Monday, July 10, 2017

BOE President Rescinds Resignation Letter

Last week Lakewood BOE president submitted his resignation from the board. The resignation was rescinded and it's back to the way it was. The board is also waiting for Mr. Michael Inzulbach to join the board as an attorney. Apparently the Igud is pushing for Michael to return and are setting the stage for it. A special BOE meeting set to take place today has been canceled.


  1. A real chutzpah by the Igud and other askanim names withheld for now. The president served voluntarily with honor to representr all of Lakewood children. Now to appease a few power hungry individuals they crested a uncomfortable situation which led to the initial resignation.
    More to come.

  2. The Igud Moisdis is child borne by the vaad.
    Is the Igud hamoisdois more corrupt than the parent vaad?
    A resounding yes.
    Don't trust either one of them.

  3. Any info on the big Asifa planned for tomorrow evening

    1. It got cancelled

    2. Why was it canceled was it a asifas chizuk or the vaad trying to clean their hands.

  4. Replies
    1. There was supposed to be a Asifa in lake terrace on the current matzav but it was canceled.