Friday, July 7, 2017

Lakewood DPW assumes control of the L Shuttle bus, local taxes now paying for it

Just two years ago the Township got a 9 million dollar grant for the Lakewood shuttle bus to operate, At the time the township kicked in an additional $200,000 a year to cover costs and bridge the gap between revenues and operating costs, with the aim of eventually making the service self-sustaining according to Mr. Steve Reinman. Due to low ridership it was not sustainable financially and now the Lakewood DPW has taken control of the shuttle buses. It will no longer be operated by a private company. The buses are currently not operating  this was posted on the Lakewood township website
Due to mechanical issues on the Lakewood Shuttle Buses, local bus service will not be inoperation until these buses are serviced and certified by New Jersey Transit. The Job Link will continue to run into the Industrial Park.Thank you for your understanding. 
 This pattern keeps on repeating itself where township officials spend tax money  promise the world how it will generate revenue and be self sufficiant but the end result is the tax payers keep footing the bills for these pet projects that dont bring any revenue but keep draining the coffers while taxes increase. Here are some of these recent projects that were supposed to bring revenue but end up costing money:
Blueclaws stadium
DPW Truck wash station 
Shuttle bus
Lakewood airport hangars, and the list goes on and on


  1. Lakewood Township was suckered into the bus deal by the "vaad". They were told the downside of maintenance, non-sustainability, etc. The vaad's attitude was first lets take the free money that we are "entitled", as we have a block vote.

    The vaad is the foundation of our problems, never intended to help anyone but themselves "personally". Kapisch?

  2. This is a stupid criticism. The L is a good idea - we need public transportation. Just because it hasn't made money yet doesn't mean it's bad.

    1. Public transportation only works when it's constant and reliable. The L bus came around once ab hour and took 45 minutes to loop. If it was so great why was it always empty.

      Now they will try it down rt 9. it will take faster to walk than to ride the L.

  3. Hold your horses, Didn't Anchor Leasing aka Vaad sell them the busses?

    Jay busses offered to do it, they were rejected.
    Why? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  4. Why was this taken down from THELAKEWOODSCOOP.COM?
    As first reported on TLS yesterday, Board of Education President Barry Iann has submitted a letter of resignation, effective immediately. Today, Board member Moshe Raitzik asked the President to reconsider his resignation. Advertise On TLS » Dear Barry, You’ve been a great mentor and a real ‘mentch’. It has been an honor to serve with you. I ask you to reconsider this decision, as your experience and knowledge doesn’t have an equal on the board. If I have a say in the matter, I can’t accept your resignation. Either way, I wish you only the best in all your future endeavors. Sincerely, Moshe Raitzik

  5. You forgot to add the failed "muster zone" in yeuhpitz....

  6. Flannery claimed that people call him a liar because they disagree with his opinion. No Flannery, people call you a liar because you contradict yourself, for example, when you asked for a variance for duplexes off route 9 "because no one will build single family homes there", then in the same meeting, you asked for a variance right next door, for 9 single family homes.

    the fact that Flannery has "testified" on most of the large developments in town that they will not impact traffic. The facts on the ground are contrary. Either Flannery consistently lies, or he is completely incompetent.

  7. If the anti-density speakers were telling the truth, then why do they need to mislead everyone. The Real Estate Agent for most of the new developments spoke and introduced himself as "not a developer", but failed to mention, he is the one selling and making a commission on all these developments

  8. The snowflake builder that tried to claim ani-semetism at 1:57 is priceless. Unless ,ost of the people who live in my neighborhood, and daven in my shul, and have kids in my childrens classes are anti-semites, being anti-density has nothing to do with ant-semitism.

    There is literally no low, that is too low for some of these developers.