Wednesday, June 14, 2017

LIC Lakewood Industrial Commission Meeting today

LAKEWOOD INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION Regular Business Meeting June 14, 2017
Time and Place: 11:30AM Conference Room C (Second Floor)
Lakewood Municipal Building, 231 Third Street, Lakewood, NJ 08701

6. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR'S REPORT: • Steven Reinman, Executive Director
7. ATTORNEY'S REPORT: • Sean T. Kean, Esq
10. MARKETING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS: Report by Frances A. Kirschner / Frantasy Enterprises
12. NEW BUSINESS: • Request from Avenue of the States LLC for a dedicated easement (20' wide X 110.15' long) from Block 961, Lot 1 to Block 961, Lot 2.03 for installation of sanitary sewer to service the new office building on Block
961, Lot 2.03. (Xref SP # 2128) under construction.

Park Control/Signs/Advertising/Promotion, Neil Brooks, Chairman
Airport Mgmt/Development Committee, Greg Stafford-Smith, Chairman
Contract Review Committee, Justin Flancbaum, Chairman

• UPDATE: Lakewood Airport T-Hangar Construction
• UPDATE regarding Industrial Park (M-1, PS, LP) Zoning /
reclassification / permitted uses updates; SAFE Zone
Site Review Committee, Justin Flancbaum, Chairman
Finance Committee, Shlomo Katz, Chairman
Client Review Committee, Greg Stafford-Smith, Chairma

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