Thursday, June 8, 2017

An Emboldened Vaad continues With Its spins

As the saying goes "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me".

Fresh off their "landslide" victory the Vaad goes back to the same games. Oh, they plan on setting up a forum or email for the residents to interact and reach out to the Vaad members, who were unreachable until now.
Read the Vaad letter below from 2006 what they also promised to do back then. 

The vaad had more than enough time to regroup refocus and truly represent the needs of the entire Lakewood tzibbur but did absolutely nothing. 

See you again in 2027 with the same spin.

From 11 years ago:
As for the restructuring of the Vaad, (Meir) Lichtenstein said: “The outreach the Vaad did before, and the issues that arose, were fewer because the community was smaller. I think the Vaad realizes that as the community grows they have to grow with the community.”

LAKEWOOD — The Vaad, an influential council of Orthodox Jewish leaders, will be restructured to better respond to the concerns of the township's fast-growing Orthodox community, the organization announced in a letter to Orthodox residents.

A council of rabbis is to be formed for the purpose of giving guidance to the 11-member Vaad, which issues political endorsements and takes positions on various civic matters. "It is the intent . . . to place the Vaad under the guidance of the Ichud Rabbonim (council of rabbis) and through that to ensure that the needs of the entire Kehilla (community) are appropriately met," the letter stated. The Vaad was created by leaders at Beth Medrash Govoha, the country's largest rabbinical college and center for Talmudic studies, which has long been the magnet that's drawn Orthodox families to Lakewood. Now, however, many of the newer Orthodox residents have no connection to the yeshiva, which has injected a new dynamic into town politics, say close observers of the Lakewood scene.

"We sincerely recognize that the Vaad . . . must adapt in order to better represent the needs of a growing and diverse (religious community)," the letter stated.

Joe Atlas, a Vaad member and spokesman for the group, said it has become increasingly difficult for the Vaad to respond to all the various concerns of residents as Lakewood's population grows. "As much as the Vaad tries to meet the needs of everybody in the community, it cannot meet with every single person," Atlas said.

The Vaad comprises 11 Orthodox leaders. The council of rabbis will include between 60 and 70 religious leaders from Lakewood's Jewish congregations, Atlas said.

The expectation is that the rabbis will be better able to keep their fingers on the pulse of the community and bring concerns to the Vaad, Atlas said.

In its endorsement letter, the Vaad wrote, "As we see it, municipal government needs to drastically and rapidly change across the board and become much more responsive to the needs of the Kehilla (community) and Yochid (individual)."

The Vaad endorsed two incumbent Orthodox committeemen seeking re-election — Meir Lichtenstein and Menashe Miller.

"We have asked Meir and Menashe to implement a forceful program of change in the way town hall is run and operates," the letter stated. "This will include some significant personnel changes and restructuring, backed by a continued aggressive advocacy for the needs of each and every individual in Lakewood. 


  1. Harold HerskowitzJune 8, 2017 at 1:25 PM

    "We have asked Meir and Menashe to implement a forceful program of change in the way town hall is run and operates," the letter stated. "This will include some significant personnel changes and restructuring, backed by a continued aggressive advocacy for the needs of each and every individual in Lakewood."

    Right now the first thing that needs to change is Meir and Menashe.They have both enriched themselves on the Township Committee. They have done serious damage to our town in the process. The Garzo scam that Menashe is involved in will become public knowledge. Making the taxpayers spend millions of dollars so menashe and his buddy can make a few bucks is something he should not be allowed to hide any longer. Meir Lichtenstein working together with his builders/bosses ..... and .... to control all retail development on one side of town , and hurt businesses in the process is also something that needs to be discussed. I am truly disgusted by both of them. I hope they resign before the next election because everyone (TBL/FAA) has the truth on both of them. They are just waiting for the perfect time to reveal it all. I have been given a sneak preview and I am horrified that they have been allowed to do these things all these years while acting like Shayna Yidden.

  2. Why arent there any Vaad members under 55 years old, when most of this town is under 55?
    If they truly want to represent the community the Vaad should be elected by those they would like represent

    1. They got one now TLS has become inducted into the VAAD, complete with the blood letting ceremony

    2. i don't think m levi is 55 yet. but since he is a shliach if rav mattisyahu and shliach shel odom k'moso i guess he's over 55.
      also ak can't be 55 yet because rav aharon was nifter in november 1962, which means his 55th yahrzeit isn't until novermber. so if ak is named after him, he must not be 55 yet. also am muller isn't 55 yet.

  3. The Vaad's constitution remains the same, regardless of the 60-70 Rabbonim that are firmly controlled by the vaad. Amen

  4. If they really cared about the tzibbur, then why hasn't the "VAAD" reinstated the rent control board that Menashe the abolisher abolished??

    1. Because it probably benefits a vast member or committee man that manages rental units

  5. How are the choshuva vaad members not embarrassed from their blatant attempts to keep on deceiving the choshuv Lakewood Kehilla.
    They should be hiding from shame to be associated with such gneivass daas in fooling us.

    Look no further from what they wrote in 2006, Do they really think we're that stupid??

    Call up each vaad member and tell them they don't represent us.

  6. A few vaad members recently tried to resign but the others put pressure on them to remain at least on paper so it should appear that they have a broad coalition.

  7. I wrote this comment on Lakewood Scoop, they refused to allow it to be posted.

    "To bad the Avraham Shraby lost the election, his winning would have been a great kiddush Hashem cause was the only person who ran who had a chazaka of fighting publicly a Milchemes Hashem."

  8. Sharaby would have been great sorry he lost

  9. For all you out there. The world we live in TRUTH doesn't matter only the spin....Trump Russia..Comey hearings...Vaad wins! Its all the spin that matters and how you control the headlines... That is the TRUTH!