Monday, July 10, 2017

LFD Meeting Tonight

July 10, 2017  7:15 p.m.
Office of the Commissioners
316 River Avenue, Lakewood, New Jersey

10. Fire District Administrator Report:
○ Harrisburg Training Expo
○ PowerDMS
○ Oak Street Hydrants

○ Discussion of Site Plan Approvals
○ SOG’s
○ Volunteer Firefighter Application
11. Administrative Clerk:
○ Vehicle Maintenance Report
○ Building and Maintenance Report
12. Standing Committees
○ Insurance Committee: None
○ LOSAP Committee: None
○ Negotiations Committee: None
○ Future Planning Committee: None
○ Facilities Committee: None
○ Personnel: None
13. Old Business:
○ Motion to Adopt Commissioner By-Laws on 2nd Reading
14. New Business:
○ Motion to Vacate Resolution Adopting AXA Equitable as Deferred Compensation Carrier.
○ Resolution Appointing AXA Equitable as Deferred Compensation Carrier.
○ Motion to Authorize Chairman/Clerk to enter into an Agreement with PowerDMS with a setup fee of $1,900.00 with an Annual Subscription of $54.00 per Member.
○ Motion to Bid Roof Repairs at Station 64.
○ Motion to Authorize Fire District Administrator to Approve Placement of Fire Hydrants as Needed upon Recommendation of Fire Chief.
○ Motion to Approve Repair of Concrete Curb and Adjacent Slab at Station 68 at a cost of $4,170.00 with a price increase of $2.00 per square foot for additional thickness of Concrete Slab.
○ Resolution Approving Procurement of Gear Washer from MES at a cost of $13,097.42.
○ Motion to approve the following Standard Operation Guidelines which shall supersede any Guideline in the Lakewood Fire District Operational Manual:
1. Purchase and Procedures;
2. Request to Take Vehicle/Apparatus Out of Town;
3. LOSAP and Uniform Reimbursement;
4. Natural Gas Emergencies;
5. Electrical Emergencies;
6. Fire Police; and
7. Carbon Monoxide.
15. Solicitor’s Report:
16. Auditor’s Report:
16. Chairman’s Report:
17. Meeting Dates – Workshop Meeting: September 11, 2017 at 7:00
Regular Meeting: September 11, 2017 at 7:15
18. Closed Session – Resolution Authorizing Closed Session to Discuss:
○ Fire Company

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