Thursday, May 18, 2017

Watch Live Lakewood township committee meeting


  1. Harold HerskowitzMay 18, 2017 at 9:06 PM

    The corruption is just not stopping. They are literally giving away taxpayer property. Our money . To people that will help get them re-elected with positive press, so they can continue to give themselves our money. This is a demented circus of corrupt behavior that we are exposed to on a daily basis . We need to rid ourselves of the corrupt committee. We need to focus on the candidates that will work to stop all this insanity.

    Democrats and independents
    Republicans fed up with establishment

  2. How is it possible, that someone who claims to go to so many committee meetings can not pronounce Justin Flancebaum's name properly and calls him Flankbaum. Even if you can't read it correctly of the paper, his name is mentioned at multiple meetings multiple times.

    What benefit is there in going to these meetings if you aren't paying attention?

    1. Seriously, BH, that's the only thing you can criticize about his entire speech.

  3. Harold HerskowitzMay 18, 2017 at 10:02 PM

    This is an email.sent from Abraham Sharaby to the township committee members .
    Dear Sirs, 

    Please adjourn the vote for the above captioned ordinance. LCSW might be a wonderful organization, but this decision should not be made before an election. It looks like ‘pay for play’ as the owners of LCSW own the Lakewood Shopper. The Lakewood Scoop got their LED signs and now The Shopper is getting their share. Even if approved, they shouldn’t be receiving a fifty year lease as there is no way to know how many years the LCSW will need this land. There also is no need for the LCSW to have an option to buy. Leasing it at the nominal fee is more than enough.

    Abraham Sharaby

    Abraham Sharaby, David Gruman and Yosef Travis do their activism quietly and behind the scene. They are not getting up at every meeting and asking questions as if they are learning a new trade.
    These are the people we need on our committee
    Please vote
    June 6th

    1. Yes, certainly a measly little email that no one knows about from a guy who only 'works behind the scenes' is going to change the committee's hearts and minds...

  4. Well now everyone knows!!!!

  5. That's guts. Getting up and writing an email. I can see the committee shaking from that letter. If he doesn't start standing up in public, how does he expect to be a committeeman constantly in the public eye? He is applying for a job that he would need to speak in public, but he never speaks up on public. Why are Travis, Sharaby, and Gruman afraid of speaking up in public? Let's hear you guys. Earn my vote, and speak up.

  6. Behind the scenes, exactly like the vaad does.