Sunday, June 4, 2017



Over seven years ago, many of us stood up to the status quo in Lakewood and pushed out a politician that had been in charge of doing favors for individuals that hurt taxpayers and was eroding our quality of life. Since then we tried to take control of the Township Committee to do what is best for the Klal, but  with only one member willing to do what was right , it was an uphill battle. Our failure is visibly clear. 

Over the last seven years an unbridled building boom has been responsible for unheard of TAX  INCREASES ,  a lack of basic SERVICES , unprecedented TRAFFIC, and an embarrassing IMAGE PROBLEM for our community at large.

We cannot cry over all the damage that was done to Lakewood. We can still save it , but we need to act now. We cannot just bury our head in the sand. 

The promises of the incumbents and VAAD  endorsed candidates are just that , empty promises. They have proven time  and time again that they do not care about the needs of the taxpayers, the seniors, the yungeleit,  or our children.
We also cannot waste our votes on new candidates that seek to make a career out of serving on the Township Committee. We need people that are willing to do what is needed IMMEDIATELY to help stop any further erosion of our quality of life.

Please take a moment to go out and VOTE  JUNE 6th 
For candidates that will do what needs to be done.

If you are a Registered Democrat or Independent

Please Vote For 



If you are a Registered Republican and reject the VAAD endorsement 

Please VOTE for



From these candidates we can choose two committemen that will form a majority that can immediately do what needs to be done to help Save Lakewood. 

Thank you for your  time.

With hope,

Hershel Herskowitz 


  1. Harold HerskowitzJune 4, 2017 at 9:21 PM

    We are getting to the end. Now all the empty promises will all be made. Just keep in mind.
    Delia promised to slow the building. He took all the moderates off the zoning board the day after he got elected .
    Coles promised less density. Wrote a letter asking where more density is appropriate.
    He promised to stop the led billboards, one week later he made sure it passed. They are both not only liars, they have endangered the future of Lakewood so their daughters could have jobs working in the township.

    Finally, many people are asking why I don't support Hirsh. It's very simple. He is the spoiler . There are too many people running and he didn't fit with the other candidates. He wants to make a career out of our township committee and that is just what we don't need right now . We have Meir and Menashe , two people that have used their positions to make a lucrative career all these years . We need solutions to some serious problems that don't only include building and traffic. Hersh has no idea what those problems are or how to deal with them.
    From these Three candidates we will make a committee that works for us.
    Please vote
    Republican primary
    Yosef Travis and Avrohom Sharaby
    Democrat or independent
    David Gruman
    Moshe Raitzik

    1. HH, I'm so disappointed. I just saw the Travis video where he promises a bridge over the lake. Traffic is not the only problem in Lakewood. Traffic was caused by greedy development. A bridge over the lake is, to me, in the same category of crowded, ugly development. It ruins the beauty of our town. Travis lost my vote!

  2. Is there really a chance the Vaad candidates could loose this election?
    We have tried in the past and have failed.
    Is the opposition really that strong?

    1. The vaad certainly seems to think so

  3. Vote the bums out. It's now or never. There needs to be a moratorium on construction now.

    1. Harold HerskowitzJune 5, 2017 at 9:18 AM

      All three candidates I am endorsing promised me on day one to instruct the lawyers to file for a full moratorium on any projects above 5 units. They promised that they would look into all approvals of oak street and other areas that had illegal zoning changes. No more band aids . We need to do some serious fixes , and fast, if we want to stop the bleeding. We dont have time for politicians in training. We need people that will listen to what the people want and jump to do it.

  4. The Vaad is dying. They are fighting like never before. Time for us to take our town back.

  5. Very strong chance of winning the elections. Just vote for the candidates that are actually qualified, not the ones that some say. Look at the resumes and experiences, that should guide you.

  6. Vote for the ONE guy that no one is endorsing. That should mean something to everyone!

  7. So we should vote for candidates that promised stuff to somebody. That somebody wants to control the strings. They are basically puppets.