Monday, May 15, 2017

Video: Lakewood Planning board meeting 5/9/17

Minutes below posted on Youtube page
15:00 Impact fees vary for particular areas
33:00 – Herzel asks why no notice. Lets it pass
35:17 - FAA says Brian never lies. 
36:20 – Ahron Mansur vouches for his fellow developer (Mr. Klugman)
37:00 – Buyer speaks against
37:47 – Second buyer speaks against. Motion approved. Buyers ignored.
50:00 – FAA 
52:00 – Moshe zeines calls out the developers for lying. Motion approved. 
1:00 - SD 2200 Aaron Mansour- Audubon Avenue - Minor Subdivision to create four lots

1:06 – FAA notifies board that there is a CAFRA investigation on this property. The duplexes are being sold as two family homes to Chsidim in Brooklyn. According to the RSIS you need to provide parking and sprinklers. Board gets insulted. 
 1:35 - 2224 Cong Satmar of Lakewood- Kennedy Boulevard East- Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan for a house of worship. 
1:36 - Louie Follman takes FAA personal.
1:57 – FAA speaks again about basements. louie Follman loses himself.
2:05 – Dean of Yeshiva says was not notified. Notice was sent to the neighbor.. Says the only road to the school, which the school paid for, would be bogged down by construction vehicles. Asked to delay so he may get a lawyer. Board denies his plea. 
2:31:00 - A MUST SEE:
SD 2208 Prospect St. Holdings, LLC- Preliminary and Final Major Subdivision to create 9 lots at Prospect Sq. Developers are Jack Muller and Moshe Neiman (previous chairman of the board).  Muller told board prior to meeting that he is making a bigger shul and the neighbors are coming to support him. Muller has been talking to the objectors for past few days; pulling the wool over their eyes. Neighbors reached out to Avraham Sharaby and FAA. 50 Yungerleit came out to object (all sitting behind camera).
2:36:40 – Brian claims he came to his senses 
2:38:3- - FAA blasts the board for allowing no notice to the neighbors and not giving in the plans 10 prior to meeting. 
2:39:00 – Avraham Sharaby gets objectors to clap (all sitting behind camera). Hertzel realizes neighbors came to object and asks all objectors to raise their hand. Herzel encourages Adam Pfeifer esq. to come back but gives in to Adam. 
2:42:40  - Shlomo Slamowitz speaks. Unravels the developers lies. 
2:49:45 – neighbor speaks
2:52: 45 – Moshe Wagner speaks. 
3:02:40 - Muller mumbles to the board. Pfeiffer esq. begs to have it reheard in two weeks. Application pushed off until end of June.
3:09:00 80 Duplexes approved in 2 minutes


  1. '37:00 – Buyer speaks against
    37:47 – Second buyer speaks against. Motion approved. Buyers ignored.'

    The buyers where not ignored they agreed with the developer

  2. Klugman - not Muller

  3. correction 2:05 is not rabbi treff its the dean of mekor hatorah located on sims avenue right next to where the homes are being put up!!

  4. Harold HerskowitzMay 15, 2017 at 5:06 PM

    Sharaby knows when to speak up. He doesn't just show up to every meeting and talk a blue streak. And he knows what he is talking about. Travis is an intelligent young man that knows what the town needs, and will get the job done. Gruman will be an asset to the Committee and not be swayed by threats or coerced.
    We need to make sure they get in.
    They have our support . They will win

  5. 2:42:20
    justin flancebaum agrees with FAA.
    he turns to herzel and mouths (about the speaker FAA) !!!!HE'S RIGHT!!!!

  6. 2:30 is MIND BOGGLING. The developer is requesting a VARIANCE. In order for a variance to be approved, BY STATE LAW, the developer needs to make the case that the benefits outweigh the negative.

    HEY PLANNING BOARD, for lack of a better word, with the exception of the 2nd guy from the end, you are all intellectually deficient.

    If there were 10 neighbors that opposed FOR ANY REASON, then it is clear the benefits do not outweigh the negative. The only one who benefits is the developer, and possibly the owners of those new homes (although that is even unlikely).

    If there are fifty plus who object, it is a no brainer that it is ILLEGAL BY STATE LAW TO GRANT the VARIANCE. the benefits clearly do not outweigh the negatives. Vote no case closed.

    If anyone from Prospect Square or Prospect whatever sees this, hire an attorney, all he has to do is show up and you win.

    On the positive side, looks like Sharaby got another few hundred votes.

    1. Harold HerskowitzMay 16, 2017 at 6:27 AM

      Once again . Even a bagel,with a hole in the middle of his head understands this concept.
      Variances are for exceptions when nobody is opposing. A lot coverage variance for an existing business or warehouse which does nothing to increase traffic or hurt anyone's quality of life is a valid variance. But the building of more duplexes? How can that possibly help anyone? And if someone opposes it, there should be no approval.

    2. People mistakenly believe that it is up to the planning and zoning boards disgression when to grant variances. The fact is that is just now true.

      NJ State Municipal Land Use Law has very defined statutes on when variances are permitted.

      The purpose of local boards is only to judge if an application falls under the categories were varances and subdivisions are permitted.

      Many variances have been granted illegally. While they may try to grant variances in a case like this, when it is clearly not in the publics interest, it is doubtful that they would have the nerve to do it when a lawyer is present, who is aware of the law.

    3. Harold HerskowitzMay 16, 2017 at 9:47 PM

      Unfortunately all of the township attorneys are bought and told to do as they are told. We need to get
      into office and put a stop to all of this .
      Zoning changes
      New lawyers
      New planning and zoning members
      Repeal legal basement apartments in all new housing .

  7. Replies
    1. the chasidic guy with the long jacket who videotapes the meetings.

    2. Ahh.. FAA - First Amendment Activist. It makes sense now- thank you!