Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Lakewood Cares Gofundme page setup


You may have read news articles recently related to Lakewood and questionable actions by POLITICIANS as well as BUILDERS regarding zoning. Recently we were successful in challenging an Ordinance that was not properly noticed (meaning no notice was sent to the residents that were affected by the change) for our residential zone in Lakewood.  We also understand that there may be 50 other Ordinances that have also not been properly noticed throughout the town.  The Judge found on our behalf and nullified the Ordinance.  Now a group of BUILDERS has united with a claim to the court to INTERVENE on the ruling.  They are hoping
to set aside Judge Marlene Lynch Ford's decision.  In order to continue this fight we need some financial help.  Many residents of Lakewood and/or the surrounding towns including Jackson, Toms River and Howell to name a few have been frustrated to see what has been allowed to occur in Lakewood over the years.  We now have the beginnings of fighting back!  We have already WON and got the ruling in our favor.  But, to keep it in place we need to respond to these Builders claims.  We need to pay for legal representation.

Our family, the Stillwell's, have lived in Lakewood for over 200 years.  Like many of you we have witnessed the changes with sad hearts, many times thinking that we were limited in what we could do.  We have served on a volunteer basis at many levels in our community and truly love our memories of the town where we raised our family, enjoy many friendships and continue to live.  We may not be ale to stay forever, but while we are here we want to do what we can to hold people accountable for decisions that affect our quality of life and those in the communities surrounding Lakewood as well.  We have fought to help protect our community numerous times in the past and when we discovered this issued and the potential issue throught the town we choose to fight...we won!

However, it costs money to continue and while we felt we had no choice and led the fight, to our great surprise many in the community representing many different backgrounds and religious groups have rallied behind us with the vocal support.

We treasure our home and many of our Lakewood friends.  So if you live in Lakewood, lived in Lakewood previously or live in the surrounding area, help us hold those accountable for breaking the rules, after all your community could be next.

Please consider a small donation to help our efforts.

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