Thursday, June 22, 2017

Watch Live: Lakewood Township Committee Meeting 6/22/17


  1. Was Westgate application heard yet? If so, what was the outcome?

    1. West gate was heard and passed, how ironic for people to speak about safety while they drive like animals blowing stop signs. Mayor Coles said it wasnt the Vaad but former westgate mayor and now the self appointed Jule mayor is a proxy vaad member.

  2. cones all along route 88, is it being narrowed so more houses can be added closer to the street?

  3. Westgate was a farce and it was already paased before ayone could oppose it.
    At the Erev Pesach meeting Menashe Miller had no clue what was going on he did not know the facts all he knew was his budy Yossel told him to come down. Despite an assurance from officials that they would enforce parking the fix was in to make North Crest a 1 way street no matter what. The Vaad Poop site reported earlier today that the ordnance was expected to pass.
    Now lets see the officials take credit when G-D forbid something happens because of this ridiculous dangerous move.

  4. As a non Westgate resident, can someone please explain both sides of this case.
    1) why the necessity make Northcrest 1 way,
    2) why the opposition

  5. 2:35 – Michael Inzelbuch Esq. demands the township pay for the Lakewood High School football team. Claims many participants go to get free scholarships to various colleges.
    15;15 – High school students shake hands with township members
    17:50 – David relates how an Israeli group host Shabbat meals in Israel. Article claims it insults secular Jews.
    22:40 – Moshe Ratzik asks to postpone the changes to Westgate roads.
    23:30 – Mr Liberman relates a car crashed into him today. Same happened to his wife at the same spot. Something needs to be done to eliminate the traffic which is the cause of these accidents.
    25:00 – Shlomo Klein mentions how he complained about yellow stripes marked on the road on the wrong spot. Dept of traffic is claiming it’s the responsibility of the water company who painted it wrong. Township members need to obey the vaad; help them steal. At least should fix roads. Henshel is doing a great job. He never gets credit. Asks for a response from the mayor.
    29:20 – Ahron Hirsch says he went to planning and zoning meetings. Time to drain the swamp. Spot zoning in Chestnut. Zones need to be kept. Asks what’s with the flee market.
    33:00 – resident thanks board for paving yellow lines.
    34:40 – Shlomo Klein says this ordinance is befit the town of Chelm. Ask who asked for the road to become a one way? The fact that there is no paper trail as to who requested what- makes it looks like this is pay for play.
    40:20 – westgate resident is pro the ordinance.
    41:08 - westgate resident is pro the ordinance. Motion approved.