Friday, September 1, 2017

Masa U'Matan Lakewood Rental List August 31, 2017

Masa U'Matan Lakewood Rental List of Wednesday, August 30, 2017 HERE .There will be no list next week of Tisha B'av.


  1. Its only 14 pages, market is improving.

  2. Idea, lets get the shaddchanim crackin
    Goal 500 shidduchim and then all these basements will be gone
    Its a win win

    1. Untill the Oak St. core is ready to move in 144 houses +288 basements +144 adittics that is 432 new aprts.

    2. Hey Dave , that was my idea
      If the whole community got together
      500 shidduchim totally doable

  3. In a duplex the attics are not rentable. Please stick to facts ,not fake news.

    1. That Oak street block, correct me if I׳m wrong is all trees,
      I don't get whats the problem
      You are giving Yiddishe familes an opprtunity to have a place to live in a Toirahdikke community
      I say the more the merrier
      Why all the bittish?
      Why all the negaitvity?
      In Brooklyn noone ever complained this much,
      In Manahttan noone complains
      In Yerushalyim there is NEVERany complaint about development
      Its a Goyish zach to be antisstablishement
      To place trees before people
      H-ashem created this world to be developed
      Lets sing the praises of Lakewood , a beautiful place to live
      Each time I go out of town and come back
      I thank H-ashen that I live in such a beautiful town
      With so much Chesed
      And so many beautiful good good people
      Enough with the hate

    2. We are traffic haters, not Jew haters.
      And not all of us are from Brooklyn where crowding is the norm.

    3. If u would sit in the pine street, Marc drive and oak street traffic you would also be complaining. It's really bad and will get much worse. Your saying get the complainers jobs lol ...they wouldn't be able to get to their jobs with all that added traffic.

    4. Manhattan yerushalayim have smart infrastructure those are cities. No comparison to those who are abusing their power on Lakewood on the backs of the youngeleit.

    5. Over developement is causing TAXES to rise. It is true and all askanim admit to it as well. This is why I am opposed.

  4. Enough we all have no issue with development the issue Is there's no improvement of the new streets in past 20 years yet buildiong like crazy... get some new streets and improvements and people will be much happier...also while we are at ir rav aron tz'l would never approve of taking a penny from the community. Read up on what is actually daas torah. Cedarbridge belongs to us the people..

  5. Dave, Yerushalayim, Manhattan, and Brooklyn are cities! Many people, including myself, came to Lakewood because of the Yeshiva, but then also loved the suburban lifestyle. The overcrowding is destroying the suburban lifestyle. We can have growth, but it must be smart growth. Not ugly growth as is happening now. And, by the way, in the Midwood section of Flatbush, there are strict zoning laws. People may kvetch when they can't build wherever and whenever they want, but Midwood has remained beautiful even while it accommodates the beautiful Yiddishe growth.