Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lakewood Taxes Hurt The Most In All of Ocean County

In a List of of Towns where property taxes hurt the most in each of N.J.'s 21 counties, Lakewood is number 1 in Ocean County according to NJ Media The Average  property tax bills of $6,587. That eats up nearly 16.1 percent of the $40,983 annual median income in this Ocean County township. The township boasts of a surplus of money and keeps giving away tax dollars to the School district when the State should shoulder the burden instead.
Runners up:
In Long Beach Township, the $9,168 average property tax bill is 11.5 percent of the $80,096 median income.

In Lavallette, the $6,558 average property tax bill is 10.6 percent of the $61,989 median income.


  1. Harold HerskowitzJuly 18, 2017 at 10:54 AM

    Tax increases in our town are a direct result of new housing being built without the offset of commercial and industrial ratables. Most of the commercial being built is being given tax abatements and a large amount of ratables were converted to tax free uses such as schools.
    Our planning system is a sham. Our hired planners keep talking about smart growth without knowing that Smart Growth is intended to limit sprawl and overdevelopment.
    What they are trying to sell us is that we need to build as much housing as possible, let's plan it in a smart way.

    That is like saying let's give everyone CANCER so we can, maybe, find a CURE.
    .... will go down in history as the person that put the knife into the heart of Lakewood. He is there to do the bidding of Bob Singer. He has political aspirations well beyond Lakewood. He should just know that this will not look good on his resume. We need to be at the planning board meetings and tell them that this is not the future we want for our town. ..needs to know that we are on to him and his shenanigans. He needs to listen to the people, not his friends that have properties or golf courses to build on.

  2. Herschel, you spoke well at the last meeting. The hired engineers appeared to be in shock, seems like they thought no one would show up, like the last Master Plan they authored.

  3. My taxes went up $2000 this year.
    looking at the bright side, I get to listen to many shiurim a day while sitting in traffic. Our political leaders, despised by most get to sit in the same traffic with the peshutei am. nebach.