Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lakewood school bus driver was reportedly high when he crashed

NJ.com- LAKEWOOD-- No one was hurt Monday morning when police say a school bus driver crashed into a parked car while under the influence of the painkiller Oxycodone, app.com reported. According to Police the driver hit the car near Lakewood Middle School no one was aboard the bus his speech was slurred and he appeared unsteady on his feet.


  1. Crazy, a month ago a driver pulled out a knife on bus full of little girls and now a Driver was high on painkillers. We are trusting our children with these companies not knowing what is going on.
    How do they perform background checks?
    Is there a system set up?
    Parents must get together and demand answers to all these shocking stories.
    Enough covering up.

    1. Do u do a background check on your cleaning lady?
      Does your school do a background check on the janitors in your children's schools?

    2. No shaychus! Big difference when you trust someone to be alone with 50 kids driving a bus

    3. Why dont u bury your head a bit deeper in the sand box.

  2. If someone is in pain they can get a legal prescription for pain meds. Not all pain meds are obtained illegally. I don't know the facts, but he may not be a drug addict/criminal. However, he should have been aware of how the medication impairs driving.