Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Center Run in Lakewood Today

אנו רצים even when we just RUN its for Tzedaka.

The Center Run fundraiser for the special children's center will have over 300 Runners through the streets of Lakewood. Race begins at 5 pm in Town Square
-314 Runners 
-Total Raised so far $913,963 and counting


  1. A sign of the times that in the Ihr Hatorah men car run through the streets during seder wearing shorts and open neck shirts with no tzitzis it may be for a good cause but the concept is far removed.
    At the same time we demand tznius from the ladies are we hypocrites?

    1. I run for center and I dont wear tzitis when I run. I wear my strings out otherwise when dressed formally...But when I swim and run, No tzisis. Im koviah ittim. Dont force "2nd seder" on me as i have my own sedorim. Sign of the times that everyone is forced ito the same box

  2. And for that matter, I salute the Center and its wonderful work, which I as many other residents benefit from, and may they have much hatzlacha in any and all fundraising that they do for their vital and blessed work. That being said, is it not possible to have the run on a route which would not tie up traffic for the entire town? If there is a reason it has to be this way so be it, but if its just to increase the exposure, I think there is enough of that, and the extra zchusim from all the bittul Torah that won't be caused, and in general the time of so many people that won't be wasted will surely stand in their stead to not lose any money on it.....

  3. The Ends justify the means whats this any different than ll these over the top parlor meetings with wine tasting sushi bars and carving stations.

    Cedarbridge mall was no different Lakewood is no longer a Yeshiva town it is a large Jewish metropolis that happens to host a large yeshiva but the Gashmiyus and way of life is a far cry from the kollel days of the 80's and the 90's.

  4. With all due consideration to the first commentator at 3:08pm, I must respectfully disagree.
    I ask the following questions as a point of discussion, not ch"v to disparage anyone:
    Your comment begins with these words:
    "A sign of the times that in the Ihr Hatorah"
    I ask with tears, Are we still an Ihr Hatorah? Are the majority of our town bound by the precepts of Torah the same way way it was in Lakewood in the 60's 70's 80's and even in the 90's?
    Are we still a Town of Torah,or did we become A City of Luxury?
    Point One:
    Are we an Ihr Hatorah?
    Or, WERE we an Ihr Hatorah?
    Point 2
    Shorts and open neck shirts.
    See point 1.
    If we are an Ihr Hatorah, you are correct, es past nisht. But, if Lo aleinu we are not, then what is wrong? I doubt you could find anywhere that shorts are assur per se as a violation of Tznius for men.
    In summary: Shorts past nisht-yes.
    But is it assur?
    Back to point 1. If we are an Ihr Hatorah then you are correct because we answer to a higher standard. We wear hats as a uniform. So of course, shorts is not our uniform.
    But if not...... If we are steeped in gashmius, then what's wrong? This is a healthy outlet.
    Point 3.
    Debated by poskim forever when playing sweaty sports.
    If we are a Yeshiva community and an Ihr Hatorah you are correct. We do things beyond the letter of the law. But if chv not. Then we can do exactly as it is brought by later poiskim.
    Again. Your premise is based upon the fact that we are an Ihr Hatorah today. Are we?
    Last point.
    Woman are bound by specific tznius. According to all poskim No they can't wear shorts. They can't wear open necks.
    So I'm sorry that argument fails.
    In summary:
    We must ask ourselves
    Are we an Ihr Hatorah?
    If not,
    How did we lose it.
    How can we get it back.
    Until such time, I bentch all those that ran and raised money for The Center.

    1. Lakewood is still a Ihr HaTorah and it's embarrassing what has happened and allowed to go on in our town. In Brooklyn we never had a few hundred men get together and jog with shorts through the streets or bike for the same matter.
      A few years ago a ladies bike event wanted to drive out of Lakewood the mashgiach was adamant they dare do it he couldn't stop it but at least the message was clear mot in our town.
      Is this the chinuch we are teaching our children?
      Yes, sports and exercise is healthy but where is the sensitivity?
      Where is the busha?
      We have lost our pride of derhiobenkeit we have no problem can be like "them" and flaunt it.
      is there anything that separates us from the rest of the world?
      It's sad that we as a community can't raise funds for a worthy cause without resorting to these fundraising methods.