Thursday, August 31, 2017

Oif Simchas Lakewood, NJ August 31, 2017

-Vort: Hachosson Nissie Tillim ben R' Yochenon to Kallah Rochel Leah Segal  Bas R' Alter  Yisrael at  the West Gate Simcha hall 8:00 pm- 10:00 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Dovid Lowenthal to Kallah Levovitz at Willow Court Shul 8:00 pm
-Vort Kallah Bas R'  Y . T Tillim at Ateres Yeshaya hall 7:00 pm

-Chasuna: pollak- Karmel  Neeimas Hachaim hall
-Chasuna: Lowenberg- Elbogen Lake Terrace Hall
-Chaunah  Bichler- Weiss  Fountain Ballroom,  Lakewood Cheder
 725 Vassar Avenue, Lakewood NJ

 Dubi Feiner ben R' Usher (Lakewood) to Devoiry Dachs (Chicago)
 Moshe Jaraslowitz (Lakewood) To kallah Rokwsky (Passaic)

Tonight: Lakewood Township Commitee Meeting

 Lakewood Township Committee  meeting August 31, 2017 7:30 PM
See Agenda

6th Street and Forest Avenue in Lakewood Then and Now

Hotel Arthur Lakewood NJ 1930-1945
Last week America mourned the loss of a entertainer and legendary comedian. Jerry Lewis was born on March 16, 1926, the son of Jewish vaudeville entertainers. His birth name was Joseph Levitch, according to most sources. He grew up in Irvington, NJ but his career started in Lakewood. His first gig was at the hotel Arthur in Lakewood, NJ on sixth street and Forest Avenue. Lakewood and the Catskills were both resorts for hundreds of thousands of Jews who would leave the city for a vacation. Both had hotels and resorts dotting its landscape. After the turn of the century there were more than 100 hotels and 45 rooming houses in Lakewood many were Jewish but not all. The population, which ordinarily hovered around 4,000, could swell by 25,000 on a holiday weekend. Laurel‐in‐the‐Pines a 400‐room Lakewood Hotel, which catered to wealthy Jewish families was built by Nathan Strauss, the department‐store magnate, after he was denied admittance to the other two hotels. Lakewood had a small Orthodox community centered near the old shul on the other side of the tracks it would accommodate vacationers during the winter.
Sullivan County, NY also once boasted 538 hotels and over 50,000 bungalows, it was an illustrious, vacationing era.

The physical buildings are mostly gone by now but more so are the souls of thousands upon thousands of Jews who nebach were lost assimilated to the American culture and melting pot. 

B"H today 6th street and Forest is the heart of Lakewood and is replaced with the biggest makom Torah in America. Thousands of Jews are in Lakewood not for vacaton and entertainment but to live in and be part of a Makom Torah.  klal yisrael is growing  by leaps and bounds with large populations of Torch observant Yidden.
The lull and void of the neshamos lost is

Lakewood Goes to Texas

The guys from South Side Sandwich Shop & Smokehouse in Lakewood will be heading down to Houston joining Dallas Kosher BBQ to cook and prepare Kosher meals for people affected by Hurricane Harvey. 
SSSS Posted this message:
SSSS & S will only be open from 5 pm - till at least 10 pm Sun Sept. 3rd - wed Sept. 6th & Thursday Sept. 7th 5pm to midnight. An opportunity arose for me to go down to HOUSTON to cook with Howard Chaim Goldfeder to help those affected by hurricane Harvey. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Yosef Mutterperl

Donate to Ohr Hatorah HERE to sponsor meals.

Photos: First Day at New Satmar Cheder in Rockwell, Lakewood

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Seasons Kosher Lakewood drop off site for Harvey Relief supplies, Convoy of trucks leaving Monday

Join us in bringing relief to families in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. A convoy of trucks carrying desperately needed supplies will be dispatched to Houston on Monday 9/4 for immediate relief efforts.
Drop off at the following Seasons Locations on
Thursday 8/31 : 9am - 10pm*
Friday 9/1 : 9am - 3pm
Sunday 9/3 : 9am - 10pm*
Only certain items will be accepted at each location. All items need to be new, in box, and clearly labeled. Items that do not meet this criteria will not be accepted. All fresh food items will be accepted, frozen, and transported.

Diapers (Asst. Sizes)
Baby Wipes, Sensitive
Baby & Toddler Clothing (Asst. Sizes)
Toddler Cots
Small Blankets
Baby & Children Socks (Asst. Sizes)
Shoes (6 months to 5 years)
Formula (bottled), Milk, Soy, Hypoallergenic
Bottles & Pacifiers
Baby & Toddler Snacks (Cheerios, Gerber Bites, Squeeze Pouches)
Pack ‘n Play

Oif Simchas Lakewood, August 30th 2017

Vort: Chosson Baruch Gedalia Sanders to Kallah Bas R' Yaakov Birnhack at B"M Kol Chaim 618 Caranetta Dr 6:00-9:00
-Vort  Chosson Doniel Cohen to Kallah Malky Perkinoff at B'M Ohr Tuvia 969 East end Lakewood
-Wedding: Hunger- Oelbaum Neeimas Hachaim hall
-Wedding: Steinberger- Tropper at Ateres Reva hall Lakewood

Video: Lakewood Chaveirim Load Trucks Heading to Houston

Toms River will Not Regulate Eruvs

APP reports  Toms Rivef Township Administrator Paul J. Shives said Toms River doesn't regulate eruvs, and said legal research conducted by the township indicates "there is no legal basis for municipalities to do so."
As more Orthodox Jews have purchased homes in Toms River, eruvs have been erected in several neighborhoods, Shives said.
"I am aware of efforts by Mahwah and other municipalities to regulate eruvs, but we do not feel such regulation is supported by the law at this juncture," Shives said. Read more at APP

Today: Lakewood BOE Meeting will choose candidate to fill vacancy

PUBLIC MEETING – 6:30 P.M. Wednesday, August 30, 2017  855 Somerset Avenue See Agenda
The board will choose and interview candidates to fill a vacancy, two people applied. 
1. Chanina Nakdimen
2. Moshe Tendler
-Honor Township Officials
-Hire more Attorneys- 600k not enough
Move to approve Brustein & Manasevit, PLLC Attorneys at Law for Professional Services pertaining to federal compliance issues at a cost of $315 (three hundred fifteen dollars) per hour plus out of pocket expenses for the 2017-2018 school year 

-Approve to award Parental Contract to the parents of the Lakewood students in

Chemed Provides free Physicals to Athletes

Can all Lakewood children get free health screenings?
This was posted on the Lakewood school district website.
"Thank you Chemed for providing the students of the Lakewood School District with free athletic physicals! The caring and generosity that you have shown to all of Lakewood's children is a tribute to your commitment to the health and well-being of all students!  You have been a tremendous help in getting the district's sports program off to a successful start!"

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Lakewood Chaveirim Search & Rescue Members Among Group Going to Texas to assist with Hurricane Relief

To Donate click HERE Truck leaving From Lakewood to Texas 12 pm from Lake Terrace please drop off donations non perishable foods and clothing.
A group from Lakewood New Jersey will travel to Houston, Texas to help with rescue and relief and bring supplies to hard stricken areas effected by Hurricane Harvey. Additionally a  Truck with food and clothing will be sent along with the group to bring supplies and kosher food to the Jewish community.
A Truck is waiting to leave from Lakewood, to Texas and will arrive at Chabbad of Houston before Shabbos. The truck is currently at
Lake Terrace hall 1690 Oak St. 
Time: Now till 12:00 pm. Please send anything and Everything that can/may help them there. 
(Many have lost everything!) 

Oif Simchas/Events Lakewood August 29, 2017

-Levy- Glieberman Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder 725 Vasser Avenue
-Dembinsky- Gluck at Lake Terrace hall Lakewood, NJ
-Skolnik- Pepper  Ateres chana hall Bais Faiga 

-Parlor Meeting Yeshiva Ki Hem Chayenu at 956 Park Avenue Lakewood Guest Speaker: Rav Refoel Pashkes
-SCHI Parents Emergency Campaign Parlor Meeting 407 Ashley Ave, at 8:00 PM. Harav Yeruchem Olshin will address the parlor meeting.

Shiva Info

-Mishpachas Krohn will be getting up from Shiva tomorrow Wednesday morning Maariv is at 10:15  pm Shachris 8:00 am sitting at 424 7th street upstairs.

-R' Binyomin and R' Yeedel Gluck will be sitting shiva at 1332 43rd St. in Boro Park until Thursday afternoon. Shachris 8:00/9:00. Mincha  4:00 and 10 min before shkia. Maariv 8:30. From Thursday afternoon they will be sitting in Lakewood at 1499 Towers St.

-  Family of R' Moshe Mendel Greebel z"l sitting shiva in Belmar, NJ need help with minyanim at 1104 E Street 12th Ave & 11th Ave Belmar, NJ getting up Sunday morning call 732 280 2759 Shacharis: 7:30 Mincha/Maariv: 7:15

Group files complaint to AG office over Lakewood BOE attorney contract

The Education Law Center a group that advocates for public schools has filed a complaint with the New Jersey Attorney Generals office over the 600k contract for the Lakewood BOE attorney.
APP reports the complaint is that the contract "is not in compliance with state regulations requiring districts to minimize and reduce excessive legal services costs, complaint says.

Township Bails out LSTA shortfall with $1.1 Million Grant, Courtesy Parents Still Have to Pay the $150 Fee

The Lakewood Township committee gave the LSTA an infusion of a  $1.1 million dollar grant to cover a shortfall for this year. The funding for LSTA comes from the state of NJ and local BOE taxes to cover mandated busing. One can ask the question why money was bot allocated in the budget for the start up money? Why is there a shortfall not covered by the state.
 At the last township committee meeting there was an item on the non consent agenda Authorizing An Emergency Appropriation For The Purpose Of Funding Lakewood Board Of Education Student Transportation Costs. The Lakewood shopper newspaper reports Deputy Mayor Miller said the money was given because of a short fall from start up costs last year. Some of the expenses incurred  were office space, computers, furniture, computer systems and other start up expenses. Once it is established there is no expected shortfall for the coming year he said. Despite the million cash from local tax payers the courtesy parents of private school students will still have to pay a $150 per child fee to the LSTA or they wont get busing. The township did cover the costs for all public school students who are not eligible for mandated busing but are getting free courtesy busing with no fee at all. 
Resolution Of The Township Of Lakewood, County Of Ocean, State Of New
Jersey, Authorizing An Emergency Appropriation For The Purpose Of Funding
Lakewood Board Of Education Student Transportation Costs Per N.J.S.A. 40A:4-

Monday, August 28, 2017

Oif simchas Lakewood August 28, 2017

-Vort: Hachosson Moshe Kohn (toronto) to Kallah Bromberg at Ateres Yeshaya hall 908 East county Line rd, Lakewood, NJ 6:30pm
-Vort: Hachosson Yeshaya Doid Zeigelbaum to Kallah Herbst at R' Hirshberg's shul '9' 13th street 7:30 pm

Chasunah: Chaim- Hodgbi at Ateres Reva hall
Wedding: Fleggman- Ellinson Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
Wedding: Moshel chasunah at Lake Terrace hall

Sefer Torah Written Liluy Nishmas Habachur Chaim Rosenberg Z"L, Completed.

Friends of Habachur Chaim Rosenberg Z"L have raised money to write a sefer Torah in his memory. The Hachnosas sefer Torah will take place next Sunday September 3rd in Westgate the sefer will find its home and be brought to the Bais Medrash at 100 Ropshitz court. His chaveirim felt that it would be appropriate to Write a Sefer Torah Lilui Nishmaso. Chaim's devotion to Krias Hatorah as a professional Baal Koreh was extremely dear to him and is the least we can do to eternalize the name of our dear chaver they said. The sefer was written by Rav Avrohom Veidishlofsky a sofer from Bnei Brak  on upgraded Bookman Parchment. It was stipulated in the contract, prior to every time the sofer sits down to write he has to say leilu Nishmas Chaim Yitzchok ben Yackov.

Lakewood Rabbonim Gather At the Home of The Mashgiach Shlita

Rabbonim in Lakewood gathered at the home of the Mashgiach Harav Mattisyahu Solomon Shlita this afternoon for an Asifa on behalf of Mosdos Tashbar in Eretz Yisrael.

Deadline Today for Lakewood BOE Vacancy, Does it matter?

Does it matter at this point who sits on the Lakewood BOE? The board just gave a 600k  yearly contract, the highest paid school employee in all of NJ, the board President resigned, there is a state monitor that overrides the board decisions, if there is no representation might as well leave the seat vacant.
 Deadline to apply is 4:00 p.m. on Monday, August 28, 2017.
 from the Lakewood school district:
The Lakewood Board of Education is seeking applications for a vacancy on the Board of Education.  The person filling the vacancy will serve until the Board’s Annual Organization meeting in early January 2019. New Jersey law requires that to be a Board of Education member, a person must: (a) be a citizen and

Father Thanks Everyone for Their support

Please continue to Daven for Mishpachas Gruen: 
Leah hadassa bas Michal Chana- 11 years old 
Chava bas Michal Chana- 7 yrs old
Yocheved Rivka bas Michal Chana 5 yrs old
Gedalya dovid Ben Michal Chana 4 years old
Video by FAA

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Oif Simchas Lakewood, NJ Sunday August 27, 2017

-Vort: Hachoson Boruch Dovid Fried to Hakallah Tehilla bas Reb Yaakov  Rosenfeld (Westgate) will be at 55 Kingsfield in westgate from 7:30
-Vort: Hachoson Yechezkel Katz to Kallah Aidel Klinger Bas R' Amram at B"M  Zichron Yoel R' Gruber 1014 Lawrence avenue 7:30 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Chaim Goldstein to Kallah Raizel Hirschman Bas R' Yossi at  Rav Gissenger shul 175 Sunset 6:00 pm- 9:00 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Chaim Zev Lemberger to Kallah Bas Rav Ezriel Cziment  (Chicago) at Rabbi Blech Shul 13th and Madison Lakewood, 8:00 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Moishe Schreiber to Hakallah Bas R' Yehuda Leib Eichenstein  at B"M Tiferes Shalom Nadvorn R' Leifer Monmouth avenue between 4th and  5th Streets 6:00 pm- 10 PM
-Vort: Chosson to Kallah Bas R' Moshe Mendlowitz at their home  48 Sherie  Court.
-vort: Hachoson Hershey Gestettner to Kallah bas R' Yitzchok Deutch at Ateres  Yeshaya hall 908 E country line.
-Vort: Hachosson Yehudah Plutchok Ohr Elchonon hall 805 cross 7:30 pm
-Vort earlier today Hachosson Menachem Shlomo Shain to Hakallah Bas R' Z  Steinberg in Ner Dovid.

Braun- Weingarten Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
Frankel- Leibowitz Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga
Statfeld- Katzenstein Neeimas Hachaim Hall Lakewood, New Jersey

Do The Right Thing

By: Harold Herskowitz

For the last few months the Lakewood community has been the focus of media attention throughout New Jersey.  The  comments on social media are frightening.  We are portrayed as tax evading swindlers. We have been portrayed as opportunistic carpetbaggers that are taking advantage of an entire region with only our own needs in mind. It has been a very rough few months.  The rhetoric could sometimes remind us of old Nazi propaganda films . Images from Der Ewige Jude of Jews working towards world domination are not so different than the images being portrayed about the Lakewood Jewish community.  These recent events emboldened the already numerous Neo Nazi organizations in our area . Flyers were distributed on cars warning of the awful influence the Jewish community has brought to New Jersey.  The reaction of our self appointed VAAD was swift.  They quickly blamed a few "Bad Apples", effectively removing themselves from any accusations.

The community response to the VAAD response was mostly unanimous.  We were shocked and dismayed that in interview after interview there was no defense of the mostly innocent victims of an overzealous prosecution of mistakes made reporting income. No VAAD member mentioned that many of the accused were truly people facing financial or medical hardships and had done nothing wrong intentionally.  Whether the reason was fear of their own prosecution or a hesitancy to question people they need favors from, the end result was they did not do their job. A community VAAD is supposed to be there for the communities needs, and they failed miserably.
After the fallout the VAAD decided to reinvent themself. They hired a public relations agency to polish their image . On a daily basis magazine articles were now being published making the VAAD seem relevant and caring.  VAAD members on Hatzola  were interviewed. The benefits of VAAD related businesses such as CHEMED were mentioned. The historical significance of the leaders of the VAAD and their integral bond with Lakewood history was discussed .  These articles were meant to be read by all local residents as well as the orthodox community to remind everyone of the benefits and accomplishments of the VAAD.
A few weeks later,  the country became obsessed with the events of an Alt Right wing march in Charlottesville to protest the removal of confederate statues . Many of the participants chanted old Nazi slogans such as "Blood and Soil" and "Jews will not replace us".

The response from Donald Trump was tepid and seemed to defend some of those marching with the Neo Nazis. Alternate speeches were given, only to once again be wiped away with the next days questionable speech. Jewish media responded by either condemning or defending the President's response.  Pundits squared off all over social media, and the overall orthodox response was still supportive of the President.  The Lakewood VAAD felt that they should speak up as well and decided to condemn the Presidential response to the Charlottesville protest.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Homeless Man fatally struck by Vehicle in Lakewood

Some may remember him from the unfortunate Coffee Story 2 years ago when community members put him up in a motel before a snow storm.  Mr. Ronald Legatt 67, was struck and killed Friday night near the intersection of MLK and Cedarbridge Avenue. He used to stay near there at the dugout in the baseball field.  Read more at 
NJ. com

Friday, August 25, 2017

Lakewood Zmanim ערב שבת פרשת שופטים רביעי דנחמתא תשע"ז

Candle Lighting 7:20
Shkiah: 7:38
Weather hi of 77 mostly sunny
 קוֹל צֹפַיִךְ נָשְׂאוּ קוֹל
יַחְדָּו יְרַנֵּנוּ
כִּי עַיִן בְּעַיִן יִרְאוּ
בְּשׁוּב ה׳ צִיּוֹן
(מן ההפטרה)

Lakewood Drivers get caught up in Trump Twitter Storm

Lakewood Drivers get a a bad rap for the driving habits and  the town got itself a bad reputation for it. While there may be some bad  drivers as is the case in any town or city there are other contributing factors to blame.  A lot has to do with the infrastructure that cant handle the traffic and a lack of smart planning.
Somehow the issue of Lakewood driving  ended up in a twitter storm with President Donald  Trump.

"It was just an emotional expression I was referring to Lakewood, New Jersey and the horrible drivers of that town and that happens to be mostly Jewish people that live there." 

LA Times: During an early morning Twitter storm, President Trump retweeted a meme of himself "eclipsing" President Obama.
Then things took a strange turn for Jerry Travone, the man who tweeted the image. He had featured a website where he has an online shop selling pro-wrestling T-shirts in his Twitter bio. But anyone who clicked on the link Thursday morning would have been taken to the Jewish United Fund of Chicago – before the link disappeared from Travone's page altogether. Travone told The Times that he had nothing to do with the link to the Jewish United Fund, later tweeting that his account must have been hacked. Not exactly.  The Twitter account @OneHourTees, which belongs to the owners of the T-shirt marketplace where Travone had his shop, said it had redirected Travone's page to the Jewish United fund, telling Travone that it took action "since you hate Jews." Soon after, Travone said he lost access to his online store.
"That's what happens when the left attacks you," Travone tweeted.
On Sunday, Travone tweeted a statement critical of Jewish people. It has since been deleted.

Travone told NBC News that he wasn't anti-Semitic. "It was just an emotional expression I was referring to Lakewood, New Jersey and the horrible drivers of that town and that happens to be mostly Jewish people that live there."

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Oif Simchas Lakewood August 24, 2017

Kohn-Fruchter Lake Terrace hall
Hefter- Wolpin Ateres Chana Bais Faiga
Krumbein- Nebenzahl Fountain ballroom Lakewood Cheder

Lakewood News Links

-Jackson Eruv enforcenmt Mayor Michael Reina said the sudden uptick in enforcement — 355 violations were issued in July, came after the hiring of three new code enforcement officers “This is not something that popped up because the eruv wires came in. I think there were more complaints for basketball hoops than eruv wires,” Reina said. "Nobody is being specifically targeted but you’re breaking a law that is on the books ... It's always been there. It was a sleeping giant."

-Lakewood Arrests: Prosecutor tells Jersey Matters TV they were contacted by the state controller office  last year and asked to join the investigation watch video interview:

-First Energy Park: Big Time Wrestling Comes to FirstEnergy Park this weekend
see HERE

-Exit 91 opens Northbound on the GSP:
Drivers will be able to get off the Parkway at exit 91 beginning Thursday. Meanwhile, motorists who want to enter the Parkway will have an additional ramp available.


The Levaya for Hayalda Hadasah Krohn A”H,  Bas R' Avrohom Zelig and Yehudis, will take place approximately 6:30 PM at the 7th Street Chapel.
A three year old Girl was niftar after she was struck by a vehicle while riding a tricycle. The child was pronounced dead at the scene R"L. It happened at the corner of 7th street and Forest Avenue in Lakewood. According to reports the child was ridding down a hill when she was hit by a truck.  Lakewood police will issue a statement when information is available.
  Besuros  Tovos reports The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office said the girl was hit around 12:30 p.m. at 424 7th St. by an Ford F550 pickup. The girl was on a bicycle and was riding down a steep driveway before entering the roadway "without warning", where she was hit by the eastbound truck, the prosecutor's office said.
The driver, a 40-year-old Lakewood man, consented to a search of his cellular device, which showed "negative mresults," the prosecutor's office said. The man, who was not identified, also agreed to provide a blood sample for testing.

Yated: Charge That Trump is a Bigot is Ridiculous on its Face

Recengly some frum  Jewish leaders joined the left and attacked President Trump. These same leaders never said a word about KKK marches during the Obama presidency.
Yated: (last week issue )
The charge that Trump is a bigot is ridiculous on its face. Two of his children married Jews, one of them converted to do so. His grandchildren are Jewish. He always did business with Jews and enjoyed good relations with Jews and Blacks his entire life. In his business, he hired many Jews and in the White House he is surrounded by Jewish aides, conduct unbecoming a neo-Nazi KKK sympathizer.

As the labeling of Trump as a sympathizer of the neo-Nazis, the KKK and other white hate groups, with anti-Trump Republicans joined in the criticism, Trump sought to put the issue to rest on Monday afternoon, telling reporters at the White House, “Racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans. Those who spread violence in the name of bigotry strike at the very core of America.”

Selichos Minyanim for Sefardim around Lakewood

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Oif Simchas Lakewood August 23 ,2017

Wedding: Appelbaum- Weinberger Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
Wedding: Zaks- Neiman Lake Terrace hall
Rav Dovid Feinstein at a wedding in Lakewood

Profitable Lakewood Blue Claws team Sold.

More Density coming to Cedarbridge while stadium plans all year entertainment.
Fox reports The Lakewood BlueClaws have been sold to Shore Town Baseball, a newly formed group headed by minor league baseball veteran Art Matin. The team plans to stay and the owners said they are investing in Lakewood. 

Its not clear if the 50 year contract signed between Lakewood township the Lakewood Industrial Commission and previous owners will continue with the same terms.

 “We will continue to use the stadium as fully as we can for community organizations,” Matin said. “We want to provide entertainment and youth baseball events.”

American Roshei Yeshiva issue Warning Letter in English for Bochurim When getting deferment from the IDF

Following the arrests of several Yeshiva Bochurim including a American bachur by  Israeli Military Police , Roshei Yeshiva wrote a letter warning bochurim not to fall into the army Gius trap. Those arrested DID go down to the Lishkat Giyus for a deferment but they still got arrested over technicalities. The Letter is signed by Harav Aaron Feldman Shlita Rosh Yeshiva of New Yisrael Baltimore who wax recently In Eretz Yisrael to personally verify all the facts regarding the giyus threat. Rav Shlomo Miller also signed on he is Av Beis Din of Toronto and the Bais Horaah of Lakewood.

Elul Zman 5777 Begins Today on Lakewood

The shofar sounded this morning  and so will the kol Torah. Elul Zeman officially begins today in Bais Medrash Govoha  and many other yeshivos and Mesivtos in Lakewood. The hustle and bustle is back as the quiet days of summer vacation are coming to an end. Boys elementary schools will be starting next week on different days. Girls schools have another 2 weeks and many families are planing last minute vacations to Lancaster and elsewhere.
 Hatzlocha and a gut chodesh to all.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Oif Simchas Lakewood Rosh Chodesh Elu,l August 22nd 2017

-Vort: Hachosson Moe Bornstien to kallah Gitty Knobel bas R'  Yanky  tonight at  willow court shul 1445 14th St.   7:30
Vort: Hachosson Yaakov Bitterman to Kallah Bas R' Menashe Frankel at Khal Chasidim 14th street and Cedar Row Lakewood, NJ 7:30 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Yitzchok Choukea at 12 Mullberry road Jackson, NJ
-Deutch- Weisbrod at Ne'emas hachaim hall
-Shatzkes- Keller at Ateres Reva hall
-Roskam- Greenhause fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
-Loebenstein- Rothchild Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga
-Eller - Zlotowitz at Lake Terrace hall

-Hachnosas Sefer Torah at Yeshiva Naos  Yaakov R'Y  Rav Shlomo Feivel  Schustal 911 Somerset corner Noam Lane
-Tehilim for Refoel Yaakov Tzvi ben Devorah Leah at BMG  Beren Building 8:15 pm

Tonight: Lakewood Planning Board Meeting

Lakewood Planning Board Tuesday, August 22, 2017 6:00 P.M.
1. SP 2241 Congregation Talmud Torah Inc
 Pine Street Block 855.01, Lots 21, 34.03, & 37 (future Lot 21.02)
Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan for a school
2. SP 2249AA Congregation Nachlas Yisroel
 East Spruce Street Block 855.01, Lot 29

After 22 Years Director takes leave of Absence because of Baseless Accusations

(Business wire)--Lakewood, NJ -Today, The School for Children with Hidden Intelligence in Lakewood, New Jersey, announced that its Founder and Director, Osher Eisemann, will be taking a voluntary leave of absence with new members to be added to its Board of Directors to assist in the transition.

Dr. James Delaney, Ph.D., SCHI’s Principal, will fill the additional role of Interim Director. The names of the new members of the Board will be announced soon.

Director Eisemann stated, “It is with sincere regret that I voluntarily will take a leave of absence from the institution to which I have devoted my life to for over twenty-two years. We take great pride in the fact that SCHI’s annual audits, conducted by New Jersey Department of Education approved independent auditors, have always resulted in certifications of completeness. Regrettably, baseless allegations made against me have resulted in this decision.”

Lakewood Township Implements traffic change in Westgate

(Our apologies A flyer distributed by the LPD about the traffic change on Nort Crest street was originally posted below the article. It was brought to our attention that it had a watermark from the Lakewood Scoop website.)

Six months after committeeman Miller and Township officials held an urgent meeting on Erev Pesach the township has now made North Crest street a one way. Officials were on hand notifying residents of the new traffic change. The push to change to a one way was to have parking available on both sides of the street .  Township officials  claimed the change was necessary  for safety reasons and to potentially allow school buses to go through.

Ready to Work: Piners Pride Is Back

Office of Lakewood Board of Education General Counsel  Michael I Inzelbuch, Esq Email: 
Phone: 24 Hour / 7day Hotline(Answering Service):TBA
Sunday, August 20, 2017
In an effort to further the District’s compliance with Federal and State Law, and, to further the educational mission of the Lakewood school district the Office of General Counsel of the Lakewood Board of Education provides the information that follows below.

Boys Learning Program in Lakewood For This Week

Monday, August 21, 2017

Important Safety Message

Important Safety message there have recently been some attempted burglaries and abductions in the sterling Place neighborhood.  If you see anything suspicious please call 911! local residents are on guard for any suspicious activity in the area. 

Oif Simchas Lakewood, NJ August 21 Rosh Chodesh Elul 5777

                      כי אראה שמיך מעשה אצבעותיך, ירח וכוכבים אשר כוננתה
-Vort: Hachosson Yossi Eliyahu  to  Kallah Abboudi at Stolin Hall 153 East 7th  Street Lakewood, Nj 7:30 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Moshe Koppelsusser to Kallah  Etty Grozovsk

-Chasunah Deutch- Zinger Fountain Ballroom Lakewood    Cheder
-Chasuna:Tepper - Pomerantz Lake Terrace hall
-Engaged Yaakov Bןtterman to Bas R' Menashe Frankel
-Engaged Moe Bornstein to Gitty Knobel  

Yom Kippur Katan Mincha Minyanim Erev Rosh Chodesh Elul Lakewood

BMG 6:15
1:15 KZY Rav Gissinger in Ezras Nashim
Lev Avos 1:20
1:40 pm Ohel Aaron Sharon court 
Kol Shimshon 1:45 
Alumnai 1:45
Somerset Walk 1:35 and 7:00
B'M Kelmwoods Westgate 2:45 pm
Bais Mordechai   6:30 in BM.
Lakewood Commons  1:45,6:45
Sterling Forest 6:45
Sterling Place 7:00 pm
Hearthstone 7:00 pm
Ohr Yechezkel 7:00 pm
Satmar every hour in the afternoon

Monday Lkwd August 21 Erev Rosh Chodesh Elul 5777

Eclipse starts in Lakewood at 1:23 and will peak at  2:45:39 pm , when the moon obscures 73.6% of the sun.

Solar Eclipse Glasses available in Lakewood at Satmar Bais Medrash 405 Forest Avenue also at Seasons Kosher supermarket

No Glasses? If you have a smartphone put it on selfie mode and watch the eclipse from behind you on the camera

All of the solar eclipse viewing glasses obtained by the Ocean County Library have been distributed.

Lakewood Vaad and the Solar Eclipse

Submitted via comment
Lakewood Vaad and the Solar Eclipse? what do they have to do with each other? Nothing, but considering  the vaad's recent reach for the moon on issues beyond Lakewood its surprising there was no statement. Perhaps just a Safety message on proper viewing or maybe even blaming Trump. A better idea  would have been to sponsor free Solar eclipse glasses to all Lakewood residents.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Oif Simchas Lakewood August 20 , 2017

Vort: Hachoson  Elchonon Spinrad to Kallah Miriam Necha Ungar at 146 liberty drive from 4:00 till 7:00 pm
Chasuna: Mendlowitz- Moses at Ateres Reva hall, Lakewood, NJ

Here is What the Eclipse will look like When Viewed from Lakewood, NJ div id="Ynf35k">

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Lakewood BOE Hires Attorney at 600K salary

At the end Michael Inzelbuch will be the board attorney and the (wealthy) Lakewood school district will be paying him $600,000 for a one year contract see here. School district officials say they will actually "save money" by having him on their side instead of him suing the district. Last year alone the legal bills ran over 1.2 million dollars with $474,800 in payments by Lakewood to Inzelbuch to pay for attorney fees when the state looses the case. APP reports he will be the highest paid school employee or contractor in the state of NJ. In addition to the 600k salary the BOE will pay $29,000 for a health insurance plan and he can earn $350 an hour for litigation services for certain cases. State monitor Michael Azzara signed off on Inzelbuch's hiring and compensation He told the APP "Having Inzelbuch working for the schools, instead of suing the district, makes the salary cost-effective." If he’s our side, he's likely going to be on top of special education issues before anyone is paying extra legal fees." The Board of Education voted unanimously to hire the new attorney.  

This request was posted on the Lakewood school district website:

At the request of Board Attorney Michael I. Inzelbuch, Esq. the attached

Make Sure Eclipse Glasses are ISO Verified

Please be careful if you got Solar Eclipse glasses to make sure they are ISO verified otherwise you run the risk of damaging your eyesight for good. Google it and the 5 brands that are the only ones that are ISO cerified. There are many solar eclipse glasses that were sold and advertised as IOS certified and are not. If you use glasses that are not actually ISO certified you could damage your eyes or go blind. Please forward this message to everyone you know. (Submitted )

Friday, August 18, 2017

Lakewood Zmanim ערש"ק פר' ראה שבת מברכים חודש אלול שלישי דנחמתא

Erev Shabbos Kodesh/Shabbos Mevorchim Parshas Re"eh  Friday, August 18, 2017 / כ״ו אב תשע״ז Lakewood, NJ
-Candle lighting:  7:31 pm
-Shkiah: 7:49 pm
-Rosh Chodesh Elul will be on Tuesday and Wednesday
-Molad will be Tuesday morning 44 Minutes and 15 Chalakim after 10:00 am

-Weather for shabbos Cloudy early partial sunshine expected late. High 88F. 

         וְשַׂמְתִּי כַּדְכֹד שִׁמְשֹׁתַיִךְ וּשְׁעָרַיִךְ לְאַבְנֵי אֶקְדָּח וְכָל גְּבוּלֵךְ לְאַבְנֵי חֵפֶץ
              The foundation, walls and ground of Jerusalem will be laid with precious stones.

Lakewood News Links Friday August

-Police investigating attempted luring case in Lakewood
The incident happened Monday just after 3 p.m. on Stirling Avenue, police said.
The victim's father told police that his daughter was outside playing, without adult supervision, when she was approached by a man who was riding his bike. the man allegedly picked up the girl, placed her in the back of an unlocked parked car and then left the area, "casually riding away."

-KKK group in Ocean County 
Al Della Fave, a spokesman for the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, said his office knows of the presence of the Klan in Toms River. “We’re aware of it,” he said. “Our concern is that they don’t do any crime,” adding that law enforcement can’t do anything until they cross that line. “They’re small. They’re pretty disorganized.”

-Schnall on the Mahwah Eruv- "Only the most irascible curmudgeon would be bothered by unobtrusive plastic pipes attached to neighborhood utility poles and connected to one another high in the air by thin filaments. If passersby even noticed them, they would be at most curious, and certainly not offended."

-Man sought in attempted child abduction at Brick , NJ  Walmart

-Michael Inzelbuch returns as Board attorney at the Lakewood BOE

-Lakewood Boys camps are over next week no school

-LSTA over 90% of bus routes covered for upcoming school year

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Trumpiest town in NJ " Leaders" Send a Message to President Trump

Amazing! A call for tolerance from the guys who called innocent Lakewood residents Bad Apples.
The PR campaign continues:
-APP: Lakewood Vaad sends message to President Trump to take a stronger stand against the white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups that gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia. "Groups marching with swastikas and assault rifles, protected by the very Constitution they seek to destroy, are not defenders of freedom – they are not America,'' 
Now is the time for us all to rise, as a united republic, and to say to each other, once again, that we are one nation where all are equal, with liberty and justice for all,'' they said.APP reports Here is the Full Statement from the VAAD:
"Heather Heyer, a gentle soul murdered by an intolerant racist in Charlottesville last weekend, died defending our freedoms. Most likely her loved ones would say that she was no hero, simply standing up for the founding values of our great republic – equality before the law, tolerance, justice and the rights of all to live in peace without oppression.

Oif Simchas Lakewood August 17th, 2017

Vort: Hachosson shimon Mayerfeld to Kallah bas R' Avrohom Gartner at Rabbi Forcheimers shul 418 5th street Lakewood, NJ 7:30 pm
-koenig- Schustal Bas R' Aaron at Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
-Auerbach-Udman At Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga
-Fallas- Escava Lake Terrace hall Lakewood, NJ

APP Decides to tackle Metzizah Bpeh: Lakewood Babies face Risk

The APP decided to investigate the practice of Metzizah Bpeh in NJ and Lakewood in particular.  Lakewood mohalim who were contacted by the press refused to share any information or get involved with the press story.
The headline read "Lakewood babies face herpes risk, NJ lacks safety rules for controversial circumcision"
Nothing happened recently that prompted this investigation of an old story .  One wonders why now?
According to the article  "the issue has prompted state senator Rober"t Singer, a Republican who lives in Lakewood, to consider legislation to test rabbis for herpes. Singer, a member of the Ocean County Board of Health, said he's also interested exploring whether it would be wise to have "mohels tested maybe once a year."

Rabbi Avi Schnall, from Agudath Israel of America, said testing mohels “risks encroaching the separation of church and state.''
."There has never been any correlation between (the circumcisions) to herpes here,'' Schnaal said. "There are some in the community who would not consider metzitzahb'peh a required part of the ceremony, but there are others who believe it’s an integral part, and the religious right of those people should be defended.'' Read more HERE

Whats in the Lakewood Master Plan?

Some of the proposals:

Recommendation to go by 2007 Masterplan of ten years ago and apply it to 2017 when the population has tripled since than.
"The Housing Density subcommittee affirms the recommendations of the 2007 Master Plan Reexamination Report  which have not been implemented to date."

Implement the Smart Growth Plan of 2013
Overall Recommendations to Implement the 2013 Smart Growth Plan The Land Use Element incorporates the following vision of the 2013 Smart Growth Plan for the land use districts within each center, core and node:

Allow mix use building and development all along Rt 9 Highway Core
Land Use District is to permit a variety of retail and service activities, as well as community-based health care facilities that front on a state highway or county roadway, places of worship, and public and private schools. The minimum lot size is generally 20,000 square feet for these uses. In addition, single-family detached housing, two-family and duplex housing, and townhouses are also permitted in accordance with the provisions of the existing B-1 (Neighborhood Business) Zone. Residential and business uses may be combined. 

Residential units coming to Cedarbridge corporate park  maximum gross density of 22 units per acre; and, townhouses under certain conditions.

"B-6 — Corporate Campus/Stadium Support Zone: The purpose of the B-6 (Corporate Campus/Stadium Support) Zone is to facilitate the development of: eating establishments; retail; personal services; office buildings; fire department facilities; warehousing; packaging and distribution of food products; and, collection, recycling and processing of organic waste into energy. Provided that no residential building has frontage along Cedarbridge Avenue or portions of New Hampshire Avenue, the following residential uses are also permitted: single-family detached housing on lots of at least 7,500 square feet; two-family and duplex housing on lots of at least 10,000 square feet; multi-family housing on lots of at least 12,500 square feet and with a maximum gross density of 22 units per acre; and, townhouses under certain conditions."

More housing is needed for the expected population of 220k by 2030

"Looking ahead, it is anticipated that Lakewood’s population will continue to grow. This is demonstrated in the 2013 Lakewood Smart Growth Plan, which notes that the township’s population could grow to as high as 220,000 residents by 2030. It is, therefore, important that Lakewood plan for residential development to house its growing population." 

Fixing Traffic by bringing public transit to reduce reliance on private cars

"Traffic and Parking Traffic congestion and a shortage of parking have been ongoing problems in Lakewood Township. These issues, which are fully explored in the Circulation Element, must be addressed. This can be done, in part, with sound land use planning that promotes reduced reliance on private vehicles through: compact development footprints; facilitated access to public transit; provision of local services within walking distance of residential areas; and, provision of adequate parking for existing and future land uses."

An inside Look at "Hatzolah " Lakewood's Orthodox Ambulance Squad

Image result for lakewood hatzolahFrom some nice positive coverage about Lakewood by Mark Di Ionno

"This is what people don't understand about us," said Muller, one the approximately 70,000 Haredi or ultra-Orthodox Jews living in Lakewood. "We're very American in that way. We volunteer. We love our community and we're very involved in our community, like everyone else."
The news out of Lakewood in the past several months has portrayed certain members of the town's Orthodox community has takers, not givers.

A public airing of the high cost of private school busing and private special education for Orthodox Jewish children was followed by the arrest of 26 people charged with welfare fraud. The stories fueled perceptions that the entire Orthodox community is self-serving and insulated.   

But, as anyone following this series of columns on Lakewood has read before, perception and reality are like fifth cousins. Related, but barely.