Thursday, June 22, 2017

State Wont Allow TR and Brick to Protest Cuts, With 100 Buses to Trenton

 Patch- The state will not allow a permit to protest cuts to the school district,  Toms River BOE and Brick planned to load 100 school buses the plan initially announced by the Toms River Regional School District to send what they had hoped would be 100 school buses filled with parents, teachers, and other school employees to protest the school funding deal announced late last week by Senate President Stephen Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto .APP reports  “They’re not approving our permits and we’re wondering how Lakewood got 10 buses there. They were approved."

Facing a 3.3 million dollar budget cut to the school district, That deal would strip
Toms River of $3.3 million for the 2017-18 school year just days before that school year starts. The Brick Township School District would lose nearly $2.2 million under the deal, according to information distributed by state legislators last week. The district had been planning to send as many as 100 school buses; district Superintendent David Healy said bus drivers had volunteered their time to drive buses that the district hoped would be loaded with parents, students and other community members on the day after the Toms River schools let out for the summer. Graduation ceremonies were held at the district's three high schools late Wednesday afternoon. red more at Toms River Patch


  1. Sweet potato tempuraJune 22, 2017 at 6:34 AM

    They’re not approving our permits and we’re wondering how Lakewood got 10 buses there. They were approved."
    Umm, I'm no genius or anything, but it's possible that there is a small difference between 10 busses and 100 busses.

    1. I dont think the permit waS for bussing but for people to protest. Suppose they paddled in by canoe, would they be allowed to protest?

    2. Sweet potato tempuraJune 22, 2017 at 10:14 AM

      I'm so sorry, I'll explain you what I mean.
      100 busses holds 10 times the amount of people than 10 busses.
      Got it? (I knew you would, I'm so proud of you.)

  2. Is lakewood getting more money ?

  3. Michael's Inzelbuch's disgusting, comment on the APP

    "We are Lakewood -we are somebody !!
    Stop trying to be copycats
    Toms River -doesn't have needs like multi-cultured
    Lakewood -needs ,yes ,BUT nothing near Lakewood
    PS- maybe have your attorneys sponsor the buses ?
    PPS- how about helping all my clients there and stop wasting public dollars fighting baseless cases !"


  5. I can see how TR and Brick are disappointed being that this is coming as a surprise, but the School Super, who compared this to the Lakewood situation has some nerve dragging Lakewood into the argument.

    the backstory, that the patch conveniently fails to discuss, is that Christie pt a freeze on state aid to local BOE's about 6 years ago. An intelligent bill, would have created a freeze in the total amount spent, to be divided between the various local districts, based on a formula, on an annual basis.

    That is not what Christie's bill did. It made a freeze on the amount that each district received. So if a district shrunk, or should have received less based on the formula, they did not get less, they still received the same amount, in effect receiving more money then they would have had Christie not "frozen" payments

    This created winners and losers. Asbury Park, that has become a much wealthier growing district, proportionately "gained" the most. Toms River and Brick were also, (relatively speaking" winners.

    Other districts that grew, suffered severely. All this new bill is trying to do, is re-balance that inequity. It doesn't even re-balance it completely. It is to be phased in over a number of years.

    This doesn't mean that TR and Brick had a great deal, the freeze was never meant to be permanent, as expenses increase yearly via inflation (raises, healthcare etc.)

    If TR and Brick want to protest, they should leave Lakewood and the other districts that will benefit out of it. What they are experiencing now, is only a taste of what these other districts have faced over the past 6 years. The real problem is that States finances are in a mess, and BOE's should not be funded primarily from property taxes.

  6. The real answer is that every school district should be allowed to print money. This will solve the budget crisis.