Monday, August 7, 2017

Day 6: A Rare Glimpse into BMG

Part 6 of the Lakewood series: A rare glimpse into the elite college that changed Lakewood forever 
 Photo Gallery 27 photos inside Yeshiva Bais Medrash Govoha HERE
 "In a scene unlike any traditional college class, the ornate podium at the front of the room is vacant, with no professor in sight. Some students rock back and forth -- and back and forth and back and forth -- in their chairs. Others stand, their heads sticking out among the sea of white shirts. Animated facial expressions and hand gestures are exchanged between students, deep in discussion with one another. And the singing. It cuts through the continuous hum of deliberation and debate. It's all part of the process of studying the Talmud, a school official said. "Kotler, however, insisted growth is not an objective for the yeshiva and wouldn't speculate on whether enrollment will continue to surge. "If size were to be an obstacle to quality, then size gets rejected," Kotler said. "If size has an advantage, if it can be in support of quality, then we want to look at size and say, 'OK, how can we leverage that to become even stronger?'" Read more at


  1. Again we see the same pattern how there is a narrative to show baalei batim sho went to bmg and are now professionals with degrees. This is so far from the truth of what the yeshiva was established for. There are hundreds of capable youngeleit learning in kollel who can speak eloquently to the media. But the powers to be don't respect and are not machshiv the talmidei Hayeshiva who are still in yeshiva. It's a slap in the face and an insult to them for the yeshiva to bring baalei batim or well off youngeleit to project a false image of what the yeshiva is.

  2. Get ready for a machaah

  3. Harold HerskowitzAugust 7, 2017 at 3:48 PM

    The CEO (who was born in Manhattan of course) actually said that this new improved Lakewood was the vision of his Grandfather. I assume he said it with a straight face. He also insists on trying to pass of the Lakeeood rapid growth on the growth of the Yeshiva. This legitimizes an overdevelopment that is simply for profit.
    Is this the best his new PR firm can come up with?

  4. The born in Manhattan line was funny

    1. he was born on the lower east side of manhattan and grew up with his cousin lemel and uncle isidore.

  5. Harold HerskowitzAugust 8, 2017 at 6:33 AM

    The idea that the pursuit of torah knowledge is an "elite" pusuit is exactly the opposite of What Rav Aaron Kotler established in Lakewood. The establishment of BMG was for the pursuit of learning Torah for its own sake. The Yeshiva is now taken over by a person that has changed its direction. Imagine, an article written that proudly states the cost of an exorbitant tuition on par with that of an Ivy League school.

  6. Just wondering why it wasnt mentioned that reb ahron ztl was against an English curriculum and because of this there were no frum high schools allowed in lakewood who had an english curriculum.
    Those who wanted english had to go out of town.

  7. Why are people clicking on these links? Stop stabbing ourselves in thae back! Stop hurting yourself.

  8. Interesting how they chose to show a good few pictures of Yeshevaleit sleeping.
    Aaron has turned Yeshivas BMG into a College and Business, where the Roshei Yeshivos are just paid employees. Won't be surprised if it ends up like YU in a few years.
    Did R' Aharon let the Yeshivaleit go part time to college, like many do now?

  9. Forget about part time college. Hr didnt even let high school in who had english curriculum!