Sunday, July 16, 2017

Lakewood Catskills Bus Service Schedule for 2017

Bus service from Lakewood to the Catskills Sundays and Fridays $40 one way children under 3 free per adult. For more info call 718-599-5040
 To the Catskills from Lakewood:
Locust Street @ Harmony Park   Sunday  4:40 pm        Friday   9:55 am
Seasons supermarket               Sunday 4:45 pm         Friday  10:00 am
Forest and 9th street               Sunday 4:55 pm         Friday  10:10 am
Squankum and Kennedy         Sunday 5:00 pm         Friday 10:15 am

To Lakewood from the Catskills Sunday and Thursday main terminal in the Catskills off exit 107 301 Bridgeville rd, Monticello Excellent bus service.
Last Day of Lakewood  Bus service August 27th


  1. It's not the Lakewooders that go to the catskills it's the Brooklyn transplants that are going to bungalow colonies.

    1. So no one in Lakewood has family up in the mountains? I know countless people in Lakewood who's families are up in the mountains. Families who have been here for 20+ years. What's your point? Just hate on the people moving in?

  2. His point is to make it clear that going to the Catskills is beneath him. If this post was about spending a week or two in Vermont or New Hampshire during Bein H'Zmanim it would not have gotten any comments about "we" don't do such things.

  3. The point is that in Lakewood we have bh large homes with yards and swimming pools we are not crammed yet like the city where traditionally everyone went to the catskills. There is no tznius issue as the one in the city.
    Despite all that people who grew up going to the mountains will continue to go even if the reasons to go are not what it used to be. Obviously the humidity is a big factor but not the fCtor.

  4. Is there another place to pick up the bus from the catskills to lkwd besides Monticello?

  5. There are two other Lakewood Catskill shuttles doing routes during the week to besides the weekends you can find their advertisements and numbers in the Lakewood weeklys, circulars and the Vivaser daily paper put out in Shuls

  6. Do u know the number of any other buses. Need a ride from Catskills to Lakewood Thursday nifht

  7. Anyone have the number of buses. Looking for a ride Thursday night