Monday, July 17, 2017

Final Lakewood Subcommittee Reports Density, Downtown , Senior community

Recommendation by Downtown committee :
 To relocate the Lakewood Municipal building to Cedarbridge Avenue

 Lakewoood Township published the masterplan committee reports and recommendations of the Housing Dennsity Subcommittee, Senior Community needs sub committee, Downtown Subcommittee.
Meeting tonight at 6 pm.


  1. So, they suggest that township buy back "worthless Land" that they gave away for free?

  2. Harold HerskowitzJuly 17, 2017 at 3:06 PM

    Every recommendation benefits a select few people. Nothing recommended is what is best for the general welfare of the townspeople. Many people put their lives into their businesses in the downtown area. Now a few people, two to be exact, decided what is best for the downtown. In reality it is what is best for themselves. This is very sad. There will be no change for the better in this town until certain people can look out for everyone and not their own wallet.

  3. Suggestion to build a brand new state of the art Municipal complex which will probably include a new Police headquarters
    Who will pay for it? will the Township have to pay Cedarbridge high market value for that land that it owned in the first place???

    Another suggestion to build a parking garage on 7th and Private Way.. hmm how will that ease parking downtown?

  4. No shame to lie first they tell us the gold course will be for senior living andd age restricted communities now they recommend to lift the age restrictions. They have no Busha to lie and bait and switch just to get what they want the avodah zara of Gelt is live and strong by der shensteh un besteh

  5. Sweet potato tempuraJuly 17, 2017 at 6:03 PM

    These people don't learn their lessons.
    1) Make a muster zone deep in industrial park!what a great idea! Um... FAILURE!
    2) Make a new public works depot with a truck wash station, and all the neighboring townships will come wash their trucks will use it! Great idea! It will pay for itself, and then some! Um... FAILURE!
    So, please, who are you fooling?

  6. So there was the 25 page report, already signed sealed and delivered. How many were able to read it prior to the meeting? Public Comments will be ignored. What a waste of time it was!! It will be a huge fight at those 4 or 5 planning board meetings. Be there!

  7. The motto on the municipal building should read "Lakewood, pay to play all day"