Monday, July 10, 2017

The Maser Traffic Draft study Report for Lakewood

Courtesy of TBL the long awaited Traffic improvement report for Lakewood Traffic/ Some of the suggested proposals will cost millions of Dollars.
-4 way stop signs, left turning lanes, traffic signals at busy intersections
-A Bridge over the Lake extending Massachusetts to Sunset Avenue
-Lakewood bypass road to Howell extending New Hampshire Avenue
-Build Parking garages at 7th and Private way and Clifton and 4th to alleviate downtown traffic.
-Extend Arlington Avenue North
-Extend Hurley to Rt 88
-The state will have to fix rt 9
-Make designated bus stops for school buses reducing the frequency at  individual residences.


  1. How will a public tax payer funded parking garage at BMG campus help alleviate the downtown parking?
    Thus is insane
    The Sam was done 10 years ago with funds that were allocated for township roads and diverted to Cedarbridge.

  2. Harold HerskowitzJuly 10, 2017 at 6:12 AM

    Did they (we) actually pay for this?
    I didn't see the tunnel under route 9 idea. How about one of those new flying cars for everyone living in westgate?
    Or how about we just stop allowing any more large developments? How about not allowing lots that have single homes converted to duplexes with rentable basements? How about we stop being the only municipality in NJ that is actually run by developers? How about our committee and boards do what is best for taxpayers and not a few already very wealthy people?
    I don't see any of those suggestions on there.

  3. If you don't understand how the vaad operates you see it very clear over here. They use our block vote and the koach hatzibbur to control the politicians and then use our tax dollars for their interests. The emails obtained through OPRA showed 3 vaad members discussing building a bridge over the lake somehow the same proposal ended up in the traffic study report.
    The same with the parking garage on 7th street do u out think the consulting firm came up with this brilliant idea to build a parking garage on 7th and private way so people can now easily shop on 2nd and Lexington?
    This stinks, but the vaad was quick yo condemn innocent youngeleit and throw them under the bus just to make themselves look clean.

  4. hot fights are coming. The township hired an expensive engineering firm to come up with solutions for the traffic and parking.

    theydid a 68 page book as instructed by the vaads people. They were told were told we need 2 "DOWNTOWN- multi story [multi million] garagaes, 1 downtown on Clifton, the other "downtown one by the BMG on 7th & Privateway also downtown the way the crow flies.


  6. They actually suggested a moritorun for 2 yrs lets see how that one goes over

  7. Everyone knows this is all garbage, why waist money on nothing, we need to extend rt 9 2 lanes all the way down there is no other way to help the traffic

  8. widening route 9 is the only good answer, it will take away traffic from the pine street area too, because pple will go down spruce to route 9 instead of cutting thru marc drive.

    1. It is a partial answer, which is in effect no answer, because the Township does not have any control over what happens on route 9. You may as well stick in the report a tunnel under route 9.

      Even if Route 9 is widened, all the feeder roads would still be backed up.

    2. That is your reason that widening route 9 would be good, because people will go down Spruce instead of Marc Drive?

    3. I meant one of the will also ease up pine street traffic.

  9. They recommend a 4 way stop sign at 7th & Clifton since 7th is such a well traveled street.
    Seems like they never visited the area. 7th is closed during school hours between Lexington & Clifton because of the public school. A 4 way would just have Clifton stopping for nothing!

  10. So what happens when people get off that bridge in on sunset, then where is the traffic going to go? The only thin the bridge would accomplish is that would effectively act as another parking lot.

  11. Harold HerskowitzJuly 10, 2017 at 6:46 PM

    Induced demand, or latent demand, is the phenomenon that after supply increases, more of a good is consumed. ... This phenomenon, called induced traffic, is a contributing factor to urban sprawl.
    In other words.
    As most urban planners with half a brain always say,
    Trying to cure traffic by adding lanes is like trying to cure obesity by buying a bigger belt.
    The only immediate solution is to stop building. Then lets see where we can allow new housing slowly.

  12. Chelm, Expensive report telling us of EXPENSIVE bandaids that should have been shared with all the builders. They cashed out and we are left with the HUGE bill and traffic nite-mare that gets WORSE everyday. How numb are our brilliant leaders? The report should be sent to DEP in regards to all their Cafra applications in Lakewood