Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How Some Lakewood Districts Voted:

Republican results HERE Democrat Results HERE location of township districts HERE
Travis got250 mail in ballots, Westgate  goes all in for Vaad, Coles gets 9 votes In BMG polling station. The only Districts that had 20% or higher turnout, were the senior communities, Westgate and Clifton Ave Public School. Everywhere else, turnout averaged around 15%. 

Mail in Ballot
D'ELIA     20.96% 149
BERMAN 19.13% 136
HIRSCH     12.66% 90
TRAVIS     35.16% 250
 SHARABY 10.55% 75
WRITE-IN 1.55% 11

BMG Herzka voting booth

 D'ELIA     32.91% 130
 BERMAN 33.16% 131
HIRSCH       8.10% 32
TRAVIS     15.70% 62
SHARABY 7.09% 28
WRITE-IN 3.04% 12

 COLES     29.03% 9
RAITZIK 38.71% 12
GRUMAN 19.35% 6
WRITE-IN 12.90% 4

West Gate
D'ELIA     36.76% 229
BERMAN 35.31% 220
HIRSCH  8.03% 50
TRAVIS     10.59%  66
SHARABY 8.19% 51
WRITE-IN 1.12% 7
COLES 41.67%   25
 RAITZIK 50.00%   30
GRUMAN 8.33%    5

Fire House New Hampshire
D'ELIA     30.25% 108
BERMAN 9.13% 104
HIRSCH     10.36% 37
TRAVIS     17.93% 64
SHARABY 10.92% 39
WRITE-IN 1.40% 5

 D'ELIA     25.25% 50
 BERMAN 21.72% 43
HIRSCH     27.78% 55
TRAVIS       6.06% 12
SHARABY 19.19% 38


  1. Your claim that the candidates were pushed in by the seniors does not hold water. Without counting the senior districts (3, 18-20,22-24,28,30-34,38), the results would be 32%/31% for D'Elia/Berman. and 43%/41% for Coles/Raitzik.

    In fact, seniors were of the very few districts that didn't vote for the "recommended candidates".

    districts REP non-recommended candidates won (1st or 2nd):
    32-33,38 (Fairways) (Hirsch)
    38 (Enclave) (Hirsch)
    Mail-in (Travis)
    D'Elia came in 2nd though. So it ultimately wouldn't have been worth anything for the General election. But, the other 2 non-recommended candidates combined had more then D'Elia, so that should be a lesson for next time (if there is a next time)

    districts Gruman won (1st or 2nd):
    10 (Brook Hill,Villas,Somerset)(came in 2nd after Raitzik w 6 votes)
    37 (Pine St) (Raitzik came in 2nd)
    33 (one of the Fairways districts)(but Coles came in 2nd)

    In short, the Vaad was the big winner here. People need to rethink their strategy if they really want to make a difference in Lakewood.

    1. To get a more accurate feel of the non senior anti incumbent sentiment, you would need to consider that vote was split 3 ways.

  2. The Lakewood Voters only have Themselves To Blame for more of The Same old......

  3. i think the seniors would have come out more if it would have been ortohdox candidate vs orthodox candidate.
    The vaaad can pull off this effort once or twice they cant pull this off every yr.

  4. There is one person who is very involved in the Anti Vaad movement. Practically speaking he is not respected by the oilam and his involvement always hurts that cause. As long as he is the mouthpiece ,the results will be the same . People feel that he controls the strings because he is always telling everybody who to vote for.

    1. Agreed. I did not vote for the non VAAD candidate because I was scared they would be puppets to him.With all the VAAD's faults I would prefer their puppets to his

    2. you're all forgetting: the one and only Hirsch. he had no Vaad endorsement, though a certain person was attempting to make everyone believe that early on to disqualify him, and Hirsch didn't have the'mouthpiece's approval' either. He did have the seniors. he doubled more than Meyer and Menash had in 2015 in the primary, and pulled more votes than mayor Coles in this primary. it's really too bad that people threw him under the bus. he has managerial experience and was serious about clearing up this mess with a level head and solid ideas. Hopefully, he won't give up, though I wouldn't blame him after the way he was treated.

  5. Our town has spoken and the voters do not mind the traffic, congestion and other problems enough to welcome change. We may have had over 1000 votes against Vaad endorsed candidates, but we will be countered by the many more new residents moving here from Brooklyn. They will likely vote for the incumbents because they are not connected to the history and Lakewood was good enough for them to move here, so don't make any changes.

    1. The actual number is 2500 unique people who voted for a non VAAD candidate - in a non presidential primary year. That number is heading north. And all that against an unprecedented all-out VAAD campaign blitz. If I were the VAAD, I wouldn't rest easy.

  6. In the name of the entire kehila we wish all VAAD members Tischadesh on their new pair of Emperor's clothing.

  7. Plz post all districts

  8. You also forgot to mention the fact that hundreds of families moved out to jackson and toms river who most likly would not have been pro vadd.

  9. Now that his current mission is completed, the VAAD has allowed TLS to post some semi negative comments today so they look impartial.

    1. TLS was a big looser they showed they can be bought off. They went from anti vaad to the vaad mouthpiece for some felt and billboards. Very idealistic :)

    2. It's called prostitution.

  10. If we are to make changes a real effort has to be made to field a candidate that the entire tzibbur will take seriously. Said candidate should be someone who is well known in town, has a proven track record of success in some managerial role, has reached an age that people will not suspect that his candidacy is some kind of shtick and can articulate his message in a positive and respectful manner. Personally, I would have loved to vote for a non VAAD candidate but I felt that the risk of handing the keys to this city, with all the issues and all the publicity that comes along with it, to a few unknown, unproven entities was too great. Until that happens, very little will change.

    1. The candidate themselves don't really matter. If they had a rosh yeshiva with followers, that endorsement would mean something.

  11. I have stopped advertising on TLS. I am going to make it a point to view the site less often. After all, dashcam videos are entertaining.

  12. the only way to win with new candidates is through clean and high road tactics all this negativity wont help out.We must take the high road and bring our concerns to light only in positive fashion .no bashing ,just bringing to light our positive initiatives ,Lakewood is not white trash the trump tactics wont be successful.If we take the high road there is a good chance to win ,and maybe even get the vaads endorsement .

  13. why do u say westgate all in for vaad? look at the percentage! only a cpl points off the rest of town..

  14. This blog was the main driver for the anti Vaad candidates. 90 per cent of the comments used very negative and nasty words ,accusing people of serious things. Even those of us who have issues with the Vaad don't condone that type of talk. You can disagree with people without calling them corrupt etc

    ,without showing pictures of money etc on your campaign posters. This type of campaign resonates with Trump voters. It doesn't resonate with Beni Torah. Keep up the nastiness and you won't get very far.

    1. The Bnei totah do not support the Vaad the olam in yeshiva did not vote. The Vaad was the ones who ran a dirty negative campaign but anyone who calls them out is accused of nastiness. Typical left wing propaganda. More on than ever came out to vote in a primary for non Vaad candidates.