Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Ten years ago The Vaad Promised to "Restruct"and "Adapt" Nothing Was Done, Enough of the Bluff

In 2006 The during a contentious elections Bnei yeshiva and Lakewood residents were angry and upset at the Vaad's rule and control. The Vaad at the time put out a letter (see below) and promised to restruct and better adapt and respond to the concerns of Lakewood residents. The Vaad promised to form a "Ichud Rabbonim" to ensure the needs of the entire Lakewood Kehilla.

Fast Forward 11 years later its now 2017 the town has exploded and doubled its population we are at the same position no new members were added  NOT ONE RAV (outside the vaad)  IN LAKEWOOD HAS ANY SAY ON THE VAAD. Its controlled by the same few who continue to use and abuse the koach Hatzibbur.
Do they really think were such fools?
The Chutzpah to Ignore the needs of the kehilla yet call themselves representatives of the entire town?
And above all they pull out the Achdus card to quash any opposition. Have they no shame for sitting on their laurels all these years yet continue to fool the residents with puff pieces and PR through their controlled media outlets.
They had their chance and DID NOTHING. Its all talk no action. Its  time to let others represent the town.

Article from 2006
Lakewood, NJ - The Vaad, an influential council of Orthodox Jewish leaders, will be restructured to better respond to the concerns of the township’s fast-growing Orthodox community, the organization announced in a letter to Orthodox residents.

A council of rabbis is to be formed for the purpose of giving guidance to the 11-member Vaad, which issues political endorsements and takes positions on various civic matters.  
“It is the intent . . . to place the Vaad under the guidance of the Ichud Rabbonim and through that to ensure that the needs of the entire Kehilla (community) are appropriately met,” the letter stated.  
The announcement of the Vaad’s restructuring was included in a letter in which the Vaad also made its election endorsements for the municipal, House and U.S. Senate races. “We sincerely recognize that the Vaad . . . must adapt in order to better represent the needs of a growing and diverse (religious community),” the letter stated


  1. Just watch the sly vaad members take control of the newly elected officials.
    We dare the newly elected to meet with the privately- only in a public forum.

  2. Posted on thelakewoodscoop. Let's see if they let this through.
    Rabbi Weisberg – Vaad-endorsed candidates have presided over the wholesale degradation of quality-of-life in Lakewood over the past number of years . Kindly explain the Vaad’s moral standing to continue to demand fealty to its endorsements. Remember, Achdus is a noble ideal when utilized properly. Achdus used improperly leads to disaster.

  3. Tzvki Rubenfeld whose Bais Medrish this was filmed in approves of this message

  4. It us unfair that you guys have the position that nobody is allowed to disagree with you. My family is in Lakewood since it was a slum and we were afraid to walk anywhere other than the Yeshiva blocks even by day. We don't consider what happened since ,a degradation of our quality of life. People are entitled to their opinions , but the anti incumbent and anti Vaad guys are so vehement that nobody can have a different opinion. That's typical leftist,liberal style to claim to respect free speech and opinions but in reality be very narrow and one sided.

    1. Exactly your finally getting a taste of what the vaad has been doing to anyone that didn't bow to them. The progress in Lakewood had nothing to do with the vaad or any politicians. It was simply because people moved into those neighborhoods previously occupied by slums. As the town grew people bought homes.

  5. Vaad definition of Achdus= is Only We exist anyone else are balei machlokes.