Saturday, June 3, 2017

TBL- BREAKING NEWS!! Judge Invalidates 2013 County Line ordinance!

This  township Committee knew it was a faulty ordnance but ignored it anyways and forced residents to pay out of pocket and fight it in court. Now the Judge ruled in favor of the residents and against the township. Mayor Coles, Menashe Miller and Meir Lichtenstein voted for it in 2013, when it was brought to their attention, they refused to fix it.

By: takebacklakewood  June 02, 2017

See here for background on the 2013 County Line ordinance where the Township passed an ordinance allowing commercial buildings on County Line without telling the people in the neighborhood as required by law. . Our incompetent township committee not only passed a faulty ordinance in 2013, but in 2017 when they were made aware, they were incapable in putting forth a motion to repeal the faulty ordinance.  See here for the lawsuit filed by residents of County Line against Lakewood Township. 

In a pretrial hearing this morning in Ocean County Superior Court, the Plantiff's were represented by Arbus, Maybruch & Goode and the defendants were represented by Lakewood Township Attorney Steve Secare and Planning Board Attorney John Jackson. The developers seeking to build commercial buildings were represented by another law firm. The defendants argued that a switch to allow commercial was not a significant enough change to require notice. 

Judge Marlene Lynch Ford ruled in favor of the County Line residents ruling that the 2013 ordinance (due to lack of notice) is invalid! 
Her ruling determined that a change to residential, commercial, industrial, or higher density residential constitutes a significant change for which notice is required The lack of notice means that the Township lacked jurisdiction to pass a zonin
g change. 

Going forward the planning board may not hear the pending applications as there is currently no legal ordinance allowing commercial on County Line! There will be a trial in July at which point the determination will be made as to the damages owed to the residents of County Line for both their attorney fees and the damage caused by commercial buildings that were constructed using the illegal ordinance. 

This sets a significant legal precedence for Lakewood Township! For several years the township committee (with Ray Coles on the committee) passed dozens of zoning changes switching industrial zones to residential and low density residential to higher density residential without sending notice! With this ruling in place, it will be extremely easy to reverse many of the faulty zoning changes in Lakewood!!

For years the Township Committee has been aiding and abetting the developers in turning Lakewood into the current dense gridlock that it is today. 
On Tuesday June 6th, vote out Coles and Delia and vote in new candidates!!


  1. Does that mean that buildings which till now were not allowed to build due to technicalities will now finally be allowed to build?!

    1. No silly פאקרט those that built were technically not allowed to do so , tgey needed to alot time to allow the neighbors to protest . Its a quagmire now cause what happens to all those that built

  2. What is stopping the township from sending out notices tomorrow and passing the ordinance?

    1. No way, the oilam would fight them tooth & nail. There's a reason notices weren't sent out the first time.
      Now let's get moving on the biggest problem of all, the oak street corridor, which will cause traffic to spiral totally out of control. It'll definitely be overturned, just like county line & cross st. were.
      I have a feeling the township committee members would be happy if it was overturned also, because the outrage the extra traffic will cause will be terrible for them.

    2. The township committee will not be happy to have Oak Street overturned,. They specifically created new zoning called R10A to allow it to happen and fronted the money for the CAFRA permit

  3. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    (Albert Einstein)

    A year ago if I would of asked of you ‘how are things doing’ you would said the system is broken. Two years ago the reply would have been the system is broken.Three years ago..
    In a year from now it will be the same in all likelihood. Unless we get up, get out ,and do what needs to be done.
    We all want our town to be greater. It should be greater.

    Elections are here again.

    Many of you are jaded? If we vote for a superior slate, now that we've been given the chance, it will soon be a mum oiver
    Many are numb? Like Bnei Yisroel in Mitzra'im when Moshe came?
    Wake Up! Or we'll miss our opportunity !

    The oligarchs who control the town tell us continuously how wonderful the public is, but when it comes to speaking to Trenton on behalf of the BOE or any other , their invariable excuse for our problems is that the system is broken. They never say that to the voters ,however. Because? They wish to stay in office. They turn around and instantaneously give us their cheery smile and speak about sunshine.

    We expect more from Lakewood We ought to. In our hearts we feel it ought to be so much grander. And it could be.

    Every positive change will demand taking a sort of leap of faith, whether personal , communal or electoral. It will require going beyond the lethargy we’ve gotten used to, our default comfort zone. Go ask any therapist, mashgiach or statesman.
    This is how all progress comes ,if it is to come ..

    May we merit together through our collective activism the fulfillment of Michah 4:4 וְיָשְׁב֗וּ אִ֣ישׁ תַּ֧חַת גַּפְנֹ֛ו וְתַ֥חַת תְּאֵנָתֹ֖ו וְאֵ֣ין מַחֲרִ֑יד

    Rabbi Y. Cohen
    Toronto, Canada

  4. Will that commercial building on brook and county have stop order placed on it? Will it continue to be buuilt?

  5. To all who will be badly affected by the hundreds of houses to be built in the oak street corridor, which is virtually the entire south Lakewood. Please email takebacklakewood to get involved in reversing it.
    Everyone in town is up in arms over it, but now there's something we can do. Let your friends know that we're not bound anymore to this senseless situation.

  6. Harold HerskowitzJune 3, 2017 at 10:13 PM

    Not sure how any zoning changes took place these past 15 years without full community discussion. This invalidates any zoning changes. This opens a Pandoras box of lawsuits.

    1. Of course there are many, but the largest & biggest problem by far is the oak street corridor. It'll bring over 1000 extra cars to an area which is already in total gridlock. All agree that it's terrible for everyone. We must focus all energy on that first. I'm sure most of the residents of south Lakewood would contribute generously to the cause, as it'll greatly affect their quality of life.

  7. How about sunset grove? Can we add that to the lawsuit? Will cause terrible traffic and is zoned for excel park?

  8. If I were a developer I wouldn't rush to build in the oak street area, until you know what compensation the court is going to obligate you to pay out to the affected residents. It might not be worth it.
    What a mess....

    1. Judge isn't going to require them to pay anything, they did it with the "Townships" blessing. it is the Township and taxpayers who will be on the hook due to our "wonderful" politicians.

    2. Quite the opposite, they will rush to complete it before any zoning is overturned. This may very well cause property values to plummet (which is why the have staggered the building there).

      The Lakewood housing market has already seen a freeze in property values over the past year. A crash is likely coming.

    3. Developer enthusiasm was only part of the price jump. Mostly it was caused by buyer demand. If the density building stops there is less supply so prices go up. Which is a win for local residents who are living here for years.


  10. Get Ready the entire boro Park and Wiliamsburg is relocating to LakewoodJune 4, 2017 at 1:31 AM

    who cares? The Casidim will buy out all the Developments Down Route 9. They prefer living that way, They will buy out all your Townhouses and Duplexes for double tho amount you paid for it. You Can take that Money and Buy Yourself a Single Family home with a Large property in Jackson Howell or Toms River for half the price

    1. Right now, the home prices in the Frum Communities in Jackson and TR are rising fast.

      The property values in Lakewood have been stagnant or dropping for the past year.