Monday, July 24, 2017

Lakewood Eateries Open For the 9 Days

-Kava open till 9pm for the 9 days
-Prime 95 special 9 days fish menu
-Dlux open during the 9 days all Chinese dishes made with fish
-Upper Crust extended 9 day menu, at Todd Plaza
-Heimish Chinese open  2 sushi fish rolls $9.99
-Estreia 9 days fish menu
-Yapchick will be open Wed Thurs Friday with full Parve buffet, Shabbos takeout  avail on Friday
-Salmon  4 less 9082780635
-Sushi express full 9 days menu
-Four corners 4 locations new chestnut location, feast after 4 Promotion
-Aisle 9 Nine days deli menu open late
-Snaps Kosher ull 9 days Menu
-The Green House Cafe 503 River Avenue


  1. Feast sounds better then fress!