Sunday, June 4, 2017

Who is behind the anti Vaad Pashkevill?

A Pashkevill (HERE) which spoofs the official Vaad election notice was hung in shuls and distributed all over Lakewood. It was not signed by any of the candidates running for township nor did anyone take credit for it. TBL said it has nothing to to with it. The letter went low, and had factual errors. It went to great length mixing in Hatzalah and other issues not relevant to the election. The big question remains was this letter purposely put out to undermine the opposition making them look bad? Its a standard technique used to undermine your opponents and rile up your base.
While some may say this is a conspiracy, there are telling signs pointing that it may have actually come from a source sympathetic to the Vaad or perhaps It was well meaning opposition. 
Hint: Look into the printing, financing and distribution.


  1. It can't be the vaad doing this they are all lies. they cant say the truth...

  2. Check out the comments

    No sympathy there :)

  3. Harold HerskowitzJune 4, 2017 at 8:32 AM

    What was wrong with what they wrote? The VAAD is responsible to be the conduit of communication between the yeshiva community and the local government. What have they done since their inception that fits that description? They don't advocate for the general yeshiva community. They simply advocate for a select few individuals. It's time we just ignored anything they have to say.

  4. It's very interesting that TLS has an article up about Hatzolah getting State approval for paramedics!! This seems like a big coincidence!

  5. The Very Fact That there are no laws barring vaad members from any conflict of interest or bebefitt financial gain from their positions fuels the argument that it's corrupt and a joke.

    1. Harold HerskowitzJune 4, 2017 at 9:11 AM

      We need to make a lost of each vaad member and what they get personally from taxpayer money. Would anyone like tondoctoe honors or do I have to?

    2. For starters.
      Rabinowitz, kotler, Blech, rosansky, shenky all live in TAX FREE housing.

    3. They are legally entitled for a exemption according to the Law, nevertheless, they should not dictate policy or claim to represent tax payers or youngeleit that struggle and pay close to 10K a year in property taxes.

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  6. The Vaad never went all out like this in a primary election. They are panicking and nervous. Most likely they have the vote if they bring out their base through fear with their standard playbook. But it's no guarantee the other candidates have a lot of momentum.
    They Are More Worried About next year when the Golden Boys Meir & Menash are up for reelection.

  7. The same person that anonymously put out the anti-Vaad letters, should also put out an authentic-looking Vaad letter endorsing the new candidates. Guide the blind sheep in the right direction.

  8. Headline: Letter Slams Local Candidate - But Signers Didn't Even Know Who They Were Signing Against

    Unfortunately, during this election season, those with a nefarious agenda have not refrained from spreading lies and misrepresentations. They have also conveniently lumped together all the local candidates running independently, thus attempting to apply guilt by association. By doing so, they didn’t need to do more than condemn one particular candidate for mesirah and the like, because that label was then easily applied to the other candidates.

    This is shameful. By doing this, those who claim to be standing up for Torah and bnei Torah besmirched the good names of fine people who never hurt anyone.

    Let’s take a look at one candidate named Dovid Gruman. Dovid has lived in Lakewood all his life. His zaide was a talmid muvhak of Rav Aharon Kotler zt”l. Dovid hails from a family that is well known for its Torah ideals. Dovid is an ehrliche fellow, a hardworking taxpaying resident of Lakewood. Dovid decided to run for a seat on the Township Committee. He launched a positive campaign, seeking to address the issues on the minds of Lakewood residents.

    Before he knew it, Dovid was attacked by those with an agenda as “unqualified.” He was lumped together with three other candidates he has nothing to do with. A letter was released against these candidates. Dovid’s name was included.

    To the dismay of many, it has since been discovered that Dovid never even received as much as a phone call from anyone associated with the letter to find out who he is or why he is running.

    In fact, when Dovid approached one of the people whose name was on the letter, the signatory expressed shock that “Dovid Gruman” was in fact him. The signatory related that he had relied on others who released the letter. They had assumed that he was a member of a different Gruman family.

    In short, the letter besmirching and defaming Dovid Gruman was released without any knowledge of who Dovid Gruman is. It is fairly easy to find out who people are, what they do, what they are about, where they daven, and who they associate with. In this case, a letter was released against a local ben Torah without even the most basic research being done beforehand.

    How can anyone trust people who have no compunction about defaming, besmirching and tarnishing the reputation of good, upstanding people?

    The truth speaks for itself.

    1. Yossel GrickmeyerJune 4, 2017 at 12:02 PM

      R' Dovid,
      You're a good man who wants to do right by the oilum, but if you want to enter the world of politics, this is it. Either get used to it or get out before it gets too much for you.

  9. The Vaad should try to be a little more diverse. 90% of them
    are living in tax free housing
    live within a 2 block radius,
    are 55+,
    and are somehow benefitting directly thru some special Interest.

    The younger tax paying majority of town has no representation on the Vaad!

    Why are they still invoking R Shneur who hasent been in lakewood since before the majority of town was born??

  10. Big problem coming up in Lakewood.
    The developers want back their bakshish for the approvals, if the courts or zoning / planning don't give them the deals.

    The receivers claim it was not a loan, just an investment that went bad.

    Who will handle the din torah?
    The Vaad, I guess.

  11. Take a good shaila!

  12. In regards to Michael’s propaganda video on #fakenews, (I am from the few readers left who do not post there so I am not blackmailed) a couple of thoughts,
    Michael. I do not know you personally but you do seem to be a smart guy, so I am trying to figure out what your real drive here is. Being machnia to daas torah is safe to say is most definitely not what is driving you, if it was you would not have had to explain why it is so smart to vote for Coles, and you would not encourage questioning, just listen to daas torah and end of story.
    Now in regards to your actual points, none of them really made any sense but let’s start.
    - Proven …Real….I mean really, courtesy bussing – there is no courtesy bussing for 85% of this town, but I guess you do not want to be confused with the facts
    - Affordable housing – really? this guy has been in office for 15 years? And he got us 100 units? of affordable housing? Is that it? so that is the only reason we should vote for him?
    - Real proven results ? A big proven disasters – extreme density-illegal spot zoning, variance that are turned over in federal court-0
    - special interest favors-more and more traffic, taxes through the roof, need I go on, and this is the guy that has been here forever!!!
    - Debate..ask questions? Have you ever tried submitting a question to Coles @ #fakenews that was not about a pothole? It seems not or you would have been banned. These people have no interest in any debate, it’s much easier for them to give #fakenews the billboards and have them be his free PR arm.
    - Hate,? it seems to only be a 1 way street with that, when the powers to be want to criticize the new candidates it seems to be free game.
    - Has he ever advocated to change the school formula?

    Real proven results with real ideas you obviously have not been listening to the candidates.
    A few of the ideas and plans in case you missed:
    4 year term limits
    A memorandum on all building
    External auditing companies
    And the biggest point the end of pandering to special interest groups and getting cushy
    Jobs for your kids!

    So Michael, what were you thinking? I don’t know? What is your angle I don’t know. But one thing I do know you are most definitely too smart to believe one word of that whole video!!!

  13. BTW Mike. Are you that rich that you don't care for the twshp attorney job? Oh you said it first so I guess that doesn't count