Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lakewood Events Wednesday July 26, 2017

-Parlor meeting  to benefit a kallah Yesoma as a zechus and refuah Shleima for R' Chaim Meir Leib ben Yocheved Brog shlita at 211 Tenth street, Lakewood, NJ 10:00- 11:30 pm R' Ahron Weintraub The shver will speak at 10:45 Hot Buffet will be served hosted by the Brog-Weintraub families

-Yeshiva Nefesh Hachaim, Rav Shmuel Hirth R"Y 9th annual Dinner at Tiferes Bais Yaakov hall 613 Oak street Lakewood, NJ

-Inspiration shiur for ladies and girls at Ateres Reva hall with Rabbi David Ashear 8:00 pm $15 admission

-Rav Motka Frank will speak at Breslov shul in Lakewood 8:45 pm Maariv 9:30 pm
followed by a Shiur and Kumzitz 10:15 pm at Berditchev Kloiz 75 Birch st Lakewood

-Mercaz Hatzolah for sakkanh of Giyus rescue campaign  9:45 pm at Yeshiva Ktana hall with Rav Shmuel Noach Weinberg from yerushalayim

-Parlor meetings for Rav Yitzchok Meir Hager:
 B"M of Westgate 8:30- 11:45
801 Madison avenue apt C15 10:00- 11:00 pm B'hishtatfus Harav Dovid Schustal Shlita
105 Vintage Circle 9:30-11:30 with Rav Yisrael Hager

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