Friday, August 11, 2017

ותאמר ציון Haftorah Parshas Eikev

Beautiful Song composed by R' Shlomo Yehudah Rechnitz
 ותאמר ציון עזבני ה' וה' שכחני. התשכח אשה עולה מרחם בן בטנה, גם אלה תשכחנה ואנוכי לא אשכחך.

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  1. Let this be a Nechama for us in Golus Hashem is looking out for us.
    The exiled Jewish people express their concern that Hashem has abandoned them. G‑d reassures them that it is not so, comparing His love and mercy for His people to that of a mother for her children, and even greater than that, too.

    Even in Lakewood were many of us feel disenfranchised by a corrupt establishment and dishonest politicians you feel hopeless and pushed around you feel threatened, you feel lost, your frustrated you get upset, you feel abandoned you just want to give up:

    Dont let it get to you we have a reassurance from Hashem the navi Yeshaya tells us with encouraging words, reminding us of what had happened to our ancestors, Avraham and Sarah. Just as they were blessed with a child when they had all but given up hope, so too, Hashem will send us the Mashiach and bring the Geulah.