Sunday, May 28, 2017

With Surplus Money, Why is Township not paying for private school kids

The LSTA is charging parents of private schools $150 per child if they are not eligible for mandated busing. Its what we call courtesy busing and parents must pay the fee. On the flip side Lakewood township is paying all courtesy busing costs for public school students who are not eligible for mandated busing. The township is paying over 2 million dollars from township funds to the Board of ed. There was a 29 million dollar surplus in the budget this year cant they give a another million and cover all costs of courtesy busing for all children? Is the township discriminating against the private school children you cant pay for one and not the other.
More so, the LSTA is using the schools to enforce the $150 fee but not all schools are making parents pay. Some Large schools are letting parents off the hook,which leaves the burden on the parents who have kids in smaller schools.
Its not right to choose and pick, if the township is covering costs it should do so across the board, If the LSTA is charging a fee it should be done across the board. Why is there a preferral treatment?


  1. I would hope that the decision not to use the money for courtesy busing is tactical. the State right now shortchanges the Lakewood School district. the LDS is hoping to get a change in the formula.

    If the township uses the money for private school courtesy busing, the state will likely try to make the case that the funds should be used to cover the LDS budget shortfall first.

    If this is the strategy, I would agree that they shouldn't use the money for courtesy busing.

    1. With your logic they should not pay courtesy busing for public school either. This is exactly what happened they tried getting the township to fund the 15 million shortfall.

    2. I am not a major supporter of the politics in this town, and they should have made a stand about the State funding formula years ago.

      However,the State is no fan of Private Schools (thanks to teachers unions). That being the case it made sense to stop payments for courtesy busing for private schools, before drawing the line and pressuring the State to change the flawed funding formula.

      The state has no problem with Lakewood paying for courtesy busing for Public Schools, as a matter of fact, they insisted on it as part of the deal to set up the LTSA.

      Wold you prefer to pay $800 for you children's bussing?

  2. Our town has money, but we are just playing politics with all of our children at this point. They are the ones that suffer, fund all schools.

  3. It is not playing politics, the reason the town has money is because the percentage of taxes that go to the school district is fixed.

    As a result, the town has had to increase the tax rate every year, and had a referendum to raise taxes one year, in order to cover the states short changing of the School District.

    As a result, Lakewood tax rate is 25% higher than Jackson or Tom's River. That is not fair or sustainable for businesses or residents.

    Raise the tax rate in any town in NJ by 25%, and they will have a surplus. That is taxpayers money, we have been carrying the States water for a decade. It is long past time to fix the system.

  4. I didn't pay the theft fee of $150. Just because someone sent a bill doesn't mean I should pay it.