Monday, July 31, 2017

Halachos of Tisha B'Av

1.  One may not wear shoes or sneakers made fully or partially of leather.
2. One may not eat from Sunset on Monday night until Nightfall  Tuesday night. (With regard to the elderly, sick, pregnant, nursing women, generally we follow the stricter guidelines applicable to the Yom Kippur fast. One must discuss this with a Rov)
3. One may not wash or bathe. (For Netilas Yadayimm in the morning or after using the bathroom one should wash only until the knuckles).
4. One should sit on the floor or on a very low seat (like an avel c'v) until Chatzos on Tisha B'Av day. (Elderly people, pregnant women, and women who recently gave birth are not required to sit on the floor).
The Peroches should be removed from the Aron Kodesh.

Watch Live: The Tisha B'Av Program 5777

Lakewood Tisha B'Av Programs

At 20 Miller Rd Maariv: 9:00 pm Shachris: 9:00 am Kinus: 10:30 am

Tisha B'Av Weather Lakewood Increase In Humidity

Chatzos today is at 1:03 pm
Fast begins 8:11 pm
Weather for Tisa B'Av: Sunshine and some clouds. High 88F. humidity will be at 60%
Craft projects and crocs at Daily Deals on 2nd Street. 
Watermelon on sale at ALDI $2.99

Halachos For Erev Tisha B'Av 5777/ 2017

1. After Chatzos on Erev tisha B'av some poskim hold the minhag is not to learn anything which is Assur on Tisha Bav itself. Only that which is Muttar to learn on the 9th of Av. (see below for permissible learning)

2. We do not say tachnun after Mincha on erev Tisha Beav. One may not take a leasurly stroll unless he does it commonly for health reasons.
3. It is prohibited to fast on Erev Tisha bav. We eat a  final meal before the fast, it is called the Seudas hamafsekes סעודת המפסקת the seudah which separates from eating to begining the fast of Tisha b'av
4. It must be eaten after noon and before shkiah/sunset and no other meal may be eaten thereafter. One may drink water or eat if he did not assume the fast after the seudas hamafsekes.

5. The Seudas Hamefsekes may be preceded by a regular meal the minhag is to daven mincha in between the 2 meals.
6. The minhag is for the seudas hamafsekes to eat only bread and water, and a boiled egg dipped in ash some dip the bread in Ash.
7. The seudah is eaten seated on the ground or on a stool within 3 tefachim, we do not socialize and we it alone and avoid eating three people together to avoid a chiyuv of zimun

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Early Bird special: Playmobil 20 percent off sale starting THIS Sunday at Toys For Thought

Toys for Thought will be having our Playmobil 20 percent off sale starting THIS Sunday  July,30 until the following Sunday. So from Sunday until Wednesday readers (here) will get an early bird pick of our huge Playmobil selection at 20 percent off. Must mention sale to receive discount, it will not be officially starting until Wednesday. Located at 310 3rd St, Lakewood, NJ 08701
Clifton and 3rd street.

Rabbi Avraham Halperin, z”l

Hamodia-Rabbi Avraham Halperin, z”l, noted baal tzedakah and baal chessed, was niftar in New York on Shabbos at the age of 80.

Born in Teves 5697/1937, Reb Avraham was the eldest son of Harav Nachum Yoel Halperin, one of the leaders of the chareidi community in Tel Aviv, and his mother Hadassah.

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Levaya will be 1:00 pm at the Bais Yitzchok Bais Medrash of BMG 7th and Private way Lakewood, NJ 
Kevurah is on Lakewood approx 4:30
Petira of Havreich R' Meir Leib Brog Z"L ben Rav Eliyahu shyichya. A Lakewood youngerman  in his 20's who was niftar over shabbos after an illness. He leaves behind his wife and 3 children. His Father is the Rov of Bais Yisroel Torah Center in Flatbush. His shver is Rav Ahron Weintraub R"M in Philadelphia yeshiva. He was an alumnus of Novominsk Yeshiva a trremendous Masmid and Talmid CHochom. May the family know of no more Tzaar.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Lakewood Zmanim ערב שבת קודש פרשת דברים שבת חזון

Erev Shabbos Kodesh/Shabbos Chazon Parshas Devarim Friday 5 Av 5777/July 28, 2017

Candle Lighting 7:56 pm
 Shkiah 8:14 pm
Tisha B’Av: begins Monday evening July 31

The Ohev Yisrael said Shabbos Chazon is the highest Shabbos of the year. The Chozeh (Seer) of Lublin said this Shabbos is one long shaleshudes.
 Weather: Flash Flood warning for Ocean County, NJ until shabbos afternoon Mostly cloudy and  windy Chance of a thunderstorm 79 degrees.
וְאָשִׁיבָה יָדִי עָלַיִךְ
וְאֶצְרֹף כַּבֹּר סִיגָיִךְ
וְאָסִירָה כָּל בְּדִילָיִךְ.
(הפטרת שבת חזון).
שבת שלום

אגודים בצרה

22 Yidden in IDF Jail

Toys For Thought Menu

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Halachos for Erev Shabbos Chazon 5777

Halachos for Erev shabbos in the 9 days (Based partially on Rabbi Felder Sefer)
 -One may cut their Nails for Shabbos since it is not shavua shechal bo.
-One may polish their shoes only with liquid polish according to most poskim.
-One may brush a hat on erev shabbos since it is not considered washing clothes.

 -Showering is a machlokes if you are allowed kol gufo, the minhag is to be  meikel but to use warm water.

-Tasting food that is fleishigs, some poskim- Mekor Chayim 551:9 writes "A woman who needs to taste the Shabbos foods while cooking may do so on Friday afternoon after midday" others hold you can taste but not swallow and must spit it out. (Shmiras Shabbos Khilchasa 42:61 on Erev Shabbos during the Nine Days, you may also taste the food. However, one should try not to swallow food containing meat ingredients) 

-Children may eat meat before Shabbos up to 2 hours before the zman according to Rav Moshe Feinstein in Igros Moshe, others (Eliyahu Rabba) hold they may start even from Chatzos. Chatzos, Midday in Lakewood, NJ 1:03 pm

-If one makes an early Shabbos on Erev Shabbos Chazon he may eat Meat after  the Plag. Lakewood Plag is 6:44 pm.

Severe Weather In NJ Expected For Next few Days, Weekend

Severe, stormy weather is expected to hit New Jersey beginning Thursday night and bring gusty thunderstorms and drenching downpours on Friday and Saturday, according to forecasters.

The National Weather Service has issued a hazardous weather outlook, saying showers and thunderstorms may produce locally heavy rainfall Thursday night.

Video; Lakewood Planning board meetng

Audio is Synched with township recording after FAA mic was tampered
-17:15 Developer tampers with FAA microphone see video HERE
-48:00 Lawyers tell board they must obey court order to approve application
-1:01:00 member blames committee for not fixing ordnance
-103:30 FAA tells board its not their fault but the township committee.  Questions if Committeeman Miller is involved with the proposed application
-1:10:00 Resident discusses lack of parking in downtown
-122:20 board decides if to appeal Judge decision on application

Opposition to Eruv in Mahawah NJ, Blames Lakewood, Other Towns

 NJ town orders Eruv removed from utility poles. Read more HERE

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lakewood Events Wednesday July 26, 2017

-Parlor meeting  to benefit a kallah Yesoma as a zechus and refuah Shleima for R' Chaim Meir Leib ben Yocheved Brog shlita at 211 Tenth street, Lakewood, NJ 10:00- 11:30 pm R' Ahron Weintraub The shver will speak at 10:45 Hot Buffet will be served hosted by the Brog-Weintraub families

-Yeshiva Nefesh Hachaim, Rav Shmuel Hirth R"Y 9th annual Dinner at Tiferes Bais Yaakov hall 613 Oak street Lakewood, NJ

-Inspiration shiur for ladies and girls at Ateres Reva hall with Rabbi David Ashear 8:00 pm $15 admission

-Rav Motka Frank will speak at Breslov shul in Lakewood 8:45 pm Maariv 9:30 pm
followed by a Shiur and Kumzitz 10:15 pm at Berditchev Kloiz 75 Birch st Lakewood

-Mercaz Hatzolah for sakkanh of Giyus rescue campaign  9:45 pm at Yeshiva Ktana hall with Rav Shmuel Noach Weinberg from yerushalayim

-Parlor meetings for Rav Yitzchok Meir Hager:
 B"M of Westgate 8:30- 11:45
801 Madison avenue apt C15 10:00- 11:00 pm B'hishtatfus Harav Dovid Schustal Shlita
105 Vintage Circle 9:30-11:30 with Rav Yisrael Hager

Tonight: Mercaz Hatzolah saving Neshamos from shmad

Photo: Lakewood Rosh Yeshiva At the Agudah staff retreat in Bell Works

Harav Yeruchim Olshin Shlita Guest speaker at Agudah Staff retreat at Bell Works in Holmdel, NJ photo: @Agudahnews

Tonight: Nine Days Inspirational Event in Lakewood

For Women & Girls only.
 $15 admission at Ateres Reva hall
Join us for a  NINE DAYS INSPIRATIONAL EVENT with  Rabbi David Ashear EMUNAH & CHURBAN Followed by Q&A session. Questions can be emailed to 
Wednesday, July 26 Ateres Reva Hall  500 Summer Ave., Lakewood, NJ 08701 
Doors open: 8:00 pm Program: 8:30 pm Light Refreshments will be served
For Women & Girls only 
$15 admission 

Camp Traffic

This morning's carpool to Day camp to over 45 minutes. Traffic around Lakewood was horrible the main thoroughfares were backed up Cedarbridge, New Hampshire James, Pine,  County line and of course good ol Rt 9. There was construction on James and on Cedarbridge. Can the Township officials arrange for construction to take place off peak and not in the busy morning rush or when everyone is going to work or driving kids to camp.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

WABC Reports on The Lightning Strike in Lakewood.

LAKEWOOD, New Jersey (WABC) -- It was a morning of wild weather across the
area, with heavy rain, gusty wind and thunderstorms. Central and southern New Jersey were especially hard hit, including a transformer fire in New Brunswick that closed roads for hours and a lightning strike in Lakewood the blew a hole in a family's roof. Neighbors heard the deafening boom. "It was like a flash of white light in front of me," neighbor Adina Rubin said. "It was really loud."

The owner of the home was startled awake not by the thunder, but by an alarm and the slight smell of smoke. "I went out, I didn't really see anything," Yisroel Minzer said. "I saw there were a lot of brush fires around, I thought maybe it was because of that, maybe it's an oven. I was so in a daze. I was sleeping, so I just dozed the alarm and I just went back to sleep."

Tonight: Shidduch Meetings Around Lakewood

Bayis Neeman Byisrael shidduch Meetings will take place tonight July 25, at 8:45 pm for Ladies only, please come prepared with full information for one or more names. 
335 Carey st (Forest Ave)
801 Madison apt#B12 
450 8th street (9:45)
238 Autmn rd (14th st)

179 Ridge (Ridge)
153 E. 9th (East End)
30 Dena Ct (Ridge)
28 Truman (Presidential)
28 E. 6th street (Princeton)
45 Whispering Pines (W. County Line)
194 Stratford (Coventry)
46 Cabinfield (Village Park)
20 Carlton (Central)
203 Flintlock (Sunset area)
32 Pressburg(Westgate) 
32 Natures Way(Ocean Pt 8:10-10:30) (Rt 88)
110 Aspen (Lake View)

Monday, July 24, 2017

Lakewood Eateries Open For the 9 Days

-Kava open till 9pm for the 9 days
-Prime 95 special 9 days fish menu
-Dlux open during the 9 days all Chinese dishes made with fish
-Upper Crust extended 9 day menu, at Todd Plaza
-Heimish Chinese open  2 sushi fish rolls $9.99
-Estreia 9 days fish menu
-Yapchick will be open Wed Thurs Friday with full Parve buffet, Shabbos takeout  avail on Friday
-Salmon  4 less 9082780635
-Sushi express full 9 days menu
-Four corners 4 locations new chestnut location, feast after 4 Promotion
-Aisle 9 Nine days deli menu open late
-Snaps Kosher ull 9 days Menu
-The Green House Cafe 503 River Avenue

Events Lakewood July 24, 2017

Parlor Meeting Yeshiva Kinyan HaTorah Roshei Yeshiva Hara Yehoshua Witkin Harav Yaakov Sanders, at 1594 South Lake Dr Lakewood, NJ 7:30 pm Divrei Bracha Harav Malkiel Kotler Shlita

Parlor Meeting: Hatzolas Rav Yitzchok Meir at 515 2nd street Lakewood, NJ 9:30-11:00 pm Hot Milichig Buffet

-Parlor meeting for local mishpacha with special needs child  8-11 pm at 1 Grassmere St Lakewood. Hot Buffet served.

Photos: Camp Spirit Around Lakewood

Bein Hazmanim- Boys Day Camps Begin Morning Traffic Alert

The camp spirit is here. The mascots are on the street corners cheering on the kids. B'H the children get to enjoy and have fun. Boys day camps begin today. camp programs keep the kinderlach busy in these long summer days. Thanks to the many Rebbeim and counselors who provide  summer fun for Lakewood's kinderlach. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Oif Simchas Lakewood July 23, 2017

-Vort: Hachosson Lazer Stregowski to Kallah Bina Friedman bas R Mendy at Gur Hall 1518 Tanglewood, Lakewood, NJ 5:30 and on 
-Vort: Hachosson Yoni Tesser to Kallah Sheva Spielman at Ateres Yeshaya hall from 4-8pm
-Vort: Hachosson Yaakov Cohen to Hakallah Esther Kaminsky at Ohr Meir 30 5th street, Lakewood, 3:00- 6:00 pm
-Vort:Hachoson Tzvi Kurtz to Kallah Hindy Abraham bas R' Dovid  at 148 Ned drive from
-Vort: Hachosson Garber to Hakallah Ricky Bluementhal Bas R' Yoel Z"l  at River terrace 1094 River Avenue in Lakewood

Photos: Lakewood Shabbos of Chizuk in Baltimore

Photos courtesy of

Minyanim for You Kippur Katan Lakewood Erev Rosh Chodesh Av

Kol Shimshon
Lev Avos 1:20
Rabbi Gissinger shul 1:15
Somerset walk 1:35 & 7:00
Alumni 1:45
Bm Kelmwoods Westgate 2:45
Satmar every bottom of the hour
Chateau Sefard 6:30
Hearthstone shul 7:00 pm
Breslov on 6th St bet Madison & Forest 7:15 pm
B"M of Westgate 7pm

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Audio: Gathering about Compliance With Benefit Programs

Mr. Harris 16:00 Mr. Waxler 26:50
Mr. Berkowitz 39:00 panel q&a
Courtesy of First Amendment Activist blog

Friday, July 21, 2017

Lakewood Zmanim ערב שבת פרשת מטות-מסעי שבת מברכים חודש מנחם אב שבת חזק

Erev Shabbos Kodesh/Shabbos Mevorchim/Shabbos Chazak Parshas Matos/Masei Friday 27 Tamuz 5777/July 21, 2017 Lakewood, New Jersey

Candel lighting:  8:02 pm
Shkiah:   8:20pm

Rosh Chodesh Av is on Monday
Molad Sunday evening, 0 minutes and 14 chalakim after 10:00 pm.
Shabbos weather: High of 91 Reel feel of 100, chance of afternoon Thunder Storms

  יחדשהו הקב״ה עלינו ועל כל עמו בית ישראל 
לחיים ולשלום, לששון ולשמחה, לישועה ולנחמה ונאמר אמן. 

שבת שלום, חזק חזק ונתחזק!

ערש"ק פר' מטות מסעי תשע"ז 'מעדני הפרשה'

בס"ד, ערש"ק פר' מטות מסעי תשע"ז
ידידיי ומכובדיי קוראי ומתענגי הגליון 'מעדני הפרשה' הע"י
ימים אלו הם ימי בין המצרים ומצווים אנו לקונן על חורבן בית המקדש שנחרב בגלל שנאת חינם, ועל כ"א ואחד לעשות חשבון נפשו בנידון. מסרתי פעם שיעור בענין הנ"ל והסברתי לציבור השומעים כי אין לחפש חסרונות אצל הזולת, שע"י זה מתרבה שנאת חינם, וכל אחד שיחפש רק אצל עצמו. ואז אני שומע את אחד המשתתפים בשיעור נוזף בחבירו די בקול: בערל, שמעת מה שהוא אמר? תפסיק לחפש חסרונות אצל אחרים, תחפש אצל עצמך... וזה הזכיר לי: מעשה ביהודי שהיה מחזר על הפתחים בימי בין המצרים ומוכר ספרי 'חפץ חיים' ו'שמירת הלשון' כדי לזכות את הרבים ולמנוע שנאת חינם, נכנס לחדר מדרגות ונקש בדלת, בעל הבית פותח את הדלת ומסתכל עליו במבט משועשע, ושואל: מה אפשר לעזור? מראה לו היהודי כי הוא מוכר ספרי חפץ חיים ושמיה"ל. ומה כתוב בהם? שואל בעה"ב, עונה המוכר: בספרים אלו מבואר חומר איסור לשון הרע ורכילות וכו'. עונה לו הבעה"ב בשלווה: 'טעית בכתובת, לנו אין צורך לכך, אני וב"ב מקפידים ב"ה שלא לדבר לשון הרע אף פעם, אם כבר, גש לשכן בדלת ממול, אנשים מושחתים הם, אצלם בבית תמיד מדברים לשה"ר...'

BDE: Sanz-Zhviller Rebbe of Union City, Zt”l

Hamodia DailyFriday, July 21, 2017 at 6:48 am | כ"ז תמוז תשע"ז   
Photo:M Goldstein
The Chassidic world was plunged into mourning with the petirah Friday morning of the Sanz-Zhviller Rebbe, Harav Shlomo Goldman, zt”l, at the age of 70. Harav Shlomo was born in Yerushalayim in Nissan 5707/1947, to his father Harav Mordechai of Zhvill, the Yekara D’Malka, and his mother Rebbetzin Sheina Rochel. Rav Mordechai was the son of Harav Gedaliah Moshe, who was the son of Harav Shlomo (Reb Shlomke) of Zhvill. He was named for his illustrious great-grandfather who was niftar just over a year before he was born. 
In 5727/1967, Reb Shlomo married Rebbetzin Miriam Leah, the eldest daughter of the Klausenberger Rebbe, zy”a.

ד"ת פרשת מטות מספר אזניים לתורה

Air Quality Alert for Lakewood NJ

The forecast Friday for Ocean County is code level orange...which
is unhealthy for sensitive groups...and means groups may
experience health problems due to air pollution. Primary
pollutant will be ozone. Although general public is not likely to be affected at this AQI range, people with lung disease, older adults and children are at a greater risk from exposure to ozone, whereas persons with heart and lung disease, older adults and children are at greater risk from the presence of particles in the air.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Simchas/Events Lakewood July 20, 2017

Vort: Hachosson Shmuel Alpert to  Kallah Temi Berman bas R Yechiel at Ohr Tuvia 969 east end at 7:15.

Vort: Hachoson Shloima Steger to Kallah Nechi Gutterman at Toras Aharon (500 Summer Av.) From 7-10 PM

 Vort: Hachoson Stern from Toronto to Kallah Bas R' Chaim Meir Roth at 1 White Dove Ct 8pm

Kollel Bais Halevi Parlor meeting Madison manor 4th and Madison 9:30-11pm

Mosdos Heichal Habesht Yerushalayim Leil Shishi get together at Stamford meadows shul, off Chestnut street, Lakewood NJ  the Rosh Yeshiva Rav Moshe Perlstein will speak at 10:00pm

Heading to the Catskills? Traveling? Lakewood Chaveirim Annual Auto Safety Inspection Today Thursday

Lakewood Chaveirim annual Auto Safety Inspection: Today Thursday 07.20.17 at Pine Park 4:00-6:00 PM. This service is provided to the community at no charge.

Reminder: Nine days begin this Sunday night

Rosh Chodesh AV is this coming Monday. The 9 days begins Sunday evening for all those going away for the weekend keep it in mind.

Last day of boy schools Camp begins on Monday Rosh Chodesh Menachem AV

Today is the last day of The Lakewood boys elementary schools. Some schools already finished the school year  most will have a half day today. Boys were dressed in white shirts eagerly awaiting the last day siyum and other fun achievement awards after a long school year. Thanks to all the Rebbeim, Moros, menahlim, Principals, English teachers, Bus drivers and all those who take care of the children guiding them and instilling in them Torah and Ahavas Hashem. Day camps will begin on Monday Rosh Chodesh Menachem AV

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fundraising Events Lakewood July 19, 2017

-Yeshiva Heichal Hatalmud Parlor Meeting, Roshei Yeshiva Rav Yechezkel Greenberger, Rav Moshe Weiss, at 49 Sherie Court, Lakewood, NJ 7:30 pm Guest speaker: Harav Lipa Geldwirth Shlita

-Yeshiva and Mesivta Keren HaTorah 20th Annual Dinner at Ne'emas Hachaim hall, Lakewood, 7:30 pm, Meshorerim Choir will be on hand

-Mesivta Ne'imus HaTorah of Baltimore, Lakewood Parlor meeting at 104 Reagan Court BBQ and Sushi bar 7:30 pm  GUest speaker: Rav Chaim Meir Roth Shlita

-Yeshiva Gedola and Mesivta of Woodlake  annual Dinner at Ateres Reva hall reception 7:15 Dinner 8:00 pm Rosh Yeshiva Harav Uren Reich shlita

-Yeshiva Zichron Meir of Mountaindale, Ny, lakewood Parlor meeting at  23 Olive Court 7:30 pm BBQ & Wine tasting fundraiser event

-Yeshiva Gedolah Knesses Bais Yisroel Parlor meeting Rosh Yeshiva Rav Yaakov Kokis shlita, at 619  6th street Lakewood, NJ 8:30 pm  Guest Speaker Rav Yehoshua Abba Busel Shlita Rav of High street Shul

-Mesivta Eitz Chaim of South Fallsburg Annual Lakewood Parlor meeting, Rosh Yeshiva Harav Avrohom Moshe Leib Gorelick Shlita, at 5 Ilan court, Lakewood 9:30 pm Divrei Bracha By the Rosh Yeshiva Harav Yeruchom Olshin Shlita

-BINA Stroke and Brain Injury assistance  Lakewood Parlor Meeting at 7 olive Court  Divrei Bracha from The Rosh Hayeshiva Harav Malkiel Kotler Shlita 7:30 pm

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


 Please be mispallel for Golda bas Esther a three month old Lakewood child who was airlifted from the Catskills  to Westchester Medical center after she stopped breathing earlier this evening.

Events: Lakewood July 18, 2017

-Ahavas Tzedaka of Lakewood annual Dinner Hosted by Dr. Shanik at Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga Reception 7:15 pm Dinner 8:00 pm Guest Speaker Harav Yisroel Brog Shlita
9:45- 11Pm Buffet and Zemiros

-Mesivta Torah Tenmima of Lakewood 4th Annual Dinner  Tiferes Simcha hall at Tiferes Bais Yaakov 613 Oak street Lakewood, NJ 8:00 pm Guest Speaker HaRav Noach Issac Oelbaum Shlita

-Yeshiva Shaarei Orah Parlor Meeting R"Y Rav Doniel Cohn, Rav Yoel Dessler, Rav Yosef Rothschild at 11 Glen Avenue North  7:15 pm Guest Speaker Harav Shlomo Feivel Schustal Shlita

-The Center Junior Jog run 7:00 pm on Prospect street. Each runner will receive a Drone followed by a Fireworks show

-Parlor Meeting on behalf of R' Yitzchok Meir Hager Shlita Rav of Chanichei Hayeshivos in Beit Shemesh at 614 6th street Lakewood 10:00PM

115th Yartzheit of Rabbi Yaakov Joseph ZT"L

Thousands are expected to attend the Kever of the Rav Hakolel and chief rabbi of New York city, Rabbi Yaakov Joseph Zt'l on his 115th Yartzheit - 24 Tamuz 5774 -July 19, 2017
He is buried in the Union Field cemetery in Ridgewood, NY at the Brooklyn/Queens Border close to crown heights and Williamsburg. He was niftar in 1902 (5662).
Rav Yoel Teitelbaum, the pervious Satmar Rebbe, would encourage his chassidim to pray at the tzion of the Rav Yaakov Yosef. It is reported that many people have found a yeshuah after visiting the tzion.
 Driving Directions to the kever:

Monday, July 17, 2017

Live Stream Agudas Yisrael Siyum on Maseches Bava Basra of the Daf Yomi

Simchas/Events Lakewood July 17.2017

-Vort: Hachosson Efraim Fishel Ashkenazi to Kallah Shana Greenwald bas R'  Avromy tonight @ 157 Flintlock drive  Lakewood, NJ 7:30pm

-Vort: Hachosson Ezzy Krieswirth ben R' Aron to Hakallah Malky Green in Estreia -River 978
 Shlomo Akiva Steger (Lakewood)  To Nechie Gutterman (Lakewood)
 Moishe Berger(Lakewood) to Chanshi Braunfeld (Monsey)
 Avi Mehl to Devorah Friedman (Lakewood)
 Shmueli Ganz (Lakewood) To Shevy Rand  (Montreal)

-Graduation Yeshiva Tioras aaron 8th Grade

-Yeshiva Emek HaTorah  R''Y Rav Yaakov Weinberger, annual Dinner at Lake  Terrace hall Lakewood, New Jersey Reception 7:15 Dinner 8:00 pm

-Yeshiva Noam HaTalmud R"Y Rav Uri Meir Kanarek, Parlor meeting 1508  Parkside Drive. Lakewood, NJ Divrei Bracha Harav Menachem Mintz

-Chai Lifeline Lakewood  Coventry Parlor Meeting at the Garden

Lakewood Poskim issue Letter about Take Out Foods on Shabbos

According to the letter  below, some establishments add spices to dishes after they are cooked, to enhance seasoning or presentation such as sesame seeds, Parsley flakes.  The dish now has raw ingredients and if the dish is placed in a situation of yad soledes it can be cooked and one would transgress the issur of bishul.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Lakewood Catskills Bus Service Schedule for 2017

Bus service from Lakewood to the Catskills Sundays and Fridays $40 one way children under 3 free per adult. For more info call 718-599-5040
 To the Catskills from Lakewood:
Locust Street @ Harmony Park   Sunday  4:40 pm        Friday   9:55 am
Seasons supermarket               Sunday 4:45 pm         Friday  10:00 am
Forest and 9th street               Sunday 4:55 pm         Friday  10:10 am
Squankum and Kennedy         Sunday 5:00 pm         Friday 10:15 am

To Lakewood from the Catskills Sunday and Thursday main terminal in the Catskills off exit 107 301 Bridgeville rd, Monticello Excellent bus service.
Last Day of Lakewood  Bus service August 27th

Friday, July 14, 2017

zmanim Lakewood ערב שבת פרשת פינחס

Friday, July 14, 2017 / כ' תמוז תשע"ז
Candle lighting 8:07 pm
Shkiah 8:25 pm
Weather 86°HI Precipitation 8%
Humid and warmer with periods of clouds and sun
הִנְנִי נֹתֵן לוֹ אֶת-בְּרִיתִי, שָׁלוֹם
Gut Shabbos
Simchas courtesy of Vivaser

Ahavas Tzedaka Dinner Journal Deadline

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 Ahavas Tzedaka by Dr. Robert and Mrs. Shanik  caring for Lakewood Families will have its annual Dinner this coming Tuesday July, 18 Many of the 700+ families they help are families struggling due to temporary or unexpected financial challenges. The primary goal is to ensure that they provide support in a discreet and dignified manner on a weekly basis and also during holiday seasons. The deadline id Today.

מעדני הפרשה ש"ק פר' פנחס תשע"ז

לקוראי הגליון 'מעדני הפרשה' הי"ו

מורי ורבי הגאון רבי מרדכי דרוק זצ"ל היה מספר כי סיקריק נעמד פעם בבית הכנסת שבו ידידיו מתפללים (סיקריק בעצמו פטור מתורה ותפילה ומכל מצוות האמורות בתורה, שהרי תמיד הוא עוסק במצווה, וגם משום שתדיר ואינו תדיר, תדיר קודם) והלם בידו על הבימה והכריז: השגתי כסף לפאשקוויל, מי יודע על איזה פירצה?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

NWS: Severe Thunderstorms Warning in Effect

Severe Thunderstorms expected until 6:15 pm in the Lakewood, NJ area. FLASH FLOOD WARNING UNTIL 8:30 PM
Hazard-  60 mph winds and quarter size hail 

NJ EZ Pass Tag Holders Ripped off at NYC Bridges and Tunnels?

TRENTON, New Jersey (WABC) -- A new study finds that drivers with E-ZPass tags issued by non-New York-based agencies are being charged the cash rate at New York bridges and tunnels run by the MTA, instead of receiving the E-ZPass discount. "

The situation is worse at the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, where AAA found the out-of-town E-ZPass/cash rate (or license plate rate at the newly cashless facility) is $17, versus $11.52 for an MTA E-ZPass."

The study by the AAA Northeast, dubbed "E-ZPass' Dirty Little Secret," found

Heat Advisory for Lakewood NJ


* HEAT INDEX...Maximum values between 97 and 102 degrees due to
temperatures in the lower to middle 90s and dew points in the
upper 60s and lower 70s.

* TIMING...The highest heat index values will occur during the

* IMPACTS...The heat and humidity may cause heat stress during
outdoor exertion or extended exposure.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lakewood Events July 12, 2017

-Kollel Shomrei Hachomos Lakewood Dinner at Tiferes bais Yaakov hall 613 Oak street doors open  8:45 Program begins at 10:00 pm Live hook up to EY Q&A with the Tolna Rebbe shlita ansewring  the lakewood communities questions on Chinuch, Simchas hachaim, bein Adam Lechaveiro

-Chai Lifeline Lakewood Dinner Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga, Buffet 8:30 pm Program begins 10:00 pm

-Night at the net Volleyball Tournament to benefit the yeshiva BML at 1343 Forest Glen court, Toms  River warm up 6:00 pm Game starts 6:30 pm Yedidim choir Hot Buffet donations of 250+ include admission

-Yeshiva Derech Chaim of EY Rav Baruch Levi Feivelsohn parlor meeting at 1093 Somerset Avenue Lakewood, NJ 7:30 pm

-Talmud Torah of Lakewood aannual Dinner at River Terrace 1094 River Avenue Dinner 7:45 Guest Speaker Rav Asher kalmanowitz of Mir yeshiva

-Parlor meeting for Almanah and 9 Yesomim of Rav Naftoli Sollof ZT"L at 17 Midtown circle Lakewood, NJ 10:15 pm

-Yeshiva Nachlas Tzvi Toronto Inaugural Lakewood Parlor meeting at 9 White Dove court 7:30 pm Guest Speaker Rav Eli Chaim Swerdloff Shlitah

Lakewood Industrial Commission Meeting

LAKEWOOD INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION  (LIC) Regular Business Meeting July 12, 2017
Time and Place: 11:30AM Conference Room C (Second Floor)
Lakewood Municipal Building, 231 Third Street, Lakewood, NJ 08701
Agenda HERE

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Live Stream Shiva Asar B' Tamuz Program 7:00 pm

Rabbi Shmuel Dishon, menahel of Mosdos Yad Yisroel of Karlin-Stolin and Rabbi Dovid Refson, founder and dean of Neve Yerushalayim College for Women in Jerusalem are the featured speakers at the annual Shiva Asar b’Tammuz Program of Flatbush.


BDE Reb Hershel Leitner Z"L of Lakewood was niftar earlier today he was found unresponsive in his home. He  worked as a mashgiach kashrus and for local caterers in Lakewood. He was 66 years old according to reports. The Levaya will take place this evening 6:30 pm in Lakewood at the chapel on 7th street and Kevurah in Eretz Yisrael. He is survived by his mother tbl''ch..
Besuros Tovos.

Lakewood Cares Gofundme page setup

You may have read news articles recently related to Lakewood and questionable actions by POLITICIANS as well as BUILDERS regarding zoning. Recently we were successful in challenging an Ordinance that was not properly noticed (meaning no notice was sent to the residents that were affected by the change) for our residential zone in Lakewood.  We also understand that there may be 50 other Ordinances that have also not been properly noticed throughout the town.  The Judge found on our behalf and nullified the Ordinance.  Now a group of BUILDERS has united with a claim to the court to INTERVENE on the ruling.  They are hoping

Shiva Asar B' Tamuz Lakewood 5777

-Amiras Tikkun Chatzos at Chateau Sefard shul 1:15 followed by Mincha through the 3 weeks
-Not fasting? Free Slurpee day at Participating Seven 11 Stores
-Fast is over in Lakewood at 9:16 pm (MyZmanim)
-Drasha from Rav Dovid Schustal at B"M Kelmwoods Westgate before Maariv
-Ateres Yeshaya Drasha before Maariv
-Bais Efraim 141 Miller road Mincha at 8:05 followed by Mishna Berura Shiur Mariv at 9:15
-B"m Albert shiur hilchos bein Hamtzorim after 8 pm Mincha
-Sterling Place Rav Elya Brudny speaking after 7:45 mincha for Adopt a kollel hot buffet served after.
-Kol Aryeh‏ Mincha minyanim 1:40, 5:30, 7:00, 8:40
-Maariv Ohr Gedalya 8:56
-Maariv in Lutzk 8:57 Divrei Hisoirerus before Maariv by Rav Yitzchok Sorotzkin shlita
-Maariv Bais Shabsi 9:00 pm

Monday, July 10, 2017

Oif Simchas Lakewood July 10, 2017

-Chasuna: Lewin- Dovek Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga
-Chasuna: Katz- Rosenblum Ateres Reva hall Lakewood, NJ
-Vort: Hachosson Avrohom Klinger to Kallah Elisheva Herskovitz Bas R' Yosef at Bais Yaakov  Elementry 2 Kent Rd Lakewood, NJ 8:00 pm

-Vort: Hachoson Moshe Shugarman to Kallah Malka Gewirtzman bas R' Sender at KZY Rav  Gissinger shul 175 Sunset Rd Lakewood, NJ 6:45 pm - 10:00 pm

-Vort: Hachosson Moshe Garber to Kallah Nechama Kravetz Bas R' Yeruchem at Bais Nosson Tzvi 7:30 pm

Seudas Hilula for Admor M'Bluzhev Zatzal with current Rebbe at 1404 14th street Lakewood 8:00 pm

LPD Investigating torched car incidents

2 cars were torched on Miller rd. PD investigating. cars were torched last night in Lakewood on Miller rd area and Seminole. Police investigating possible bias crime related to last weeks events.

Hot weather expected for Shiva Asar B' Tamuz Fast Day

The Three weeks of mourning begins tonight and the fast day of 17 Tamuz begins tomorrow morning. The temperature for Lakewood will be in the mid 90's and very humid. Stay hydrated.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Oif Simchas/Events Lakewood July 9, 2017

Zwickler- Robbins at Lake Terrace hall
Enkaoua- Gisis at N'eemas Hachaim hall
Akerib- Jacobs Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder

Vort: Hachosson MOshe Sasoon to Kallah Goldie Jacobs at the Epstein home 1870 Dino Blvd , Toms River, NJ

-Hespedim for Rav Yaakov Gershon Bursztyn ZT"L at BMG Klein B"M 7:20 pm 
 Maspidim:  Rav Dovid Schustal and Talmid of Rav Chatzkel Levenstein ZT"L

-BBQ on Behalf of Regesh Lakewood at 9 Walker drive Lakewood (The Woods) 7:30 pm Live Music with Strumz

-Seudas Hodaah for Mishpachas Yasolovsky at Tiferes Bais Yaakov hall 613 Oak street 8-11 pm

Tonight:The Phil K Experience

Kumzitz by Moshe Storch 6:30- 9:00 pm 2nd st lkwd Bet Clifton and Lexington

Sunday July 9, 2017 Lakewood Events

- Visiting Day in the Catskills
-Hachnosas Sefer Torah Today Liluy Nishmas Rav Shlomo Zalman Malinowitz zt"l
Kesivas Osiyos 11 - 1 @ 415 7th St Lakewood, NJ
Mincha 1:45 followed by procession to BMG Maariv B"M Vasikin Minyan

-Hatzolah of Jersey Shore Carnival at 100 Grant Avenue DEAL, NJ 07723
11:00AM - 6:00PM

- LCSW, LPD & OCSD Car Seat Safety Check. Today 11am-3pm in Ocean County Park. Each car will take approx 30 minutes.

Seudas Hodaah for Yeshiva Bachur

Saturday, July 8, 2017

והִצַּלתָּם מֵעֵינָה בִּישָׁא דּבִלעָם הָרָשָׁע

סגולה נגד עין הרע וכישוף יאמר י"א פסוקים המתחילים בנו"ן ומסתיימים בנו"ן, והם מסוגלים להנצל מעין הרע ומכישוף.

נֶגַע צָרַעַת כִּי תִהיֶה בּאָדָם, והוּבָא אֶל-הַכֹּהֵן
נַחנוּ נַעֲבֹר חֲלוּצִים לִפנֵי יהֹוָה אֶרֶץ כּנָעַן, ואִתָּנוּ אֲחֻזַּת נַחֲלָתֵנוּ מֵעֵבֶר לַיַּרדֶן
נָבִיא מִקִּרבּךָ מֵאַחֶיךָ כָּמֹנִי יָקִים לךָ יהֹוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ, אֵלָיו תִּשׁמָעוּן
נָהָר פּלָגָיו ישַׂמּחוּ עִיר-אֱלֹהִים, קדֹשׁ מִשׁכּנֵי עֶליוֹן
נֶגֶד אֲבוֹתָם עָשָׂה פֶלֶא, בּאֶרֶץ מִצרַיִם שדֵה-צֹעַן
נָחִיתָ כַצּאן עַמֶּךָ בּיַד-מֹשֶה ואַהֲרֹן
נַפתִּי מִשׁכָּבִי, מֹר אֲהָלִים וקִנָּמוֹן
נֵר יהֹוָה נִשׁמַת אָדָם, חֹפֵשׂ כָּל-חַדרֵי-בָטֶן
נֹפֶת תִּטֹּפנָה שִׂפתוֹתַיִך כַּלָּה, דּבַש וחָלָב תַּחַת לשׁוֹנֵך ורֵיחַ שַׂלמֹתַיִך כּרֵיחַ לבָנוֹן
נֻדוּ מִתּוֹך בָּבֶל וּמֵאֶרֶץ כַּשׂדִּים צֵאוֹ וִהיוּ כּעַתּוּדִים לִפנֵי צֹאן
נֹשקֵי קֶשֶת מַימִינִים וּמַשׂמִאלִים בָּאֲבָנִים וּבַחִצִּים בַּקָּשֶׁת, מֵאֲחֵי שָאוּל מִבִּניָמִן

Friday, July 7, 2017

New Temporary B"M for Satmar kehila At Rockwell Opening This Shabbos

Lakewood Zmanim ערב שבת פרשת בלק

Friday, July 7, 2017 / י"ג תמוז תשע"ז

Candle lighting: 8:10 PM 
Shkiah: 8:28 PM

Weather Shabbos High of 89 some thunderstorms
Fast of Shiva Asar B'Tamuz is Tuesday

כִּי מֵרֹאשׁ צֻרִים אֶרְאֶנּוּ
וּמִגְּבָעוֹת אֲשׁוּרֶנּוּ
הֶן עָם לְבָדָד יִשְׁכֹּן
וּבַגּוֹיִם לֹא יִתְחַשָּׁב

Video: A Message From Lakewood Chaveirim

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Oif Simchas Lakewood July 6, 2017

-Chasunah: Brander- Einstader Ateres Chana hall
-Chasunah: Cohen - Lerner at Lake Terrace --Chumash Shiur by Rav Asher Druk of Yerushalayim ben a Rav Mordechei Druk ZT"L at Zichron Shneur B"M 9:50 pm
-Chai lifeline Parlor meeting at Bais Horaah hall 10:00 pm

Watch LIVE: 2017 Camp SCHI Challenge

Watch live on  interactive map HERE
The SCHI Challenge is a biking challenge – the ride will start at SCHI's school in Lakewood, NJ and travel miles of rustic roads and beautiful scenery to Camp SCHI. What sets this athletic endeavor apart from other biking events is that

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Oif Simchas/ Events Lakewood July 5, 2017

Stein- Yonash at Ateres Chana hall
Frankel- Gifter at Ateres Reva hall
Kogel- Blum fountain ballroom Lakewood Cheder
Gurwitz- Kreiser Ne'emas Hachaim hal
Goldstone- Walkin Lake Terrace hall

-Lakewood Hatzolah auction
-Vaad L'hatzolas Nidchei Ysrael Parlor meeting Esther Gerber hall 5th and Madison 8:45 pm
Guest speaker Harav Uren Reich shlita
-Yeshiva Bais Yisrael Rav Shmuel Miller parlor meeting at 1455 Heathwood 8:00 pm
- Shidduch asifa for bochurim hashkafa and Chizuk by Rav Elya Brudny shlita at BM vayoel Moshe 613 7th street 10:45 pm

WATCH LIVE: Lakewood Hatzolah Auction Fundraiser

Hamodia: Harav Yaakov Gershon Bursztyn, Z”l

Hamodia -The sudden and untimely passing of Harav Yaakov Gershon Bursztyn, z”l, has left a tremendous void in Bais Medrash Govoha, Lakewood, and Klal Yisrael as a whole. Rav Yaakov Gershon personified what it meant to be a Lakewood ben Torah; his every step was defined by his identity as a talmid of BMG. He retained this identity in its totality as he transitioned from a yungerman within the beis medrash to an integral member of the yeshivah’s administration, serving as registrar for nearly 45 years. In this capacity, he saw the growth of the yeshivah from some 600 talmidim in the early 1970s to more than 10 times that many today — and he comported himself in the same way in both periods.

Tonight: Lakewood Hatzolah Auction Watch Live!

Lakewood Township Summer Recreation 2017

Monday, July 3, 2017

Oif simchas July 3, 2017

Schreier- Gorelick at Neemas Hachaim hall

Horowitz- Levovitz at Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga
Schmelczr- Rappaport  Ateres Reva
Schesrtz- Weingarden at Fountain ballroom Lakewood Cheder
Vort: Hachosson Ami Heller to Kallah Gitty Zlotowitz bas R' Ira at White oaks shul 7:30 pm

Video: NJ Heritage Buses at Lakewood Bus Terminal

Did you know there are antique NJ transit buses parked at the Lakewood bus terminal as part of NJ Heritage bus museum. On weekends enthusiasts come by and drive these buses around the block.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Dr. Choen Sitting Shiva

Dr. Jonathan Cohen is sitting Shiva for his mother, Paulyn Cohen A”H (Pesha Fayga bas Avrohom), of Teaneck, New Jersey. Dr. Cohen will be sitting through Friday, at his home, 826 South Lake Dr. Shacharis 7:15am, Mincha/Maariv 8:15pm. No visiting 12:30-1:30, 6:30-7:00 and not later than 10:30.

Lakewood Township Fireworks over Lake Carasaljo

Tomorrow evening July 3 There will be a concert at Lake Carasaljo 7:30 pm followed by Fireworks display over the Lake.

Matzav - Petirah of Rabbi Yaakov Gershon Burstyn z”l

Matzav It is with great sadness that reportsvthe passing of Rabbi Yaakov Gershon Burstyn, who suffered a heart attack on Shabbos morning in Lakewood, NJ, where he resides. He was 74. Rabbi Bursztyn served as the registrar at Beth Medrash Govoah, whose hanhalah he had been a part of for many years. Rabbi Burszty was in serious condition and was being treated at Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune, NJ. He passed away this morning. The levaya will take place at 2 PM at Beth Medrash Govoha, located at 6176 Street, between Private Way and Lakewood Avenue, in Lakewood, New Jersey. Kevurah will follow at the E. 7th St. Cemetery in Lakewood. Yehi zichro Boruch.

Milk Recall

The New York State Agriculture Commissioner stated that 1% low fat milk produced by Mountain Fresh Dairy in Binghamton, New York is being recalled for improper pasteurization. The notice states, “Proper pasteurization heats milk in order to effectively eliminate all pathogenic bacteria, such as Listeria and Salmonella.” No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with this problem. The recalled 1% low fat milk was sold at three grocery stores in Lakewood and Jackson, New Jersey: NPGS (The Co-op) at 2080 West County Line Road in Jackson, 231 Main Street in Lakewood, and 152 James Street in Lakewood. Click Here! The milk was sold under the name Mountain Fresh. It was also distributed by the Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse (CHOW) in Broome County, New York. The product was packaged in a half-gallon, plastic container with the container code: USE BY JUL 07 2017. If you purchased this product, do not consume it. Throw it away in a sealed or double bagged package so other people can’t eat it.

Atzeres Tfillah in E"Y

Today: Touch-a-Truck Day at First Energy Park

The BlueClaws will hold their second Touch-a-Truck Day at FirstEnergy Park prior to their game on Sunday, July 2nd.

The fun in front of the ballpark will begin at 11:00 am. There will be a wide variety of trucks - from fire trucks to utility trucks to emergency vehicles and others - for kids to explore. There is no cost to participate.