result in significant traffic impacts in the surrounding area,’’ the DEP said
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  1. How do I find out where a lot# is on Pine Street?

    1. http://www.lakewoodnj.gov/tax_listing.php

  2. Folks,Call DEP ,CAFRA division and tell them to stop the large residential development between Airport Rd. and the Parkway. A former garbage dump in an INDUSTRIAL zone just downwind from the Toxic Co Gen plant. A dangerous site for kids to live in! Leave it Industrial, a valuable RATABLE, as our MAIN Ratable,the Industrial Park is becoming one big TAX free school zone